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Wonderful October day ... no wait, it's still August
Friday. 8.2.13 8:36 pm
The high for today was 63. It rained off and on the whole day. It was fantastic.

However, we are two days in to August and this certainly was not typical summer weather. It was definitely a nice break in the pattern, though. We went like, 34 or 35 days without rain and as nice as it was to have some sun and warmth, the rain was a much needed break. It got me even more excited for the Autumn months to come.

The overtime shift wasn't too bad. Nothing really happened today. I got maybe 3 calls and only had to take one of them. I spent most of the day doing nothing, wandering from place to place; which I guess is what most of my job entails, but still. It was definitely easy money today.

Tomorrow will be sunny and warm again and I have errands to run. I need to send out the stuff to my mom and sister, that I didn't get done today. I ended up just coming home and napping to the rainfall outside. It was so relaxing, I just couldn't resist. I also have to buy at least one more pair of pants and a couple new pairs of flats for my part time job. This is the first job in over 5 years where I've not been given a uniform so my wardrobe has slimmed down quite a bit. When I don't go out much and don't have to wear my own clothes to work, it's easier to get away with wearing the same two or three outfits to places. So that's the plan for tomorrow, after sleeping in and getting laundry done, that is.

Until then. . .

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Lower than the lows
Thursday. 8.1.13 6:47 pm
Right now we are having an Autumn-like summer. It's not even 70°F outside. Our highs are lower than Vegas' and Phoenix's lows. Ha. That's spectacular. I'm seriously loving this weather. It's warm enough to not need a jacket, but the breeze is cool enough to get away with wearing one. It's cloudy and overcast. It's perfect.

So I went to my orientation today and only got part of it complete. Since I was the only one, there was no issues with me having to go back. It's basically because I have a day job that prevents me from being able to attend regular group orientations. I don't mind one-on-one though. It goes a lot faster and gives me a chance to ask the questions I need to without causing it to slow the group down. I'll be going back in on Monday after work.

Tomorrow I'm working an overtime shift. One of my coworkers is on vacation and Friday is pretty much the only day I'm able to work his shift. After work I'll be coming home to change and going back out again. I need to get some shopping done {my mom's birthday is next week} and I also need to send my sister something. Saturday will be the only day that I can sleep in this week and I will be taking full advantage. Unless I'm wide awake at 8am, I'll just get my laundry done later in the day.

This will probably be the last week that I can sit at home and relax. I'll most likely begin training starting on Tuesday, but I'll find out for sure on Monday. It'll be good, though. I'll be able to save up quite a bit of money by the time December comes along. One of the ladies in HR questioned me about my vacation time because apparently it's a blackout period and I told her that it was one of the first things I brought up before getting hired. If it had mattered then I wouldn't have been hired because I am definitely going on vacation those two weeks. It's already been decided. This is just an added extra bonus.

Alright, I need to take a shower and enjoy the rest of my evening before hitting the sack.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Long days ahead
Wednesday. 7.31.13 4:11 pm
After work tomorrow I'll be going to Sam's Club to do my orientation. I was told to be there by 3 and that I'll be the only one doing it then since my full time job prevents me from being able to go to a regularly scheduled orientation. Hopefully this means that it won't take nearly as long as it normally would. I'm hoping to be home by 9 so that I can be in bed by 10, but we'll see what happens.

I picked up an overtime shift Friday morning and then I'll most likely start training for my part time job on Saturday. Depending on how many hours I'll be working at the part time job, I'll be making anywhere from $1,600 to $4,800 over the next four months. The maximum amount would be really nice, but that would mean working my ass off and never having time to myself. Is that a sacrifice I'm willing to make? Probably not. I'm aiming to be working around 20 hours per week, which would bring in a good amount to spend on my vacation.

Summer in Seattle this year is still trying to make itself known for more than a week at a time. It hasn't rained in 34 days {measurable rain, that is; the news is keeping tabs} and it's bouncing between the 60s and the 80s. Right now, it's only 66 outside. By Saturday they're expecting it to be back in the low 80s. I would love for it to stay in the 60s or 70s, but alas, that's too much to ask for during the summer, even in Seattle.

I'll be attempting to go to bed early tonight so that I'll have plenty of sleep for my long day tomorrow. I avoided taking a nap when I got home just so that I would have a better chance of falling asleep early. We'll see how well that goes.

Alright, time to find something to kill the next few hours.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Tuesday. 7.30.13 7:25 pm
I was told it could be a little bit before I hear back from Sam's Club because they need to figure out when to fit me in for my orientation. If I haven't heard back by this time next week, I'll call back and find out what's going on.

I have to exercise patience toward wanting my vacation to be here. As much as I want it to be here now, I really don't have the money for it right now. Thus the need to exercise patience.

The forecast is predicting a slight chance of rain in a couple days ... I hope they're right. It's been over a month since we've had any kind of measurable rain. It did sprinkle a little bit a couple weeks ago during the weird storms we had, but it was only enough to make the ground wet. By early morning there was no evidence that anything had happened overnight. So it would be nice if it actually rained a bit.

I'm going to be working on an eating plan starting tomorrow. I spent about $50 on food to get me through the next two weeks until payday. I'll still be buying my breakfast sandwiches from Safeway, but I have food for lunch and dinner and snacks. So other than the sandwiches {which are $2 a piece} I will not be spending any more money on food until I get paid again. If this works out as well as I'm hoping, I may continue this plan until further notice. Spending $100/month on food for just me is definitely reasonable. I'm sure if I just stuck to ramen noodles and crappy junk foods, I could probably spend less money, but I'd like to eat stuff with at least some nutritional value to it. This does, however, mean no shopping at Trader Joe's any time soon. It sucks because the food is good, but it's more expensive and when I'm trying to save up, I have to cut back a bit.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Conscious decisions and the regret that follows
Monday. 7.29.13 7:35 pm
I buy something from Pizza Hut less than once a month, but when that less than once a month instance occurs, I immediately regret the decision. It's just so bad for me! However, when I'm craving pizza that's about the only pizza place that delivers to my house. Considering where I live, most of my options are different types of Asian food. Not exactly helpful when you're craving pizza.

My legs are less sore today and will probably be less sore tomorrow. I'll have to jog on Friday to kind of kill off some calories. Hopefully by then my legs will be healed enough that I won't kill myself jogging through the neighborhood.

I guess I could be making worse decisions, but this was just a bad idea all around. I feel like I need to purge and throw it all up. That's not healthy either, but it can't be worse than what I just put in my system.

I need to get in to that mindset where I'm actually willing to work toward losing some weight. I have about 35lbs to lose and it shouldn't take too much if I actually put my mind to it.

I haven't heard back from Sam's Club yet about scheduling my orientation, but I'm not surprised. That might have been the missed call I got earlier, but there was no voicemail left, so whoever it was must not have been that important.

Alright, I'm going to wallow in self-regret until it's time for bed.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Sunday. 7.28.13 10:39 pm
I almost forgot to write something today.

I got to sleep in this morning because a coworker of mine wanted to swap shifts. I was awake around 9:30ish, but I didn't get out of bed until after 10. My upper legs are super sore today. Walking down stairs and sitting down is a bitch. Hopefully they'll be a little better tomorrow.

The shift didn't go as I had hoped it would, but it was still incredibly boring. Typical Sunday.

It's time for me to get some sleep for my shift in the morning. I'll probably have more to write tomorrow afternoon.

Until then. . .

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