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Thursday. 7.23.09 7:16 pm

Don't tell anyone, okay?

It's a secret. Our school system sucks.

...They counted a half-credit in my transcript as a whole credit.

...I don't have to take a class to complete the credit...

I'm getting away with doing less than the general high school population in one area. Getting away with it with flying colors.


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chin-shoulder contact.
Saturday. 7.11.09 1:49 pm

Ever been hiking?

Because I have before, but this time I was apparently on a "challenging" course, and...argh.

That was the first time I've had a serious asthma attack in years.

But anyway. Somehow, I woke myself up at 5:15 in the morning for a shower, went to the store, and had everything ready by the time the kids started arriving. They all had to cramp up in the backseat because they're not dating the guy who drove. >:D

(And I would have been violently carsick if I hadn't gotten shotgun, but I didn't tell anyone that because worrying about me is bad.)

Once we got there, we found out that nothing in town opens until ten-ish, but that was coming up, and there was this really nice little cafe where we got drinks and a bit of food before running off to the mountain. The hike up was painful on SEVERAL different levels, but the view was...completely worth it. Taylor brought fruit for the picnic; nothing survived. Andrew tried to dump the bag's contents over the cliff, and the bananas were so soggy that they hung over the handle. Gross. :D

He and Kevin had a great time being men together. XD The pictures are somewhat glorious.

And then we saw my old friend Will! He kind of hung out with the girls more than the gents, which is why Will is awesome. He also said I should come live in his basement, which I told him I had to decline.

Then Andrew started pressing us about leaving, which was a good idea. So we did.

We were almost home when we found the Chick-Fil-A. And there was this promotion for yesterday that, if you dressed up like a cow, you could get free food.

None of the rest of us were prepared for this.

Andrew most definitely...tried to be.

After seeing his desperate attempt with a pen, I handed him some black liquid eyeliner and he drew giant spots on his face.

It was horrifying and glorious all at the same time.

He seemed happy enough when he sat down with his free chicken, too, and didn't appear to have any trouble driving the rest of the way home.

Meagan, on the other hand, was fully depressed when she finished her chicken. Because it was gone.

I didn't have any because I wasn't hungry. :) Breakfast and lunch were apparently all I needed. My skin's getting better, too, because of all the exercise. Hoo-ha for self-improvement. Now to get a job and keep it until the end of next summer.

But, anyway. The ride home was really nice.

When he pulled into the driveway around nine, we all unloaded quickly, feeling the fatigue of a long, strenuous day. We all hugged--Meagan's in a grand gesture of a hug and a tall person's cuddle, Taylor's small acquaintance hug, Jeannine's far-away but happy hug, Kevin's intimate arms-around-the-ribs type of hug, and Andrew's perfectly-weighted One Arm Above, One Arm Below hug. And you can tell exactly how they feel about you from their hugs, which is awesome. First Kevin left with Taylor, then Meagan with Jeannine, then Andrew.

And right after he left, I went inside, SHOWERED (as I think we all did), ate something, checked my mail, and went to sleep for twelve hours.

Today, it's beautiful, and sunny, and I'm going to let go of all the bad stuff.

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Monday. 7.6.09 10:32 pm


I wanted breakfast. And totally planned to drink milk with it.

But then there was still coffee when I went downstairs, which was a mistake by my parents.

I watered the plants, checked the mail twice, walked the dogs, put away the dishes, loaded the dishwasher again, exercised for a couple hours, then went to a toning class with my mother.

It doesn't sound like much but it added up FAST to constant activity!

It was beautiful.

I feel intense. Would you like to see my muscles?

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the fool
Wednesday. 7.1.09 1:46 pm

I take a sip of my coffee, afterward staring at the remaining liquid. It reminds me of my eye color, but I only think of that after the fact.

And then I ask it and give you a hard time, and I know that if I look up, that will be the end of the conversation because I won't be able to give it my all. Not with the way you look at me.

And it's true. I accidentally look up, right into those twin pits of doom and despair.

...He's looking back.


His right eye tells me, "If you keep going, my owner's going to give in because he'll feel bad. You know he's only trying to do right by you. Give. Cave. You won't regret it."

And even now I'm saying, YESIWILL. My entire EXISTENCE is saying, YES. YES, I'LL REGRET IT.

And I do.

And I don't want to live my life regretting things. I do whatever I can to take chances and live to my best ability. Even if it means getting hurt sometimes.

Crap. Crappity crap craptasticness crap.

Maybe I'M the fool.

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