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This weekend has been weird
Saturday. 10.18.08 9:52 pm
As it turns out, I bought the Zune and all the accessories at a really bad time. They've revamped AV pack, thought I'm sure it's only a difference of appearance. But the real kicker is that they added BLUE to the choices I can choose from for the 8 GIG. Blue! I mean, black is awesome, but blue is just so much better. And they all look shinier. Hmm.

IF (and I DO mean if) I get another one to replace the stolen one, I'm already gonna feel bad. But especially if I buy another carrying case and set of ear buds. That was high quality stuff, and me buying replacements because of some jerk seems like such a waste of money. I don't like that at all.

I still have the little pouch for the Zune buds. And the extra fittings. (The preferred size were in use when the buds themselves were stolen)

Oh, did I say this already? I was in a parking lot, getting out of my car, wearing the skull candies, when the cord got wrapped around my arm rest and yanked out the left bud. The little rubber fitting came off and flew out onto the ground, and even though I looked for at least 10 minutes all over the ground, I could not find it. So now I have to use the replacements that are a size bigger.

Then again, I can't complain about my technology being obsolete or my earbuds not being up to par, because said technology and earbuds are useless anyway WITH NO ZUNE TO LISTEN TO.

This thing still burns me up. It's weird how much I took portable tunes for granted, especially since I've only gone with the MP3 craze for what, 3 years? Less than that, I think. I hate CDs. Not dynamic enough. I mean, they're still useful, but when it comes to toting around 400 odd songs? Even if I only burned my favorites, I'd end up hating them. Hahaha.



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I got around to changing it
Thursday. 10.16.08 11:29 pm
The only reason I'm posting this is because I'm vaguely proud of it. This is the new "About Me" on facebook. Enjoy, if you want.

"Like every other teenager in the world, I'm unique and fairly complex. Odds are that your first, second, and third impressions of me were wildly off the mark, because you only met me on three separate occasions.

That is simply not enough. I've been known to act completely different around different sets of people, ESPECIALLY new people. You might think I'm immature. You might (rarely) think that I'm quiet. VERY wrong on both accounts.

I'm very intense. If I like something, I like it a lot, with gusto. If I dislike it, I dislike it with the thunder of 999 children laughing.

I enjoy figurative speech. :D

And emoticons (you know, the little faces you make on the computer. You knew that, right?)

And a fair amount of irony or sarcasm makes any day brighter.

For many years of my life I pretended to be a Christian, and only started looking at my beliefs a few years ago. I've re-affirmed my vows, so to speak. Popular to contrary belief, I didn't have to ignore all rationality and logic to do so. (I'm itching for someone to message me about this.)

I like to think I'm fairly intelligent. I like to learn, especially physics and the like. I don't argue unless I think I have points good enough to argue with, so if I get into a debate with you, you had better know your material well.

How many people noticed that I switched the positions of the words "contrary" and "popular" in the expression I used a while ago? Good for you!

I maintain a web log (I'M A BLOGGER, OH NOES!) where I rant and ramble and generally talk about the people who annoy me behind their backs (kidding). I figure if you were interested to read this much about me on a back-yard page on my facebook, then you deserve to know that. If you insist on reading my soul, though, I ask that you make yourself known instead of being creepy. You know how it is.

A less stalker-ish alternative would be to listen to my Project Playlist. Especially the songs at the bottom (they're not in alphabetical order like the rest). My music reflects my personality better than I could express here. See how the lyrics have substance? How the music is edgy and rough? That's me. Comparing my favorite songs to all the mainstream crap (Yes, it is almost all crap) is like comparing real food to candy corn. Two much of one makes you feel full and satisfied, but too much of the other makes you feel sick to your stomach.

Except it's food for your soul!"

The other reason I posted this here is that nobody will ever see it otherwise. Those "tabbed" pages on facebook never see the light of day, let's face it.

"wiseguysupreme4: I think I need to change the music part to include more kinds.
[she sends me something on facebook, so I respond on IM]
wiseguysupreme4: Candy corn IS delic.
wiseguysupreme4: Like mainstream sounds good.
wiseguysupreme4: But what is candy corn? All sugar and corn syrup.
wiseguysupreme4: And mainstream is all good beats and SINFULNESS.
wiseguysupreme4: (Most of it)
Romanticocabrita: Yum"


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Not quite so steady
Sunday. 10.12.08 3:51 pm
There are parts of life that you never question until you have to deal with them yourself. And all of a sudden, you're not so sure of yourself, after all.

I feel so young.

I feel like I'm cramming for a big exam, one that I'm nervous about, for once. It's a really hard test. And the stakes are high.

I have a 2 day school week. Nice.

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What IS love, exactly?
Wednesday. 10.8.08 9:36 pm
Before I say anything, I'd like to point out that I'm not driving at any specific point or answer, I'm really just trying to get some wondering down. It's distracting from these wonderful literature logs my teacher assigned to me. So.

First, I'd like to kind of define love. Love, as I see it, is putting somebody else before yourself. Investing time and energy to do somebody a favor that will possibly not be returned. When ever you go out of your way to be nice to someone, you're loving somebody. The smaller the favor, the smaller the love, but it's still love, technically.

There are forms of love, like in a parent-child relationship, or between friends, that can make us "be more loving" to a person, even to the point of discipline. (Yes, I deem discipline a loving action, as long as it is just and useful.) Let's call that Brotherly Love, because, except for parents/children, it makes us as brothers and sisters. You watch out for them. You enjoy their presence. When you exclaim, "I love you guys!" you really mean you would do anything for them.

And that's what friendship is, at its heart. Brotherly (sisterly) love on a small to large scale.

Now, being "in love" with someone is a whole other creature. I'll call it Romantic Love. (Original, I know!) I kind of want to say that it's an outgrowth of Brotherly Love (INCEST!), but stronger. But that's not really true. Marriage, the real pinnacle of Romance (I heartily maintain that, sorry) is a bonding of two people. Mind, soul, body. It's not just MORE than friendship, it's also DIFFERENT. I wonder how many failed marriages would have been great friendships.


And what's with romantic relationships these days? Why is there this...system to work through? Especially in high school. Are we trying to imitate marriage or something? That's a scary idea, looking at all the failed relationships in high school. Why does the word "dating" no longer mean "going on dates with"? A date is two people going out alone and enjoying each other, whether it be out to eat, a movie, or just a walk in the park. That's all. Whatever feelings of infatuation or attraction are there, great. Act on them. Love each other. But there's no need for all these rules. Just be happy with each other. When I "ask a girl out", I ask her if she wants to go somewhere with me, not ask her to sign a freaking contract.

Now, don't get me wrong. Cheating, juggling, whatever, is always bad, "social contract" or not. If someone is sharing their self with you, then you need to respect it. Not based on whether you're "dating" someone, but based on basic morals. Unless, of course, you're "dating" for sex, in which case you're already in a barrel of eight kinds of crap.

Now, when two people are "dating" pretty seriously, and want it to be known, then the whole boyfriend/girlfriend factor comes into play. But it should be a product of spending time with each other. Letting the romance grow. Not something that comes BEFORE.

OK, rant over. Bed time.

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