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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Kaimono Ikimasu! (Shopping!)
Saturday, January 21, 2012
On 30 November 2011 ...

I spent my whole day shopping for my cabin mates and PYs from Masjid Jamek to KLCC. It was truly exhausting especially I was carrying two large bags of Punjabi suits and its accessories. However, I had fun in bargaining with the Indian sellers on the costumes. I realised I got the wrong size for my Cambodian roomie!!! But it was too late to change since I was already in KLCC. ARGHH. I should have bought another costume and keep the wrong size for myself for I love the colour myself! Coincidentally, the costumes I bought for my cabin mates are the same colour: Green and Pink! Anyways, please excuse renaye for being greedy.

I thought I will meet some PYs in Masjid Jamek, but I met none. Instead, I met a few in KLCC. I was hoping I could meet more!

Today is not only exhausting but also frustrating! That's simply because I didn't get to eat any pure vegetarian or local cuisine! I had McDonald for lunch and pasta for dinner. T.T

I was dying to eat vegetarian food!!! ARGHHH!!!

Tidbits: Yes, I'm a vegetarian, but a part-time one. HAHA. I will eat meat if I could not find any vegetarian menu. I wasn't a vegetarian when I was doing my homestay, because I don't want to trouble my host family. Despite being served vegetarian meals on board, I still miss the local ones! I should have tapau (takeaway in Cantonese) vegetarian food from my frequent place to the ship!! Perhaps, I should teach the chef how to cook instead. Sigh. >.<

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Dinner list
Saturday, January 21, 2012
On 29 November 2011 ...

Finally ... finally ... I'm home after a long cruise ... There are many local food that I wanted to eat. Cuisine that top my list is authentic vegetarian and Assam Laksa. Somehow, I decided to have western food with V. Strange right? Especially I'm addicted to assam laksa.

We headed to a restaurant called Ben's Place that serves delicious pizza and desserts. And guess who I met. I met three of my students sitting next to me. I could only remember one of their names. I thought the other two were his juniors. So I just looked at him, hoping he would notice me. HAHA. Unfortunately, he was too engross sharing something with his colleagues that I have to call out to him.

Hmm... I think I regretted for calling him out because the first thing he said to me was "Ms renaye, when can I get back the petrol money?"

ARGHH!! I'm still on leave from work! Don't mention anything about work to me!

I kindly replied that I'm still on vacation mode. One of the students was somewhat offended that I didn't acknowledge him. And the girl ... totally forgotten about me!

I apologised for not acknowledging him, because I have not seen him before in my office. But for the girl ... I can't believe she forgot I was with her during her internship stint in Malaysia at the beginning of 2011.

That night I learned I have heaps of backlog work waiting for me upon my return.


Tidbits: I had a short-lived landsickness that night. I was already looking for a drink to knock myself out, but decided not to in the name of saving money.

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My home
Saturday, January 21, 2012
On 29 November 2011 ...

After the homestay matching, an ex-PY gave me a ride home. I could not find my makeup-remover tissue in my luggage, so I asked her in the car if she has them. She asked why. "Oh I left mine in the ship," I replied nonchalantly. She laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"The way you said it make me believe the ship is your real home."

I looked askance. "Did I?"

Note: Meow V. Did I recall your sentence precisely?

Spinoff: I ended up removing my makeup partially at V's house, and the rest with baby oil at home. And then head off to dinner with V!

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Balik rumah!! (Going home!)
Saturday, January 21, 2012
On 29 November 2011 ...

My contingent tried to behave normal, but it was a monumental task. We had fidgeted countless of days; I didn't sleep soundly fearing this day would come. In fact, we all don't want to talk about this date. We often sighed together. We seriously do not want to know what is awaiting us after lunch hours ...

It's the homestay matching reception today at Stadium Bukit Jalil. I was pretty restless, so were my team members. We distracted ourselves by checking out our friend's homestay address. Or chatting with ex-pys.

When the PYs had left we were called for a short briefing. We hurdled together holding our breath. The verdict of our stay is to be delivered ...

The program coordinator conveyed that the government has decided to let us return home! YAHOO! I think I held my breathe for ever. We were extremely relieved for we do not want to return to the place where we had been training vigorously before departing for Japan. This means we can spend time with family and friends! I was incredibly relieved.

However, only PYs from Kuala Lumpur were only allowed to go home. Local PYs can opt to host outstation PYs though, and many of us did, except for me. =) The program coordinator also shared that accommodation is provided for PYs who are not going home or rather temporarily homeless. She added who's gonna stay? My cheeky team members looked up into the air as if they were counting stars or trailing after some mozzies. I saw their reaction. I was dying to release my amusement, but too afraid so I ventured only a smile in their direction. A broad smile met mine.

I finally gotta sleep in my own bed tonight ...

Tidbits: Initially, we were told that we won't be allowed to go home, while the PYS are having their homestay in Malaysia. I almost died from anxiety when I heard that because I certainly won't survive another round of stay in that place. Let just say I miss my husband too much.

Readers, please meet my husband, Benq Joybook s73G.

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Steve Aoki
Friday, January 20, 2012

How come I didn't advertise my winning of Steve Aoki's autograph in 2009? It was totally an unexpected win. I was just browsing some online magazine and spotted a slogan contest.

I first thought the caption cover was ugly. Serious. Steve Aoki, the world-renowned dj, was half naked pointing his stomach. There was a bubble next to Aoki's head.

Being mischief, I wrote "My stomach makes the loudest music."

And I won grand prize. My slogan was chosen as the winner by Aoki himself. Pretty honoured. But unfortunately I didn't collect the autograph because I forgotten to collect it from the organiser.

ARGH. Pity. Not sure if his autograph has any value on ebay. HAHA.

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It's a NEED.
Tuesday, January 17, 2012
On 14 November 2011 ...

Another day for discussion ...

I like today's topic: Needs vs Wants. In the context of environmental issues, needs and wants are crucial to the future fate of the natural resources. If humans can potentially identify needs and wants, we won't be needing lots of stuff in our lives.

I was asked by the facilitator to share my needs and wants. For me, as long as I have food and shelter (of course includes clothes), I'm satisfied. The only thing that makes me suffer is that we cannot live idly without thinking of money....

Anyways, I don't think my answer is interesting. I guess it's somewhat expected by my fellow group members. So the facilitator asked another female member.

She listed a few items as need, and the last item she kept pronouncing it as SIX. We all looked at each other wondering what six is... We asked her to repeat, and she became kinda infuriated by our query. Then she spelled SEX.

The discussion group roared in laughter. The second oldest Malaysian who was sitting beside me looked at me for approval. "Sex is a NEED. Don't you think so?"

I gave him a goldfish look for I was wordless. "You know what? I should go to the dining hall and do a survey: SEX IS A NEED OR WANT. That would be interesting, aye?" I replied.

Tidbits: Actually I would like to ask that question out loud in the dining hall, but too lazy to organise it. I believe everyone would say YES to the survey. So my survey would be useless in a way. What do I think? I think it's more of a WANT than need.

My definition of NEED is things you need to survive. Things you can survive without is categorised as WANT. Simple. If you can categorise like I do, I bet you will be good in managing your money.

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