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Nah, I wimped out
Tuesday. 10.21.08 6:34 pm
Went to bed at 2:30 ish. And I didn't even get a lot of work done then, hahaha.

I took zachstabbedme's advice and borrowed my mom's old crappy MP3 player. I don't even know what brand it is. There's a screen to know what's playing, but no way to actually choose the song. You can just skip back or forth. Not even a shuffle option, haha.

Though there IS a tempo control. I've never seen that before. It might be good for a few jokes.

And I think it's a gig of memory. Not bad, considering I don't plan on adding too many songs. I only put 26 on so far.

It feels so good to have music in my ears again. Between my eyes. Sound everywhere. It's wonderful.

I missed it. Maybe I can concentrate better, now.

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Seems like a good idea
Tuesday. 10.21.08 1:05 am
Tonight I'm just not going to sleep.

I somehow have managed to waste so much time "doing" my homework that I'm running behind on a few projects. So I'm going to catch up. Maybe I'll do some of tomorrow's work so that I can sleep most of the day. That would be neat.

Tomorrow, though, I am going to be very irritable, no doubt.


I out-stalked Muffy. Score.

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Time Capsule 7
Monday. 10.20.08 8:39 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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This weekend has been weird
Saturday. 10.18.08 9:52 pm
As it turns out, I bought the Zune and all the accessories at a really bad time. They've revamped AV pack, thought I'm sure it's only a difference of appearance. But the real kicker is that they added BLUE to the choices I can choose from for the 8 GIG. Blue! I mean, black is awesome, but blue is just so much better. And they all look shinier. Hmm.

IF (and I DO mean if) I get another one to replace the stolen one, I'm already gonna feel bad. But especially if I buy another carrying case and set of ear buds. That was high quality stuff, and me buying replacements because of some jerk seems like such a waste of money. I don't like that at all.

I still have the little pouch for the Zune buds. And the extra fittings. (The preferred size were in use when the buds themselves were stolen)

Oh, did I say this already? I was in a parking lot, getting out of my car, wearing the skull candies, when the cord got wrapped around my arm rest and yanked out the left bud. The little rubber fitting came off and flew out onto the ground, and even though I looked for at least 10 minutes all over the ground, I could not find it. So now I have to use the replacements that are a size bigger.

Then again, I can't complain about my technology being obsolete or my earbuds not being up to par, because said technology and earbuds are useless anyway WITH NO ZUNE TO LISTEN TO.

This thing still burns me up. It's weird how much I took portable tunes for granted, especially since I've only gone with the MP3 craze for what, 3 years? Less than that, I think. I hate CDs. Not dynamic enough. I mean, they're still useful, but when it comes to toting around 400 odd songs? Even if I only burned my favorites, I'd end up hating them. Hahaha.



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