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It begins again
Monday. 8.12.13 9:50 pm
The last two afternoons/evenings have been really nice. I got to sleep and relax yesterday. Today I took a short nap and went out to dinner with a friend whom I don't get to see often so that was pretty awesome. We went to this place called In The Bowl, which is a vegetarian place and she wasn't kidding when she said their fake beef was addicting. I would totally order just a side of the beef. And I may just do that the next time we go.

Tomorrow starts back up with working both jobs. I work three days at both, off a day, work part time Saturday then back to my regular job on Sunday. I'm pretty sure the hours will pick up a little as it gets closer to the holidays, but it should still be fine. Working two jobs does take away from my free time, but the current benefits outweigh that fact. I mean, it's not like I did a whole lot with the free time when I had it.

I'm writing this later than I planned because I forgot to write it before I left to hang out with my friend so I'm gonna cut this short and head to bed. I need to be rested for the long day tomorrow.

Until then. . .

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Taken for granted
Sunday. 8.11.13 7:12 pm
A lot of times, you tend to not fully appreciate the things you have until you don't have them anymore. This, is one of those times.

I've always known that when I was done with work for the day, I'd go home and enjoy the fact that I was no longer at work. Now, I got home and actually enjoy the time that I have to myself. Or, at least, I appreciate it more. See, with this second job, my free time is rather scarce. Even after only a week of working, I'm already appreciating the time I have to myself. Today is one of those days.

I fell back in to an old habit of napping, but I was tired. I laid down to just kind of rest for a little bit. I wasn't planning on sleeping for 3 hours, but it kind of happened. It was one of those times when your body takes advantage and makes you sleep more than you wanted to. Oh well. I'll just have to make sure I stay awake all day tomorrow so that I'll be able to get sufficient sleep for Tuesday, when I go back to working both jobs.

My friend who moved to L.A. finally got himself a place of his own. I'm excited for him. This is the final step in him becoming a resident of the city and actually making it feel like his home.

Anywho, I am going to enjoy the rest of my evening while I still have it.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Saturday. 8.10.13 7:37 pm
Despite the fact that I know exactly what I did all day, I still feel like the day was wasted. It's probably because I'm not used to working two jobs so I pretty much lost one of my weekend days, but still. I left the house at 9:15 this morning and I only got back about 15 minutes ago. This is actually the first chance I've had to sit since then and I'm eating for the first time today. I know it's super bad for you, but hey, I didn't have the money to buy anything while I was there, otherwise I probably would have.

Tomorrow is my Monday, back to the regular schedule, but at least I don't have to go back to the part time one until Tuesday evening. Next week's schedule is only for 16 hours, but that's fine. I'm sure my hours will pick up slightly around the holiday sales time.

Other than that, not much else is worth writing about right now. I'm glad tomorrow is Sunday. Hopefully it's as easy as a Sunday should be. We'll see what happens.

Until then. . .

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Day off productivity!
Friday. 8.9.13 5:50 pm
Oh my goodness! I went to bed around 11:15 last night and was asleep before 11:30. I woke up once while it was dark, but I didn't want to see what time it was so I just turned over and went back to sleep. I also woke up at quarter till 7, got up to use the bathroom then went back to bed and slept until 9. I tried going back to sleep, but at 9:45, I gave up and got up for the day.

I hung out for a little bit and left around 11:30 to get my errands run. I stopped at the bank first to get a new account set up for the Sam's paychecks, then drove up to Sam's so that I could give them the direct deposit form. While I was there, I used my newly acquired Sam's Plus card and put gas in my car. After that I stopped at the mall to see about getting a pair of flats and a pair of pants that I could wear to Sam's. The pants shopping took forever. I went to like 6 or 7 stores before I finally ended up just getting a pair at the Gap. I already knew what kind of flats I wanted so that didn't take long. They'll take some getting used to wearing, however, as I'm used to wearing Vans.

Once I was finished at the mall, I drove across the street to Target and bought a few new shirts and some other items for future use: a blender bottle, a new water bottle for work, some Zip-Lock bags and a Healthy Choice steamer for dinner.

Now I'm home and I have laundry in the wash. Due to all the running around today, I kind of feel like I haven't had any time off from work. Tomorrow I'm at Sam's for 8 hours then back to regular work on Sunday. At least I'll still be able to sleep in tomorrow since I don't have to be there until 10. I'm already looking forward to next Friday. It'll be in between paydays {for my living expenses} so I will hopefully get the chance to just veg around the house.

Hopefully tomorrow won't be too hectic or chaotic for my 8 hours of training.

Until then. . .

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Time should fly, right?
Thursday. 8.8.13 9:17 pm
Considering the fact that I will have next to no free time anymore, theoretically, time will move a lot faster. If I'm not sitting around being bored, wishing that I had something to do and that time would go by faster, then perhaps it actually will.

Tomorrow is my one day off. Friday will be my only true day off each week, with an exception in October. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have laundry to do; I'll have to get it done then since I'll be gone most of Saturday. Unfortunately Friday will probably be my new laundry day, which sucks, but whatever. It's a minor setback. I also have to get quarters for said laundry, open up a new bank account for this new job, go to the mall to purchase more clothing and some new shoes for said job. While I'm up there I'll have to drop off my direct deposit forms and I might as well put gas in my car. Hey, I have a Sam's Club membership and I have to be up there anyway so why not?

I've decided that I will probably use the membership for non perishable items. Perhaps I'll even start eating breakfast since it'll be cheaper buying it all in bulk. Also toiletries in bulk comes in handy. I'd much rather work at/have a membership to Costco, since it's a better company overall, but since I don't have any connections there, it's rather difficult to get a job. Plus, people are happy there so they tend to stay longer. Oh well. It is what it is.

Alright, I need to eat something. I also want to get in some YouTube or Hulu video watching before I crash for the night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Pros vs cons
Wednesday. 8.7.13 8:21 pm
More money.
New environment.
New people.
More active.
Better sleep.

Less free time.

For now, that's the only con I seem to have. Having less free time isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just means that I won't be sitting on my ass complaining about being bored every afternoon. The new environment/people thing could be considered a con, but only until I adjust. Once I'm used to the routine, it won't be bad.

Thus far, it looks like I'll be working around 60-62 hours a week between the two jobs, which is a lot, but manageable. It'll just make me cherish my free time even more. I already look forward to my days off. Now, that feeling will be genuine.

Regular work wasn't too bad. Things went back to normal today so I didn't have to worry about dealing with people I'm not used to working with. Tomorrow is technically my Friday, but it'll be filled with both jobs. Friday is looking better and better by the hour.

Until tomorrow. . .

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