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Love & Peace!! (Yeah I just got done watching some Trigun...)
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12/26/2006: My 3 day weekend.

12/23/2006: Gift giving.

12/22/2006: Mind of Mencia


12/16/2006: Where have I been?

12/09/2006: Only the minimum.

12/08/2006: untitled

12/07/2006: untitled

12/05/2006: Public restroom experience.

12/04/2006: Closer to my goal!

12/02/2006: Baffled.

12/01/2006: Where has my week gone?

12/01/2006: Why me?

11/30/2006: Wash your hands.

11/28/2006: Something is very wrong...

11/25/2006: Do you dream in different languages?

11/22/2006: Sex, deception and Taiwanese vs. Japanese.

11/22/2006: Psychos, houses and mother-in-laws who can be considered psycho.

11/20/2006: Big trucks + me driving = 90% change of accident

11/17/2006: Blogmad.net

11/16/2006: WTF!

11/15/2006: Angel and Vic Zhou

11/15/2006: Vengeance is best served slow.

11/14/2006: There needs to be a time limit rule...

11/13/2006: Mars.

11/10/2006: Where is the rain!

11/09/2006: The cleaning ninja!

11/08/2006: Confession is good for the soul.

11/07/2006: Over priced movies and kids.

11/06/2006: Marie Antoinette.

11/03/2006: Uneasiness

11/02/2006: Dirty looks...

11/02/2006: Menopause Fairy where are you?

11/01/2006: WOOT!!

10/31/2006: All in a name...

10/31/2006: I feel the love!

10/30/2006: Personal space.

10/29/2006: Finally done!

10/29/2006: Password protected recipe.

10/28/2006: Almost there.

10/27/2006: Appropriate gifts.

10/27/2006: untitled

10/26/2006: Behold the power of QVC!

10/25/2006: Do you want fries with that?

10/24/2006: Random thoughts.

10/20/2006: Fickle and can’t seem to learn...

10/18/2006: I want...

10/13/2006: Finding happiness in hectic times.

10/11/2006: Being responsible SUCKS!!

10/04/2006: And then there was none...

09/30/2006: Only to be single...

09/22/2006: Free at last!

09/14/2006: My mom always did tell me not to stare at people...

09/12/2006: Manga, homeless, Jun <3 and lack of sleep.

09/10/2006: Karma.

09/07/2006: His ears must have been burning.

09/06/2006: Bangs head against wall...

08/31/2006: Hot water.

08/22/2006: No pain, no gain!

08/17/2006: Mixed feelings...

08/15/2006: Buyer beware and why I dislike UPS!

08/09/2006: Hobo Stew.

08/07/2006: Oh to be so close and yet so far away...

08/06/2006: "I long for you." It's a compound of love with zero impurities.

08/05/2006: In need of a maid...anyone willing to work for free?

08/04/2006: Say WHAT?!

08/03/2006: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…Back to work I go!

08/02/2006: Is there a doctor in the house?

10/27/06 10:30 pm
Appropriate gifts.

Edit: I did tell you guys you'd see some weird stuff... Moving archives...bllleeeeeeh Oh yeah I've decided to use the scrolly thingy for my song quote of the day. It can be just one verse, a chorus...any part of the song that's a favorite of mine. :)


So what do you feel are appropriate gifts for saying thank you? A card? Flowers? Food? Cards are nice and thoughtful, but only should be used if it’s paired with something good or as a thank you for a gift. If you’ve been given something then a thank you card is required, but if you’re saying thanks for a service then a card alone seems kind of...cheap. Of course it’s the thought that counts and any acknowledgement of something is better then nothing, but if given time then anything edible is perfect in my opinion.

Flowers are death. Seriously who gives people a thank you gift of death? Why do people give flowers to begin with? I mean they die within 2 weeks at the most. I could see if the person was into plants giving a potted flower (and only if the person will take care of it), but cut flowers? Yeah just what I want to see, my gift slowly wither away and die a horrible slow demeaning death. Now I have been given flowers before and it was very very nice to receive them; like I said it’s the thought that counts. The last place I worked at our international sales guy gave me flowers for Secretary’s day and on my birthday each year and would thank me for brightening up his days since his office was so close to where I was we’d chat often. :)

Food is perfect in my opinion. Everyone has something they like to eat or snack on. This topic came about since next Wednesday will be my last PT appointment. I know it seems like I’ve been going there for ages and it’s really only been a couple of months! :) I love them to pieces though. I mean not only have they been just super nice to me, but when my health money from my car insurance was used up and they realized they didn’t take my medical they let me still only pay my co-pay! Really it’s a self-pay which would have been MUCH higher then my co-pay so that’s just amazingly super nice of them to do. Because of all of this I’m going to be buying them lunch next Friday. They all take their lunch at the same time that day and it’s also when I’ll be taking the second half of the pictures I want to take. I bought a camera and will be doing a whole blog on the company where I go to next weekend. I told you guys I’d take pictures!! XD hehehe So any who, what do you guys think is a good thank you gift? What do you think is too much? Like if someone does you a big favor what’s your spending limit? I normally say nothing more then 25 bucks. If it’s a group like this then it goes up to 50 bucks. Do you guys spend money for “small” holidays like Boss’ Day? I love Boss’ day and anyone who has worked for a pos boss and then later on worked for great Boss’ knows the importance and value of them! Everyone else gets a day of recognition for their hard work so why shouldn’t they? My mom gave me an odd look and then I reminded her how I was treated at one of my jobs and said, “Yeah I guess I’d be buying gifts for my Boss’ too!” Then again she called me a brown noser since at my last job I also bought my bosses birthday gifts! XD I only had two and they weren’t more then 25 bucks each. It’s not like I bought them a house or car or something.

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"I long for you." It's a compound of love with zero impurities.

So here I am having just read, again for the umpteenth time, Koi ga Bokura wo Yurusu Hani; a three volume yaoi by Motoni Modoru. Of course since I don't know enough Japanese to save my life I read the version Nakama & MFY put out. The title for this blog is also from the quote on my banner and is what the series is all about. Two guys who have been friends since college and are in love with each other, but in order to never lose each other never cross the line over friendship. Although my boyfriend says it's a lie and that all love is never pure, I feel the quote is very true though. To feel the desire and passion of longing for someone. Not for a physical need, but a pure need of just being with them and to always be with them. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure anyone who reads this and has been truly and completely in love knows exactly what I'm talking about. The thought that fills your soul and mind where you can't imagine your life without them. The feeling of when you're apart you wish they were near and with you with no other reason for them to just be near you.

I always find it amazing that rarely when reading shoujos do I feel this feeling of deep love and admiration for characters. Maybe it's because most of the shoujos I find are fluff, yes that's right I said fluff. Sure the stories might have an interesting plot or good characters, but normally it's just fluff. Decent fluff, average or above average fluff, but fluff none the less. Every once in a while I do find a series that brings out actual emotions, like Fruits Basket, Hana Yori Dango (Yes, I'm sure most of you would call this series fluff too...but eh. ;P) and Deep Love (Original, Host, Reina no Unme and Pao's Tale), but those are always few and far between. I've always wondered why. I mean I realize my yaoi/shounen-ai collection has grown, but so has my shoujo collection. So why is it that I find that yaoi is filled with more raw or deep feelings? I mean wouldn't you think that since shoujos are geared mainly towards girls that they would be filled with deeper feelings or bring out more emotions then I find the yaoi genre does?

For those of you who are wonder what yaoi is I'll explain, it's very simple really. It's boy love stories. You might be thinking, "But isn't that what shounen-ai is?" You would be correct...to a certain point. Shounen-ai hints, yaoi puts it in your face...well shoves it in your face sometimes depending on how "shallow" the plot is. :) So why would a girl with a boyfriend, or any girl for that matter, read stories about two guys in love? Not sure myself, I'll have to get back to you on that. I know my boyfriend laughs at the fact I can spend days on end reading only yaoi and shounen-ai. For me it's because of how the stories are told in a different way. Sure there are many yaois out there that are very run of the mill, but usually no story is the same. (This excludes one-shots of course.) Another question you might be asking yourself is, "What does yaoi mean?" I have that answer as well. It means: yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi = no climax, no point, no meaning. I would kill to be able to convience my boyfriend it would be a cool thing to put that on a license plate cover for our/my new car. I know he'd say "over my dead body" though so I just have to wait until I know he won't drive it. I think the meaning is key though. After all isn't it so very true? Although we all know "no climax" is referring to something else, the same can be said if you take the general meaning of the word and put it into everyday life...well ok I think so at least. :)

Well time to go download all of the new releases for today. Obsession did a dj release and since I help them by writing their summaries I should be a good girl and go download it. That's one of the very few genre I just don't get. Normally they do a horrible job or they take some favorite series of mine and twist it so much I cringe/cry and delete. Then again there are times I enjoy them or find them funny like the one for Fruits Basket and The Tyrant Who Fall in Love. Yes I know the second title is very...engrish. As a proofreader it makes me cringe considering the battles I have had to wage in order for things to stay a certain way or change a certain way to keep from sounding like that, but to each their own. Biblo Eros works very hard, works on great series and the text in the actual chapter is always tip-top. :)

As a last note I would just like to mention that if you're reading this AND you want to download a series that needs to be reuploaded please read the update for 08/05/2006!! :D I will not be uploading anything, except manga, until I get enough votes. I've decided to put some power into your hands! *cough* Yes, I'm just being lazy. *cough*

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