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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
My friend has the craziest idea: To marry our cats (when we have one) together so we can be in-laws! So we can always keep in touch with each other and never forget one another!

Fantastic idea right?

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It's a squid! It's a ika! It's AYL!
Monday, January 2, 2012

On 6 November 2011 ...

Ever since my collegemate wore a jester hat to class, I developed an interest for having such interesting headpiece too.

This dream finally came true after 6 years of waiting ... in the form of a squid headpiece! My host mum in Hakodate runs a merchandise business that sells Hakodate's mascot: Ika (squid in Japanese). Actually I shamelessly asked for it, and it's the most expensive merchandise in her shop. BWAHAHAH.

Today, all PYs had a ship tour according to SG. We were all thrilled to visit the bridge (room from which the ship is commanded). However, our turn was only at 4.30 pm and we had plenty of time to kill! So we did a group photo on the deck!

I'm the easiest to be spotted because of my headpiece! I was actually kinda hesitant to wear it, but then I was thinking if I don't wear it today ... when would I have the chance to do it? So I wore it for the ship tour and attracted lots of attention.

The most awkward one happened in the afternoon like 3 pm-ish. All SGs were having their own gathering before the tour, and there was a SG grouping in front of the water cooler on level 3. As I was lazy to go back to my room for a glass of water, I headed to the water cooler, passing that SG group with my Ika headpiece. They were discussing something with a National Leader when I walked pass them. And the moment I passed by ... they stopped talking and all eyes were on me following me until I disappeared into the walkway where the water cooler is situated. After quenching my thirst, I walked pass them again and... again their eyes trailed after me.

I was like "What is wrong with you guys?!" You know ... if I were really in a crazy mode at that point of time, I would have done an Ika dance (a ceremonial dance from Hakodate) for them ... since they could not take their eyes off me. In fact, I was tempted by my thought! Maybe I should just do it!

The next day ...

It seemed my Ika headpiece made me kinda well-known on board for no one else wore such interesting piece. I wore it also to match my SG outfit and to show how proud I were to have my homestay in Hakodate!

Later, I was given an impression that my team member had an interesting way of introducing me to his SG mates. You see he was one of the PYs I was passing by yesterday ... and according to him, his SG mates were shocked to see someone with such headgear. That explained the silence ... hmm ... nod nod. And then after I completely disappeared from the walkway ... he proudly told the National Leader "That girl who was wearing the squid hat is the AYL of Malaysia."

Err.. my head tilted to one side and err ... laughed with staccato notes ...

Spinoff: As I expected... I created an interesting way to enable people to remember me! Go renaye go!

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1... 2... 3...
Monday, January 2, 2012
On 14 December 2011 ...

My friend and I sat on a bench on 4th floor to enjoy the night sky and listened to the melody of the waves for the second last time.

While we were chatting, I saw 1... 2... 3... shooting stars above me ...

Spinoff: I didn't make any wish upon the shooting stars because they were shooting too fast! Before I could say "I wish", it already disappeared!! My friend joked that is why there are usually so many shooting stars at one go so we could simply finish our sentences. First star will be "I" then second star will be "Wish" and so forth. I bet God is very impatient to listen to our wishes ... I wonder who is the idiot started wishing on a shooting star? And who is the idiot following his footstep? He'd better guarantee wishes made upon shooting stars will come true! Apparently, my team members witnessed around 20 shootings stars the very same night... =(

I would definitely remember this night for its yellow moon slightly concealed by the clouds... for its strong cold wind on my face. It's the best weather I ever had since walking down those lonely roads in Wellington ...

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Room 5XX
Monday, January 2, 2012

On 14 December 2011 ...

I was resting on the sofa in our cabin in the afternoon, while spacing out and gazing at my cabin mates walking around in our cabin. The day before we had nightmare from packing our luggage to check out. I was indeed exhausted accompanied with backache and a twisted foot. I don't know ... but I'm always amuse to watch my roomie from Thailand doing things ... and ... she was placing her handbag next to her pillow on the upper bunk. (We slept on a double decker). She was about to leave the room but she returned to re-position the bag properly and I SNAPPED from revery.

My breathing stopped. My eyes won't leave her pillow. My heart started to race. I was overwhelmed with a familiar fear I have known a long time ago...

IT is there. IT is watching me with a strong presence lingering in the air ...

What should I do?!

My Thai roomie left the room immediately she arranged the bag. I was alone in the room. I dare not say "GET OUT" fearing the unknown future. What should I do?!

I averted away and calculated my options while stabilising my heart beat with slow breathing, but it didn't help. I reached to a decision, which is to stay in the room even though I should leave the room immediately. I chose this option because there is nowhere else I can go to rest since I wanted to nap.

This is not the first time IT was watching me. In fact this is its third time. If I didn't had any disturbance earlier, it should be OK to be in the same room with IT, I assured myself despite feeling very uncomfortable.

So I acted normal. I started tidying the room ...

I was relieved to hear the admin's announcement for my contingent to check out the luggage at 4 pm-ish. I gladly left the room and returned at 4.30 pm, and was disappointed for the presence didn't leave at all. Not even a tiny bit!

My cabin mates were nowhere in sight. And I was dying to say out loud about the fear I was experiencing. I wanted to tell my cabin mates!! When one of my cabin mates returned in the evening after dinner, I wanted to tell her "Please stay with me," but the words caught in my throat, and I saw her left the room ...

I was alone again. And I was tired. I napped hoping IT would be gone. Instead, I woke up to the overwhelmed uneasiness. The race in my heart didn't subside at all... In fact, how can I even sleep knowing there IS something else in the room?

Sensing it might not leave any time soon, I decided to leave the room to catch up with friends when I still can command fear and anxiety ...

Later at night

"Roomies??? I have something to share with you on the 16th of December before we leave ..." I said.

Spinoff: My worst fear is to be disturbed via dreams or seeing shadows and reflection not belong to me in the mirrors in my cabin. I somewhat anticipated to experience such encounter. I just pray that my encounter would be less scary than the last time I had in 2011. I'm fed up and tired of feeling frightened even in my own home. Thus, I'm sorta grateful that I only experienced this encounter the second last day of my departure. I shared this encounter with a close friend, and we were both glad that it happened on the 14th of December not November. Phew~ But it really is a torture not being able to tell my Thai roomie for more than 20 days that IT was on her bed.

I remember the first two times it happened ... We were not in as we were attending some activities - I think discussion group - but occasionally I sneaked out to get food from my room. It first happened one afternoon. I went back to my room to grab something. The moment I stepped into the room, I felt something watching me from the upper bunk. But as usual, I ignored it, telling myself I'm just too sensitive. It was gone the next time I returned to the room. Just didn't know why the third time ... was ... more eerie...

On one hand, I'm glad that I'm not the type of people who can see the unseen clearly. I could only see shadows and occasionally body parts like hands and feet. Sigh. On the other hand, I fear my level of sensitivity is returning to the level I once had 10 years ago. Oh well, just bring it on!

By the way, I felt better after leaving the room. I visited a friend and in the middle of our chat, this pal suggested to go to my room. I seriously went gag. Instead, I suggested to go out to get some fresh air. And we did ...

Continue in 1... 2... 3....

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Someone like you~
Sunday, January 1, 2012
ARGHHH!! You will know why I had this reaction after reading this entry.

On 10 November 2011 ...

I was very not feeling well due to land sick... and was not hungry since I ate a lot during the welcoming reception at Manilla Hotel. But still I need to go to the dining hall for dinner since the chefs have already cooked my vegetarian meal. So I dragged myself to the said venue and sat with my friends. However, they have finished their meals, thus left. I was left alone with one of my Environment DG mates from the Philippines ... whom I have never spoken prior before. (Shame on me >.<) I don't mind being alone on the dining table since he had also finished his meal, so I kindly told him that he doesn't have to wait for me to complete mine (because I will be eating extremely slow...). The reply I received was he didn't mind sitting until 8.30 pm before his meeting starts. He also asked if I were OK since I complained earlier to our mutual friends before they left that I was having land sick. I thought it was very nice of him to sit with me.

Then ... he said "You look like one of my friends."

Oh no ... not again ...

I replied "OMG! You are like the 10th person I know to say that I look like someone they know. God has been very unkind to me for recycling my face so many times all around the world."

Seriously?! It even happened on the ship?! I was really kinda hysterical internally because I didn't expect to hear such comment. ARGHH... I have always received such comment wherever I go... It seems that among all my friends I received this comment the most! I guess God likes my kind of appearance too.

Later he added "It's OK. You are good-looking."

Eh? That was surprisingly unexpected.

I just replied "Thank you" with a smile. Later, he left for a meeting.

Despite of my land sick, that comment seriously made my day for the entire 2011. That is simply because it's been a long time since someone said something nice to me. I guess it is refreshing after undergone various experiences like being harassed verbally, being called insane, heartless and even brainless until this date... affecting my mental and physical health. It reminded me of stories of how smiles can save people...

The comment really put a smile back on my beautiful face.

Spinoff: I'm always amaze with myself for having wits at the weirdest hour. My friends always commented that I'm a funny person, but I don't see how! I seriously appreciate that comment for it enlightened me - a lot - at that time. Unfortunately it didn't help me much in finishing my dinner. HAHA. However, I did finished my dinner cleanly, as it is my policy to finish everything on the plate except for bones.

If you are reading this and remember this conversation, I sincerely want to thank you for making my day. Sorry for not saying this earlier ... not because I was busy hiding from you, but due to lack of memory space. HA. Just kidding... it's I didn't have the chance.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

On the 16th, the last day of SSEAYP, many of the PYs bid their farewells with tears. My friends were crying hard smudging their eyeliners, meanwhile I didn't shed a tear. I bid mine with full of smiles.

I didn't have the chance to give farewell hugs to some of my friends, because the admins formed a human chain and they placed bars to make space for walking. Moreover, I was holding two hand-carries. So I did the E.T. thing with my friends... where the ET's and Drew's finger touched.... That is the only thing I could do. I guess in the end, I am still crazy, creative and true to myself!

Our friendship is just the beginning, and I'm sure we would definitely have chance to see each other again. And I would like my farewell to be with full of smiles and tears of joy!

This was where we departed from the ship. I kept looking back at the entrance mouth feeling grateful for having created those wonderful memories ...

Spinoff: I asked a close friend from my contingent if I'm a cold-hearted person for not shedding tears. He honestly replied Yes. I pouted. But I think I somewhat am because even a tough guy like him also had tears during our farewell party. But it doesn't mean I'm not sad, or rather possessing no feelings. I'm not that cooooooooold. It's just I'm able to maintain my composure, and am ready to return to my reality.

I remember an advice given to me back in 2006. The deep sufferings I had then blinded me from my environment, and I was told to be grateful for whatever I have, encountered, endured regardless of the level of pain. It forced me to see things in a different light. If I'm not chosen for this program, I won't be able to meet my new friends. Therefore I'm grateful to be in the program in the first place!

Another reason I didn't shed tears because I have promised myself that I won't cry anymore ... due to an excruciating period I had earlier in 2011. Or ... rather I have no more tears to spare. Moreover, I'm tired of being sad.

Besides, why does farewell have to be sad?!

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