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What a timely coincidence!
Wednesday. 11.12.08 11:41 pm
One of the worst things about Creative Writing is that I am FORCED to write. And it can't just be little tidbits here and there, like I usually do, but it has to have "strong plot and characterization" and "show-not-tell" and stuff. What if I just want to explore a cool concept? What if the details detract from the story? Personally, I always find myself skipping the descriptive paragraphs in stories, unless they're important to the understanding of what's going on. Because that's all I care about: what's going on. Not how it looks.

Meh. I especially dislike having to come up with a short story outline off the top of my head, over night.

HOW COINCIDENTAL (no, seriously, it is) that I happen to have written...something...over the summer that I was planning on submitting to the school magazine. And it just fits the page requirement.

All I need to do is tweak it, so as to fit into her "COMMUNIST EVIL TERRIBLE BOX" (Katie is simply amazing) and extend the pages a bit. Even then, she'll probably smack me with it. But I don't care, because I like it a lot, and that's that.

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-sigh- OK, already!
Sunday. 11.9.08 9:02 pm
the-muffin-man tagged me in one of those silly (trying really hard not to say "stupid"...oops) chain letter things. And then my friend Daisy on deviantArt tagged me too, so now I'm going to go nuts and just do it. If I can...

1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must put 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tagged ones should write a journal about these facts.
4. At the end of the post tag 8 more deviants Screw you!

1) The song that Pandora just started playing, called First Blood by Desperadoz, really creeps me out.

2) Katie is the coolest girl ever. Not really random, I know, but necessary.

3) When I'm in geometry, I like to cheat by visualizing and manipulating the problem in my head. This slows me down, but ensures a better understanding of the pretty numbers.

4) My mom is from Puerto Rico, and my dad was raised in Maryland, USA. I don't pay much attention to my Puerto Rican heritage. It barely shows up in my genes, anyway. I'm definitely my dad's son.

5) I love a good story. I can very easily grow attached to the characters. I usually stay away from TV, but if I catch a show I always want to know what's going on, and see how it ends.

6) This is related to number (5). As a younger child, I absorbed a lot of stories. The first thing to come to mind is Digimon (forgive me!), but there was also a few book series. I've mostly forgotten the plots, the characters, and the general awesomeness. In fits of nostalgia, I dig them up over the internet and obsess over them for weeks at a time. Right now, I'm downloading the first 4 seasons of Digimon and I got The Dark is Rising book series from my friend Ryan.

7) I did much better in middle school than in high school. For some reason, I'm still in the super hard classes with lots of homework. -sigh-

8) Almost every week, after youth group, I go to Sonic and eat/drink with a few of the kids. I hate Sonic because it's too cold for the drinks and all the food, which is not a lot to begin with, makes me sick. But I still go because I love to hang out with them so much.

I'm not tagging people because I hate these things with a passion. So...

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Mmm, Digimon
Friday. 11.7.08 12:16 am
I've always missed that old TV show I watched a long time ago, but in the past week I've finally found a way to fill that obsession. Youtube! haha. The amount of full episodes just floating around is staggering. I watched the movie, too.

It's surprisingly good, much better than the cartoon. It was fun to watch because of the fight scenes, obviously, but it was actually more mature and emotional than I remember. Same old corny jokes gave way to a much better, more subtle kind of humor. I'm glad I saw it again!


I went to the bathroom to get some water in a bottle, and something reminded me of Katie.

I came all the way back down the hallway with a stupid grin on my face. Heehee.

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I just remembered
Wednesday. 11.5.08 9:38 pm
I'm in a "class play" (i.e. it's crap) and I have to die in a drunk driving accident. My friend just wouldn't give me his keys.

Bah. I hate memorizing lines. And then SAYING them.


"Romanticocabrita: The kids in my fourth block Ewed puffy Cheetos.
wiseguysupreme4: ...what
wiseguysupreme4: ?
Romanticocabrita: They said Ew about the puffy Cheetos.
Romanticocabrita: 3:
wiseguysupreme4: What puffy cheetos?
Romanticocabrita: Any puffy Cheetos. They weren't physicall present. SOmehow we got onto the topic.
wiseguysupreme4: !!!!
wiseguysupreme4: You should smite them with your cheesy fingers attack.
wiseguysupreme4: ...too much Digimon.

I am way too distracted to be doing this English homework.

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