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I am
My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)
Monday. 10.23.06 12:23 am
Man, I'm tired. So though, this one would have been a relatively long entry, I'm too tired to barely concetrate to write it all out.

First and foremost: MAN! I've had the most fun today I've had in a very long time. I hung out with Mandy and Mary and her daughter Katie. She's absoluetly ADORABLE! The daughter that is... I hadn't seen her in over a year. From crawling to talking. Man! Time flies! But hanging out with Mandy and Mary was practically perfection. Not really, cause there's no such thing on earth, but it really was downright fun. We didn't do much but go to Chili's, but hanging out like we did back in the ol' days, I mean OLD ol' days, was the best. That's one thing that I LOVE about Mandy, Mary, and me, no matter how much time has passed or how much has changed in our lives, when you get us together it's like no time has gone by at all. So, that was great.

A bit worried, though. I'm starting to become friends with Elizabeth, Junior's girlfriend. He might think that there's more, knowing him. Why WOULDN'T a guy who's cheated on all his girlfriends think that there's more than friendship going on? But oh well. Me and Elizabeth agree on that. Oh well. The other worrysome part is that Robyn called (if you've kept up with that ridiculous drama any). But she didn't just call for any random reason. She left me a voicemail where she was crying and saying that she just had no one else to talk to. I called her back when I got home and she had just taken nytquil. She tends to do that. Drug herself to oblivion when she's depressed. I'm so worried for that girl. She may have done a thousand stupid things and cussed me out hundreds of times, but I know she will always come back when she has no where else to turn to and I'll always care and worry about her.

Also, today really put some other things in perspective relating to spiritual issues. The first would be 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Hadn't really been doing that. Secondly, Matt. 7:7. And lastly, is that I have no idea what God has planned for me, but I must be open to whatever it is. If He wants me to go to North Carolina He WILL get me there. If He wants me to stay here and do... whatever, He will make it known to me. I just gotta listen.

So let's pray all goes well with everything.
Y'all take care!

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Friday. 10.20.06 9:51 pm
I went to go see the Nightmare Before Christmas 3D at noon today.
It was totally worth 8 bucks.
So WHAT if I went alone?

Then I went to work. Got back. My mom asked me how my doctor's appointment was. Then I wigged out a bit. I forgot. I completely forgot. I knew I was forgetting something... but HOW could I forget? I had been thinking about it. I knew I couldn't forget. Otherwise I'd have to wait ANOTHER month. And I talked about it just a few hours before that with my mom. But I forgot still. I forgot. Again. HOW? I didn't want to deal with it. I was too upset. How could I forget? It would be ok if it was something that happened ONCE in a while. But I forget EVERYTHING. ALL the time. So I ran to my room and went straight to sleep.
Then I had a nightmare. Worst part was I woke up and realized that it was real. My nightmare was basically what life is already like for me, except it didn't include the few good things I DO have. It was a wretched wretched dream...

Turns out my mom's tumor grew a little bit. What am I to do? What does this mean? Is this year going to turn into something longer? Something... unexpected?

When does the nightmare end?

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