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My blog is messed up, right now.
Monday. 9.14.09 9:59 pm
So I shall draw attention to it, obviously.

Nah, just posting this in case anyone comments back and sees a MESS. I'm going to work with the HTML soon enough to make it fit my needs...

Just, right now, I need to do SOME work.


Hey, if you're reading this, tell me one thing that you look forward to. It can be anything--something new that you're going to get to try, something general...even something you do every day that you love. Especially something you do every day.

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twenty minutes of worry a day
Saturday. 8.29.09 10:54 am

It's somewhat frustrating to watch the guys I knew in high school turn into icky idealists in college. Have you noticed that adults really don't publish their theories about life everywhere, and how they don't sit around writing sonnets till the wee hours? I think I'd rather just be an adult, when I get to college. Being honest with yourself is one thing. Looking too far INTO yourself is quite another.

But that's just what I've observed.

Yesterday, these two guys had our whole class in a huge amount of trouble. The administrator couldn't find the offending object on them anywhere, though, so they were released back into the room.

"Now, don't you wanna say sorry?"

The whole class, in unison, shouted, "NO." We all laughed, and it was fantastic.

-sigh- I'm going to be honest, I'm pretty sure that Stevie is sick of being let down by me. I don't come to a lot of the stuff he invites me to. Most of it was pretty weakly reasoned, but this time it has a GREAT purpose. It's playing games at his youth group, or being with a really good friend on her seventeenth birthday. And I know he's going to be let down no matter what the reason, but at least this time it's a good one...? I don't know. Maybe once I join martial arts I can just kick him in the head until he accepts my apology.

And Kevin's drifted away. Every time I talk to him, it's, Oh, college life is great, I went here last night and there this morning but oh I have to go see someone, I'll talk to you later bye.

I had hopes, but I don't think I should, anymore. So it goes, so it goes.


Today, I'm going with a group to see Inglourious Basterds, finally. Then I think I'll come home and work on some school stuff. My EE (Extended Essay) is due in a few weeks, to time to really vamp it up and make it shiny.

Oh, and everyone. inhuman 's birthday is tomorrow. Wish her a happy one?

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Lookie here, you.
Monday. 8.17.09 10:24 pm

I'm gonna tell you something, and you're going to listen, so keep your ears a-hearin'.

Tomorrow, I'm getting up for a volunteer thing at my school. Six in the morning. Then, I might stop by in person at BiLo, again, because I'm sick of being back-burnered by the hiring manager. I WOULD BE A GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR WORKING ENVIRONMENT AND I'M GREAT AT SCANNING STUFF BECAUSE I USE THE U-SCAN ALL THE TIME!

-sigh- Please let me get this job. Please oh please oh please. I don't need the money, I know, but it would really help with colleges. And it would set my scheduling straight. I like being busy, oh please oh please.

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Sunday. 8.9.09 1:53 am

So, I made the mistake of inviting middaymoon (an ex-boyfriend), and Neb (ditto) to the same party.

I don't know if you remember, but one of my first entries was about being all JKGHKJGH about the military ball that Neb had invited me to. Right after that ball, Stevie called me. This kindled a romance. Basically, they've both had their fill of being around and having these little romances with me, throughout the years.

And tonight, they met.

Oh dear, did they meet.

They formed a bromance with me literally sitting between them.

What are the chances. Honestly.

Otherwise, the party-goers had good chemistry all-around. I'm pleased with myself. c:

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