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Suddenly feeling poetic
Tuesday. 12.2.08 6:41 pm
I have this urge, out of the blue, to write poetry! Uh oh.

This is from Halloween. :D

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This is weird
Friday. 11.28.08 8:47 pm
The entire break feels weird. I can't get up in the morning or go to sleep at night. Except for another sleepover at Ryan's, I've done pretty much nothing the entire time. It's like I have this vast amount of time and nothing to do with it.

I've been watching a lot of Digimon (past halfway through season 4 now) and reading a lot of The Dark is Rising (book 2). That's mostly it. Not eating a lot.

Ryan and I were watching some videos on youtube about a guy who's slightly into parkour but mostly just likes to cut flips and stuff. We've decided that we want to be ninja like that guy. It'll be easy for HIM, he's already a beastly dude.

I'm terribly out of shape, though. And it bothers me immensely. I used to ride my bike all the time just for fun, and I was fit enough to be pretty athletic. I don't anymore, though.

I partially blame my mother for that, because she still won't let me leave the neighborhood except in a car. It's crazy. If I could ride my bike somewhere DIFFERENT for a change, then I might find it to be exciting again.

Then again, I could probably find a few bike trails and just drive there. But I dunno if she'll let me do THAT, either.

Bah. Vacation is weird.

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My mother insists
Friday. 11.28.08 8:46 pm
Now that it's past Thanksgiving Day, I can compile a Christmas list without feeling like a tool. Take that, commercialism!

For music:

  • 8 gigabyte Zune, black. List of Retailers (under the Gears of War 2 panel)
  • Replacement ear pieces for Skullcandy's Smokin' Ear Buds (White color, Medium size)
  • FM Radio Broadcasting device, like the Whole House Transmitter . The website looks kind of fishy, but it's also on Amazon (little cheaper, but less warranty). As far as I can tell, this is the best thing you'll find.

From Threadless:
In order of preference

Keeping it Simple (Better hurry up!)


Easy Steps

I already have all these in my shopping cart, I just need to be able to order them.

All I can think of, for now...

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I'm Demented
Monday. 11.24.08 9:38 pm
I was digging through an old folder and I found some of my earlier art works, dating all the way back to 2004. Since then, I've stopped playing with Microsoft Paint, and my tinkerings go into the folders they came from (they're usually based on photographs).

This is only the most interesting of the bunch. I had an affinity for colors and smiley faces, way back when. Haha.

I thought of this pattern in 8th grade one day, went home, and made this over the summer. Line by line. Click for full size.

For my mom's birthday. She's so lucky to have a son with my sense of humor, yeah?

Remastered, baby!

These are actually 3-D images I made in Paint. Wicked!

Something I print out and hide for people to find. In lockers, lunchboxes, etc.

Screwing around with my friend in Comp. Tech. I miss you, Aaron!

Don't ask.

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