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Thursday. 9.5.13 9:54 pm
My alarm is deactivated and I'm soooo ready to sleep in tomorrow! It's been a long couple weeks. At least time is going by pretty quickly. I figured it would, to some extent, with the second job taking up most of my free time, but it's going by a lot faster than I anticipated. My birthday is only a month away. . . crazy!

Today has been great, actually. We started out the morning with some nice thunder and lightning storms with plenty of rain. Considering we don't really get that weather here, it made for a good start to the day. It rained for a while, then cleared up for a couple hours and now another storm is moving north and they're expecting even more thunder and lightning with even more rain. Sleep will either be a hit or miss. Either the storm will be so calming that I'll sleep through it all or I'll be too excited to sleep and stay up to watch the light show. We'll see what happens.

I actually have no plans for tomorrow. I will be going up to the cafe at some point, probably around 1 or so, to hang out for a bit and get some tasty food for my cheat day, but other than that, I have nothing going on. I'll watch some shows on Hulu and take a nap and lounge in my pajamas.

The end of my night went really well. It wasn't too busy at Sam's. It helped that we had more than just two cashiers, which is kind of how it's been since I've been there. Having the extra person made a big difference. My managerial crush came within an inch of me tonight and I became hypersensitive to exactly how close he was to me. Oh man, what I would have given just to be able to reach out and touch him. Or 'accidentally' back up or move sideways to run in to him. Oh my goodness. I actually got all tingly when he was right next to me. I'm getting that way now just thinking about how close we were to each other.

Yeah ..... I should probably stop there before I get too carried away with myself. I'll get lost in my mind later. For now, I'm going to listen to the thunder, turn my light off so that I can watch the lightning and wait for my hair to dry before calling it a night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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If only you knew
Wednesday. 9.4.13 9:57 pm
A couple of my coworkers were joking around about how much of a jerk the manager is {the one I'm crushing on} and it was determined that he needed to get laid in order to not be so much of a dick. Well, the one girl said that she'd rather go lesbian than help him out and I laughed and played along, but in my head I'm thinking, "yeah, I could definitely help with that." The great thing is that I'm pretty good at playing along with people. I never agree with anything they're saying, but instead make jokes to go along with what they're laughing about. If only it was something that could be truth instead of fantasy.

Tomorrow is my Friday! I'm so excited to finally be getting a day off. I plan on doing absolutely nothing tomorrow at my regular job and I'm really hoping that tomorrow night was just about as slow as tonight was at the part time job. As is I'm probably not going to be getting much sleep tonight since I needed to wash my hair when I got home so I'll be up for a while waiting for it to dry some. I have the fan on so hopefully that'll help some.

Alright, I'm gonna get my hair out of the towel so we can work on speeding up this drying process and I'll watch some YouTube videos to pass the time.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Home stretch!
Tuesday. 9.3.13 9:44 am
I can see the light! Two more days of working both jobs then finally a day off. Friday never looked so good. After 13 days straight between two jobs, I'll be more than ready.

Despite the fact that this is a payday Friday, I actually don't think I have much to do in the way of errands. I have to pay my rent ... and that's actually about it. I should probably get more grocery shopping done and out of the way, but I may end up putting it off again until since I still have quite a bit left from the recent shopping trip. I also have to make a trip to Target at some point to get some toiletries, but that's something that can also wait since I'm not out yet. I may actually have most of the day to just lounge in pajamas. We'll see if I remember anything come the day of.

Tonight was super busy and I missed out on my chance to help out my manager. Tomorrow, I'm bringing a notebook and pen with me so that I can write down all these numbers for food items and memorize them. There's so many that we use on a regular basis that it could totally help to not have to continually ask someone else. He came right over to me, not one of the experienced people, but me, and asked for the product number for something and I had no idea what it was. The next product number he needed I knew, but he had already asked someone else. Ugh. The next three months is going to be torture for me. I'm going to be living a fantasy in my head and it's going to drive me insane.

I'm working quite a bit of hours over the next couple weeks so the paychecks will look pretty nice. I'll be saving up a good chunk of money for my trip. The next paycheck I get should be enough to allow me to secure my trip and then all I have to do is save, save, save. It's already September 3rd. My birthday is only a month and 2 days away. Then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and poof! 2014 will be here. Crazy!

Alright, I need to hydrate some before I go to bed. Two more days. I can do that without going completely crazy right?

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Back at it
Monday. 9.2.13 8:11 pm
Today was the last day for me to enjoy my evenings. It's been a nice, calm 4 days of pretty much napping and being lazy. The next three days I have both jobs so hopefully that means that Friday will get here quickly. I'm already looking forward to sleeping in. I'm kind of sick of waking up to an alarm at 5am.

My coworker showed me a picture of my manager in street clothes {he's usually dressed up in nice stuff, since he is kind of a manager} and I had this stupid, cheesy grin on my face for like, way too long. Anyone can look nice dressed up. He's even attractive dressed down. I think it makes him even more attractive when he's not all dressed up for work. Too bad I'll probably never get to see that in person, but still. It was nice just getting the chance. Thank you Facebook.

Anywho, there's not really much to write about tonight. Perhaps something will happen tomorrow that'll be worthy of writing about.

Until then. . .

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Sunday. 9.1.13 8:19 pm
Three more months and 2 days until I'll be on a plane flying to Vegas. I can't wait. One more paycheck from the other job and I should be able to secure my trip. Once that happens, all that's left to do is save.

I finally shaved my legs. I need to buy more razors on Friday since I've pretty much used this last one to the final point. It'll just be added to the list of shit I need to take care of when I get paid again. And I thought I would have a day off to relax. Ha. Next Friday I should be able to take advantage and just sit around because it'll be in between paydays so the need to go spend money won't be there.

Tomorrow is a holiday so the clinics will still be closed from the weekend. It's also a paid holiday so that'll be a nice little extra bit on the following check.

Yeah, I really don't have much to type out right now. I need to sew up a hole in my work pants. I guess that's something else that needs to be purchased while I'm out and about on Friday. Ugh. This day off is getting more and more busy.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Saturday. 8.31.13 5:08 pm
It certainly didn't feel like Saturday, however, since I can't remember the last time I worked my regular job on a Saturday, I can completely understand how I'm all mixed up. Tomorrow starts my regular week, again, and Friday can't come soon enough.

My rent is going up in October. It's only going up by $25, but it's still going up. If it goes up any more than that, I'll just move to a different place. If I'm going to be paying $700+ in rent, I might as well live in a place that provides more than 190 sqft.

I've pretty much calmed down about my crush. The spark will probably reignite itself the next time I see him. It's fun yet rather annoying all at the same time. I guess we'll see where this goes. nowhere

I'm probably gonna go to bed early tonight. I'm used to having a bunch of videos and shit to watch today, but since there's really no updates on YouTube and I've already caught up on my shows on Hulu and there's nothing interesting on Netflix, going to bed early seems like a rather nice option. Especially since I am, for one, certainly tired enough and two, I don't have to work my other job.

Until tomorrow. . .

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