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Brithday Boy's too old for Toys
Thursday. 7.6.06 9:37 am
The big 2-1. Old enough to drink and gamble and do all sorts of irresponsible things. Not that I will. Damn my church boy sensebilities. Another year older, although I don't feel any different. Let's see... what's different...

Well, since my last birthday I've fallen in love. That's the biggest news. I think my last birthday I was actually in Vegas living with my aunt and uncle working at Blockbuster... while for this one I'm back at the good ol' Ramada working my ass off with no benefits.

Other new things..

I've learned html, I've gotten back into roleplaying and writing, I've read more books and seen more movies, I've gotten a blog and managed to keep it relatively active.. I've built a website.

That's about it. Life will still be boring for another 2 years until me and Jenn can get away and finally be a real couple. Then maybe I'll actually feel like this is really happening. Until then... patience. Which I don't really have much of...

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Sometimes Rules Piss me off..
Saturday. 7.1.06 10:03 am
I'm a member of this RPG that is really starting to piss me off with all their rules. They have alot of random rules that make no sense to anyone but the admin's, and the admin's won't keep an open mind about changing and/or offering alternatives to those rules.

They have rules that say... you can't double post. Meaning you can't respond to your own post in a thread, unless someone hasn't responded for a week. If you have more than one character, they're not allowed to interact unless you have another player to create a buffer between your posts. ( Which, if your characters need to have a conversation, creates big confusing gaps in the dialogue. ) They have a money system set up, where you get fake money for each post (depending on word count), which is about the only reason they have for not allowing double posting. So, I suggest a forum that doesn't award silver for posts, where people can write on their own or with other people, without having to conform to the same rules as the rest of the forum. Which, the only rules I wanted waved were the double posting rule, and the character interraction rule.

And what's the response? "This is a forum for people to interract.. not to write on their own. That's what MSWord is for". (@#[email protected]#. It's not like I want to write on my own. I do that anyway. I came to an RPG forum to write with other people. I just want to be able to write the way I want without alot of stupid rules that hinder my creativity. But do they understand that? No. They'd prefer to be literary fascists.

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