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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
I have nothing to say about today except that everyone in my PE class is scared of me. I hated my team in PE b/c 2 ppl are soo lazy and I played most of the time even though I stink at badminiton! All they did was just stand there and claimed that they scored all the points. I did a lot of running and my team sucks! First of all, all this girl do is stand there watch and don't do anything and was being a lazy ass person. The guy didn't do anything except claim to score all of the points. I want to get a good grade for that class. The computer earlier was being stupid so that's why I'm writing this late but I'm gonna go watch, "One Tree Hill" and it started half an hour ago!

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Monday, November 28, 2005
Yes there was a stamp war during lunch today. We used the ink stamp and began stamping ppl at random places like neck, hand face. We ended up holding this guy down and stamped him like crazy. After that, I got bored and used the stamp and stamped myself on the hand. I am now the property of the school music department. Haha most ppl missed the stamp attack. It was fun! My music teacher didn't even cared and she just watched us mob that poor guy. Man it looks like a real tattoo!! Too bad Lex missed all the fun! It was soo fun at lunch today. First off, Adam folded the papers and he made a huge mess. Then Zach kept stamping random things. And last was the Stamp War. I haven't seen Lex all day. I feel pretty calmed today. On Thanksgiving, I watched "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Man that movie is good! Cedric Diggory is HOT!! I beat my group to see it. Friday I had work so I couldn't update my page. Saturday was same as usual. Work all day. Yesterday, went to Cumberland to drop off my sis. What an excellent way to start off the week. We were acting like it was Friday with all the craziness at lunch. I am stuck in the same seat with the same idiot sitting next to me in Physics! I have the same seat as the last 3 times with the same person! I don't have much to say since it is Monday with a boring weekend.

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What about Tuesday?
Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Nothing happens on Tuesday! I almost got accused of skipping 1st Period which I can thank my friend soo much when I didn't feel like helping out in the morning! I walked in and the teacher aint happy. That's the last time I am ever going to follow my friend to help. In other news, Lex is driving me to the point where I had it with her and Alex. I don't have any other friend during lunch to hang out with! Jessi has Edison and I don't see her as much. I'm soo bored at lunch all the time! She gonna drive me to the point where I am going to start bitching at her! I can't stand her refusing to talk or hang out with me without Alex!! She's always like, "No, I don't wanna do that because Alex is not here!" Does she not know that it's very uncomfortable to talk about her and Alex after I've restored myself from the damages my ex caused me. It took me a year to restore myself? I am about back to normal but she's not helping. It's just stupid when she's like deciated her whole life to him and won't do anything without him! She even exposed my secret on her blog page. Just b/c I like that guy doesn't automatically means u can tell every1. What happens if he reads it and he was never interested in me? I don't wanna damage his life or any1 else's. He's doing great and I don't want to ruin it for him. I just checked her site and she got rid of, "I <3 Alex" but not mine!! I am feelin' really annoyed and pissed!

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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Don't ask. I feel retarded for no reason today. I tried updating in Physics but ran out of time. That loser football player was sitting next to me and kept looking at my computer throughout the entire time we were at the computer lab. He didn't stare, he just looked over at my computer every 5-15 minutes. I glanced only twice at his computer which he was watching football the entire time. I saw him looking over from the corner of my eye. He talks soo loud! I overheard him about his picture on the web, which was also front page of the school newspaper. As I heard, he was pulled out of lunch to pose for that picture and he hated it. How can I mind my own business if he talks soo loud?! Then later at lunch, I was hanging out in the band room as always and me, Lex, Alex and Mark were yapping about random things but he asked a lot of questions about the school system here. Lex called him a spy b/c of how's he's asking all these questions. But hey he's still new around here. People thought I was crazy today again! Yesterday, they thought I was nuts bringing an umbrella to school. They didn't believe me that it was going to rain. It rained later and they really regret it. Today was freezing, so I put on a long sleeve shirt under my big blue sweater under my jacket and I was wearing gloves and a hat and sweatpants. I was really dressed up like it was snowing outside but I was prepared and ready. The high was about 49 degrees today. Then I told them to go wear shorts outside then if they said it wasn't freezing. They again regret it. Ok now I'm wondering what happened to my other pack of postcard of these waterfalls in Vietnam. Ok bac! Found it! Along with these drawings I traced and drew like the pic of Justin Timberlake's head on a Barbie's body. It was for fun. Well I have to finish up some homework right now so sayanara! (please excuse my terrible spelling)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
I made it official! I aint talking to my mom anymore after she said I was a bad kid which I'm not! She refuses to listens to me and she doesn't care about me. Anywaz the point is that I don't want to talk to her if she choose not to listen. I'm just frustrated! Oh well she CAN'T blame me for the E in this project and I am currently not doing any better in that class. I just want to be left alone and let me think today.

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eh...same old stuff
Thursday, November 10, 2005
not much happened other than we got our report cards. I got a D in Precalc with Analysis. Other than that, I did really well for a person who is constantly busy. No one got my GPA joke! When someone ask what is your GPA, I say, "Pi". (My GPA is 3.14. Get it?) Well you suck if you don't. And also my sis came home on a field trip and left just about an hour ago. I am planning to quit my current job once I get hired at Noodles & Company. Soo bummed! My Physics project (it was a lunar bridge) didn't stand a chance with the brick. It broke into pieces once the brick got in contact with the bridge. Oh well. The hell with that! And everyone called it a "deadly weapon" b/c of the sharp points of the toothpick. It's not a weapon, it's acupunture! Tomorrow is the staffs vs. seniors volleyball game. It was pure hell in Computer Maintenece today. We finally have a classroom with crappy computers! I should bring in my disks to work on my script of a future movie. There was no internet connections and not even a single game on it. It's running on Windows 98. I don't have much to say. Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. I have a performance and a hall march.

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