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Sunday. 5.17.09 10:29 pm
Tomorrow will be the first day in the new office next door to Habourtown shopping centre. I am some what excited at the thought of moving into a new location, it will breathe more life into the aspect of coming into work. I find a physical workplace can impact a lot on one's health...and I feel this change will encourage me to be more active.

The weekend was a good one, went by too quickly again. On Saturday we went to Chris's (Mel's bf) bday and mingled with a new group of people. Chris is very active in the Zion Harvest Church @ Curtin University and that is where he met most of his Perth friends. He is originally from Sydney, and came here about 2.5 years ago and it is Perth where he met our beautiful Melissa. F and I are not used to socialising as much anymore, and we are mostly wary of church goers. I am a Catholic myself, but I have a fear of those who are too fanatical and preach God's word into every conversation. But I was pleasently surprised because they were so easy going, they were getting pissed (shocking!) and very approachable people. Though I heard the odd 'Bless you' etc...but it was OK. :)

In Perth, the 'Daylight Savings' Referendum was held. After all the debates on the news, and the research done F had convinced me we needed to vote 'NO'. I was really quite nervous because this will impact on the future of how we 'live'. In my mind the right thing to do was vote 'no' because I had Sofia's interests at heart, and my poor baby would have messed up sleeping patterns and suffer in the heat of the day. But in my own heart deep down, I wanted to vote 'Yes' because it meant coming home, eating dinner and still having that extra time to go for a 30 min walk after wards in the light. I mean I could still do it in the night but have the risk of being eaten by mozzies. I don't see what the BIG upset is, it is the same amount of sunlight everyone just needs to use however they see fit, even if it means going for a walk in the morning rather than the evening.

Still no luck with the baby front, will have to keep trying. :) I see Sofia grow a little more each day, and wish she could have another sibling to play with. When we went to the Swan Valley to spend Mother's Day, she met a few little friends and plays with them so politely. I am a proud mama in that I have taught my daughter well to share and to play nice. One of the other girls was horrible to Sofia and tried to push her and she instead fell over and started crying...I was like 'haha' inside. I am all for Team Sofia :p I have no doubt she will be popular amongst kids and teachers at school cuz she is such a lovely lil girl. Ooo I can't wait! Maybe it's time to send her to child care...what a big step to take!

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Culinary delights over a long weekend!
Monday. 4.27.09 10:52 pm
It was ANZAC day long weekend. So much had happened, I can't believe I managed to cram so much into 3 days. Friday we went to Gail's last home party, cuz she is moving back with her parents. Due to the financial crisis, she can't afford to pay the mortgage and is renting it out to a family. It was a good party, caught up with some old high school friends that weren't from the usual circle...and may have had a few awkward moments. My friend, Heidi's car got smashed into when we were inside the house and there was a whole night of CSI with the boys driving around the neighbourhood.

Saturday, I made vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting. It is so bad...I make such delicious fatty things that Sofia loves so much. lol! But it's not like I make it all the time. At night, F went to Matt's Bucks night and he didn't come home til morning. So I hung out with Sofia singing Wiggles songs and eating cupcakes.

Sunday, we drove to Wembley for Jess's house warming party. But before that we took a trip to Bunnings and got some herb plants as a gift, it made me want to make a herb garden of my own so I could use fresh ones in cooking. We also got them a kebab set and hopefully we will be invited over again to have kebabs hehe. We didn't stay too long F was feeling quite hung over and the effects of last night continued.. he had to work night shift as well...

Monday I made mini quiches...for the family and work people. I promised I would bake something cuz it seems everyone in the team had brought something they made into work. Also I wanted to try out this recipe...it was my first time making them. I added ham, red capsicums and field mushrooms diced, with cheese and egg in puff pastry cups. So yummy! Fernando enjoyed them particularly... And to end the night we watched the first ep of Master Chef Australia!

What a fantastic weekend, I wish it didn't have to end. I have my APS5 interview looming in the coming week so I have to prepare for that...but all I wanna do is play not study!

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Flip flops - an accident waiting to happen
Monday. 4.20.09 8:54 am

The famous 'orange' flip flops

I am gonna share a secret with you... everyday I wear bright orange flip flops to work. Most people wear sneakers, but I wear fluro flip flops from CottonOn. They are my most favourite and comfortable shoes...and with them I feel as if I can do anything! Hehehe..almost anything.. I am free of the constriction of heels, that I promised myself I would wear at the very bare minimum. Heels just suck, I mean they are beautiful and they make your legs look damn HOT but they just give me blisters, sore calves and squashed little toes by the end of the day.

I had believed that flip flops were safe, safer than heels anyway. But they have caused me a lot of strife since wearing them. I walked all the way to Wellington Central Building, which is the new office location and I must have scraped my big toe twice! I had to check if there was any skin hanging off them cuz it hurt so much! And just today I had almost tripped walking up an escalator...becuz the blasted thing hooked onto the next step. I won't try running in these cuz I don't want to see what would happen!

Anyways...with my flip flops, I must agree I feel much more comfy and more inclined to walk a flight of stairs, it encourages me to be more active and walk distances. But maybe I should invest in a proper walking shoe and join the rest of the sneaker savvy office people that I see strolling down Murray St.

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Lessons to be learnt
Saturday. 4.18.09 1:53 pm
I don't know why people think they can go and do something stupid and don't realise that the 'word' is gonna spread like wildfire. And they are often surprised, why are people talking about me like that...why are they spreading "rumours" (even though it is the truth) and then blame others for talking about them. Honestly...don't do stupid acts that will you will regret later and don't want people talking about. If you are doing these actions to be 'different' or 'show off' then of course it is gonna be a rumour eventually. And why get so affected by people talking about you...I say ignore it and live life with no regrets. Some people are just so self conscious and weak minded they get affected by every single opinion. I say just worry about what your closest ones think of you and what you think about yourself!

Anyways...that was just my little lesson of the day. I also learnt this week that you can't force someone to change their behaviour, they have to realise it themselves. This relates to the Wellness Program in my office. I can only encourage and be enthusiastic about wellness but I can't force others to do the same. Everyone is different, and some people are happy the way they are... unfit, overweight and unhappy. I do want to help them, but they have to help themselves too by changing their mind set. This month I am trying to get the office involved in the 10,000 steps program, it's all about counting your steps with a pedometer and getting healthy. I have already initiated some healthy competition...

On the baby front. I bought this 'Maybe Baby' ovulation tester where you use your saliva to test the fertile period...so I am just waiting for the "BIG" day when me and F can start making baby #2 and hopefully try out all the funny theories on how to get a boy. It's exciting but kinda nerve wrecking at the same time...cuz I'm getting clucky again and wanna have another baby. It means I have to avoid the flu shot and my cervical cancer vaccine...which is an important thing... but what to do, best to have the body chemical free.

I am having dreams of taking a road trip again...I wanna go for a holiday in the bush and have see forests and glittering lakes. The more I feel like this, the more I wish to have an investment, holiday home down in the SW region of WA. :) One day...

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50 years of marriage!! RESPECT!
Saturday. 4.4.09 9:07 pm
F and I went to his step grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary last night. It was a great party with a lot of grey haired guests, and some who had 'gold' stars were already past their 50th anniversary! I can't believe people actually reach their 50th years of being wedded, and through their speeches it sounds like they were mostly happy for all that time. It's nice to see, as I am also listening to the other side of the story from one of my friends who is getting separated. Margaret and Tony have raised 3 kids together, run a sheep business over in Vic and then WA, now they have a trucking business and retired. Seems like a good life and now they can truely reap the benefits of starting young. It makes me and F wonder whether we will be holding a big party with old friends 50 years down the track.

Also today I decided to make Vietnamese rice rolls, I have tried to turn my bad eating habits into healthy eating habits lately. Tomorrow is Gail's luncheon so everyone has to bring a dish. I know I am the source of bad influence on F and is the cause of Sofia's love for chocolate and chips. I have to change my thinking about food, good wholesome, healthy food and my family will too. It doesn't help that our last grocery shop had ice-cream and cadbury block of chocolate! lol!

This week at work has been absolutely positive, I really enjoy what I do and I find a lot of my core values sit in the role I am in. My team released a Wellness letter amongst the staff and had a Weight Watchers session, it's just the start of bringing back that vibe in everyone and making the office a much more wonderful place to be in. I hope we are successful in turning people's heads to think about their well being rather than work all the time. It gets busy, but there should also be time to laugh, relax and enjoy your team. Because half of the waking hours are spent in the office! I do admit the newsletter is amateurish but the programs I have to work with are absolutely shocking...I mean powerpoint...cmon! So I asked F to take a look at the design and to develop something "jazzy". :)

Oh and Sofia took a BIG bite out of a soap yesterday which freaked me out!!! Cuz she was vomiting and frothing in the mouth. The poor girl was scraping her tongue of the taste. I had to give her a few jelly beans after flushing her mouth of water to get rid of the taste. YUCK! I guess I also freaked out cuz I thought it would be poison... now is the time to really worry because she is just so curious about everything!

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Opera/new EH&P team and in betweens...
Sunday. 3.22.09 10:10 pm

I want and I got!

I am growing anxious at the thought of my 25th birthday getting closer…I don’t know why but it just seems that time is passing too fast and I have not even prepared myself mentally for what could be “25”. I do look back and so much has happened to me that I don’t know what else is there is look forward to, there won’t be many “firsts” as I have probably experience almost everything once. Well not everything…but the important milestones anyways. Well there is one ‘first’ to look forward to in 2009, and that is my first house in August.

Just last night I had my first night at the opera, watching ‘Marriage of Figaro’, it was simply bliss. The show was quite humorous and the singers were fabulous! I did find myself getting strained eyes though because I was darting back and forth trying to read the subtext and view the people on stage. Maybe it was the choice of seating, but then again it was in the ‘P’ reserve. Also there were big-haired ladies and tall men who I had to strain my neck to get a glimpse through the crack of their shoulders. But in the end I loved it, it was great sitting down and enjoying something rather than a movie, but players on a stage!

I received a package in the mail the other day, it was from a splurge I had online because I simply had to have one body butter. The rest of the package was just an addition. But this body butter had been something I have been searching for all year and meaning to buy. In my lunch hour I would make a trip into David Jones to rub some of this cream into my hands and I had tried over and over again to convince myself I needed to buy it. However when I had finally convinced myself, it was out of stock for 4 months! So I did my research online and found it cheap, $24.95, so I bought it and spent a total of $80 on other things plus postage. But funnily enough that damn cream was in the shops the next week! So a goal to spend $30 ended up with $80 being spent online. Lol! Doesn’t matter…I look on the bright side and glad I have extra accessories! This irresistible body butter you wonder…it is the MOR Emporium range, Lychee Flower scent. If you ever have a chance to take a whiff I swear you will not regret!

I have not said much about my new team at work, Employee Health & Performance team. I am still trying to get to know each of them as individuals and to gain that closeness as I did with my SMU colleagues. It is a bit difficult as we did not have the common ground of ‘DIAC’ to start from. They have all come from external agencies… my boss Murray is a funny character, shy yet very capable and influential and a motorbike enthusiast. He made us all do a Myer-Briggs personality test and I came out as INFJ. By identifying our different personality types we come to understand one another a little better. John is an entertainer, he has a background in acting and loves a coffee or two, three, four. He is my 10 o'clock coffee break buddy, and we head down to Exomod (which has great coffee!) at least twice a week. And Carol, my supervisor, a lovely Scottish lady who is quirky and level headed at the same time. I love her accent and the ability to say “white” e.g. “y-ite”. When I was in HR I had lost my place in a team, even though the girls were great individually, I didn’t feel as close to them. I am starting to feel like I belong once again to this new team, being able to joke and chat casually…and it’s a great feeling!

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