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Wednesday. 11.3.10 6:54 pm
I sometimes wonder why I am not getting a degree in Psychology since I like to see how people are... Well, I thank god that I am not doing that since there is someone in that part of the campus that I have been avoiding for the past year.

Puzzles refer to the things people do.. Sometimes, I wonder if it is so hard for Asian people of a certain age and mindset to simply show their love and care through their actions and not being all high and mighty and to know that they love you is a big freaking puzzle that you need to take time and effort to put together. I rather the picture puzzles, they are significantly easier to figure out cause there is a bigger picture.

Sometimes I wonder if the random things they do, are to tell me that they still exist and for me to not forget that.. The thing is.. They never seem to notice that I am indeed looking, at times staring, at them. One thing I've been trying not to do is figure out the puzzles in my life because sometimes they might just not be worth it and a waste of time and throws me into a big big confusion.

I rather wear my heart on my sleeve sometimes. It's less confusing and in a way, makes life easier.

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Wednesday. 10.27.10 6:41 am
Dear Ms Chan,

Which part of the word "busy" do you not understand?

You read my other blog, you should know that I'm rushing my assignments now and yet you choose to have small talk at this point in time when the first word you said was "busy?" and I replied "yea". HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE? For someone who is working as a journalist in a national newspaper, you a god damn dumb if you ask me.

Oh btw, I haven't decided to block and delete you from my facebook yet because I know how sensitive and overreactive you can be and not forgetting YOU STILL OWE ME MONEY, you bloody hypocritical bitch. User. Oh and I thank god you cannot find this blog of mine cause I can rant all the fuck about u that I want and you will never ask me "you are not angry at me, are you, not?" Oh! Haha! How can I be angry at you? NOT!!

Plz go get a life and new friends.

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Monday. 10.18.10 9:14 am
It was only last Wednesday night that I decided to be patient, go with the flow and ride things out... because my tarots ask me to be patient.. and within that weekend itself.. I lost it.. sorta...

Oh my, I really have no patience... especially with the unknown.. I guess all the instability in the past few years have gotten to me. I will be patiently waiting.. I said that I will and I will. After all the encouragement, if I am not patient, it's a waste of effort, isn't it?

After all, that person who came up with "You must have this virtue, or else how are you going to be able to meticulously plan the demise of all who have wronged you in life and pin it on your best friend??" put a lot of thought into it... I guess.. I don't know... at this point, it is best not to question that.

And.. since there aren't going to much difference to what I do everyday while waiting for things to happen, I guess i shall do what it is best to keep a smile on my face.. but not get carried away with it because then I'd be digging my own grave if what I thought will happen do not.

So this makes me feel better and makes it easier for me to do what I should be doing right now and that is studying..

Happy days, people!

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Canadian Thanksgiving
Monday. 10.11.10 9:09 am
Still thanksgiving, nonetheless.
This year, I am celebrating Thanksgiving twice, the Canadian and American Thanksgiving, just because I can.

I have a great many things to be thankful for this year and it would only be appropriate if I give enough credit to those who have allowed me to have so many things to be thankful for. Although there won't be like parties or dinners or gatherings or turkeys to celebrate because it would be hard and a bit awkward to get everyone in the same room at the same time. This should be the best alternative to sincerely show my gratitude along with a promise that I will try best to be there for all of you as you all have been there for me.

First and foremost and very importantly I have to thank my family, especially my uncle and my aunt for putting with this angry, emo, weird, prone to overreact and sometimes depressed and nonsensical person. Thanks for the advances, the laughter, CHOCOLATES!, other baby evils, the love and care and the staying up till late on a working night to make sure that I am home safe. The current living arrangement is fun but I really don't like being the middle person/light bulb/lamp post/third wheel etc. and it's not that I won't be in the same position again after this but let's just say when that time comes I can stay over at the other's. Okay. No, scratch that... both options seems equally intruding..

All my friends, the old and the new. My peeps in BAF August 08!! You guys are the greatest classmates I can ever wish for and you guys fill my day with laughter and smiles and hugs! You all have taught me a lot of things and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for letting me be me, putting up with me and most important of all, caring and being there for me =) Let's continue to have loads of fun in the years to come!! CH.. though you have been busy with work and boyfriend, you're still one of the few people who can instantly stop me from overreacting or one of the few who can talk sense into me when I am being an ass. E.. I don't know but it seems that every time you don't owe me Starbucks, you do something to owe me Starbucks. Cheers to that! Max and Sean... thanks for being there, sometimes in the middle of the night/wee hours of the morning (since you guys are all the way in Oz), listening to me rant, whine and talk about things. Hope to see you guys soon.

Also those whom I have called in favours from, you know who you are, thank you very, very much for agreeing to help!! I know you guys are busy with your own stuff and yet you all seem to have found time to fit me in and that is very sweet of you. Katrina-nee, thank you for the advices, the sweets, and manga. I am yet to find that Kasugai candy you sent me here in Malaysia but I won't stop searching cause it would be crazy if I were to specially ship them sweets from the States. My 'Tangers! You guys are awesome and I don't think I will be able to find another online community that is like you guys. My other unmentioned friends, whom I've been hanging/talking/texting/chatting/emailing every now and then, thank you all so much for just being in my life cause I don't think it would be as colourful as it is without you guys..

Lastly, my blessings in disguise. I am really thankful that some things happened when it happened and that I realise what they are although I mope around about it for a while or probably never let go of that topic. Without all the blessings, I may be more worse off than I am right now and I look forward to have more blessings in disguises. Right now, my best blessing in disguise would be having denied my request to go to Newcastle for my degree cause then, I would not have made such wonderful, caring and awesome friends!

Thank you all for being a part of my life and making it more joyous and colourful =D

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Wednesday. 10.6.10 12:46 pm
So.. after the blackouts... today there is no water supply.. or rather there is a burst pipe somewhere in the neighbourhood, resulting to a 13 hour water supply cut-off.

I have my bedsheets and towel soaking in the washer schedule to be washed today. The sun was magnificently hot. Sunlight gone to waste. Not a good day to not have water as it is very warm... even at night.. and I don't have A/C in my room.

For now the water supply is back~! Hopefully it is back for good cause I really need to wash my hair.

I half expected there to be rust coloured water gushing out from the taps but the water is uncannily clear.. I guess it was back for a bit before I turned on the tap so the neighbours used up the dirty water. I also half expected maggots to fall out of the open tap. Don't ask me why, the thought came into my mind and stayed there...

There is a silver-lining.... totally didn't see this coming. Can this happen everyday? I mean the silver-lining.. not the "draught".

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Saturday. 10.2.10 12:08 pm
Today, I had to go through 3 blackouts. Once in the morning and twice in the last half an hour. I'm wondering who is so hardworking in the electric company to be working till midnight (that is the time right now). I wish I am asleep or is sleeping through blackouts that is at night. I'm not afraid of the dark, I'm just afraid of whatever that I MIGHT see in the dark that is not of the ordinary... if you know what I mean... I don't know which I am afraid of more, the supernatural or snakes.

I'm also quite thankful that light pollution is happening cause it's still pretty bright outside considering the whole neighbourhood is experiencing the blackout. I guess that is also one of the perks of living right off the highway.

Anyway, I kind of burnt a bit of my skin while trying to get the lighter to light up.. that lighter is one cranky one (or I have toyed with a smoker's lighters too often) but at least I didn't burn my fingernail this time round =)

So that's all I have to say, I'm going to bed just in case another blackout takes place because I don't want to be awake for the next one.. if there is one tonight. Sweet dreams when you head to bed people!

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