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This is a call to all my past resignations. It's been too long
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You linux junkies!
Wednesday. 11.15.06 6:43 pm
What program should I get for linux. I mean mandriva, Redhat, I am so confused. Help me out here. :D

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Windows Sucks, So Does Mac.
Tuesday. 11.14.06 2:10 pm
As I tell you my friends, let's all agree on getting linux. The best of all world.s

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Helping out a friend.
Monday. 11.13.06 5:17 pm
I am helping out one of my friends with a site I used to own. http://forumfinder.net I used to own, but my friend breezie controlled the domain and stuff got weird so I left. But she asked for help so I came back. Check it out today

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Sunday. 11.12.06 12:22 pm
mood: Having funnnn!
4 articles are being posted in one post so check them out.

The price of London’s tube is raising to 7.45 dollars, this is extremely expensive considering how much new york’s subways cost($2). The tube is also getting worse. Trains are breaking down frequently leaving passenger’s stuck in tunnels. Trains are overcrowded in the summer and not air-conditioned. They have dingy platforms. This reminds me of why the U.S. will never get amtrak back to the golden years. It takes way too much money. London, you need to pass a millage or something to get your prices back down.


This firefighter thought it would be alright to sue the fire department for a couple of buddies putting dog food in his meal. This is honestly the most delirious thing I can think of in recent times, however this guy is just plain stupid for suing HIS friends. Come on dude get a life, it was a simple joke and nothing more you need to learn jokes are jokes. Get a joke on them and get on with life.



This man hide in a girls room for 3 months! What a pervert how in the world could you do that. They did take him to court I hope he gets a nice long sentence for a trespassing violation every day he was there.

A 100 hundred year history of cars mostly through suicides in this canyon. Sounds disturbing, might be haunted as well better not go there. They have an automobile museum basically of a ton of French cars. France also has a very high suicide rate, very surprising for all the nice things it appears to be there.


All articles copyright ryan444123 media LLC. Originally posted on http://ryan444123.com

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Got a suggestion?
Sunday. 11.12.06 12:21 am
Give it to me! People say they hate what i talk about, they hate my avatar, tell me how to improve it. I want this to be enjoyable. :D

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Saturday. 11.11.06 3:16 pm
This friend of mine was nice enough to hook me up with a calender matching my nutang site and a banner matching my main site. The calender will be coming sooner or later today.

website : http://www.moogle-enix.info
His website talks mostly about final fantasy pretty neat graphics and stuff.
forum: http://moogleenix.999.org
His forum is about video games, including final fantasy, gunz and just a general chat community.

On another note, I am very disappointed in whoever gave me a 7.75 rating. :(

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