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Nikki Santoro
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Age. 47
Gender. Female
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day trip san juan island
Wednesday. 12.31.03 10:37 am
Third time's a charm...

The first two times I posted this something funky happened so I had to rewrite it. :(

We took the ferry over to San Juan Island on Monday. It was a long trip but well worth it. The views were breath taking! Neither Mike nor I had never been there. The ferry took us into Friday Harbor where we stopped for lunch before touring the island. Mom fell a couple of times during our hikes around the beaches, she got a little wet and banged up her knee but she was a trooper. My pics are posted here. Here is one of me that Mike took.

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movie night
Monday. 12.29.03 9:01 pm
Mom and I went to see Mona Lisa Smile last night. It was a very girlie movie so Mike elected to stay home. I liked the movie ok but it was nothing to write home about.

Mom is starting to drive me a bit crazy. She isn't doing anything overtly annoying, I think I just like having just me, Mike and Sigmund in the house. She has been smoking like a chimney since she got here so my house now smells like smoke. It is giving me a headache. I know, boo hoo! I'm the one that suggested she stay 10 days. What was I thinking?

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visit to salish lodge and the falls
Saturday. 12.27.03 11:19 pm
Today we headed east to Salish Lodge to see Snoqualmie Falls. I was snowing and we got a tremendous view of the falls.

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a couple of days after christmas
Saturday. 12.27.03 7:40 pm
For Christmas Eve we continued our tradition of going to the International District to have some yummy Chinese food. We went to Ho Ho's Seafood Restaurant with Josh, Jay, Anandi, and her brother and the food and company were excellent. We had way too much food. Check it out!

Christmas day was fun. I got an ipod from Mike which totally rocks! I also got some DVDs, games, a manchester united scarf, and other good stuff. My mom got me the strangest present. It was a huge plate with a french print painted on it. It is supposed to hang on your wall. For the life of me I can't figure out why she didn't just buy me the print. The painting is by Toulouse Lautrec called Divan Japonais. The man with the yellow beard and cane is my great grandfather. Anyway, I love the painting but have no idea what I am going to do with this huge plate.

Josh and Parinda came over to eat Christmas dinner with us. Dinner turned out great. I loved cooking with my mom again. We played a bunch of board games while the roast beef was roasting. Mom and I kicked their butts!

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mom's here
Wednesday. 12.24.03 12:14 am
We picked my mom up from the airport tonight. There is something different about her. She is letting her hair grow out and I am pretty sure she has on fake fingernails. Interesting... Anyway, this week should be loads of fun. Here we are at the airport.

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done with my christmas shopping
Friday. 12.19.03 3:16 pm
I am so done will all my shopping! Yea!!! The only thing I might go back to the mall for is something a little sexy for Mike. I may not though since my mom is going to here and that would be very strange. I am so excited about my mom's visit. We have been planning this for a while. This is the first holiday where anyone in my family has come to visit me instead of the other way around. I guess that is what I get for living on the other side of the country so I can't complain too much. Not sure what we are going to do while she is here but mother/daughter pedicure is obviously on the list. :)

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