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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 229
10.26.07 at 8:13 pm

I got my digital camera today. I’ve been learning all the things I need to know about it and such. I think I’ve figured it out. I’ve even taken a picture of Aubree to share. I love how the pictures are so clear. This picture in particular came out pretty good and I liked it. Getting her to stop moving and smile didn’t work, but she sat still long enough for me to get this photo of her not really smiling, but I still think she looks cute in it. That and her eyes look pretty grey-blue in this photo.

Plugs: Xboyz

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Day 228
10.25.07 at 9:20 pm
I’m almost done with my scarf. I really wanted to finish it before I went to my friends house, but I didn’t make it. I was close, though. Just a few more rows to go. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to finish it tomorrow. It’ll look too darn cool on me =) Purple is so my color.

Like I mentioned I went and visited a friend today. She’s doing well. Aubree had fun playing with her kids. They wear her out, running around and causing trouble. My friend also has 2 dogs which are kid friendly and chase her around.

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Day 227
10.24.07 at 7:32 pm
The other day I made my favorite food, bbq chicken. I just love it, and I hardly ever get it. So when I found chicken on sale for $.79 a lb the other day, mom picked it up and I made Aubree and I some. It came out so good, too. I took off the skin since that is just fat and stuck with just the meaty part of the chicken. It was hard, though. I absolutely love the skin. I successfully resisted, though.

Speaking of not exactly healthy goodness, I have been keeping up with exercising daily and such.

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Day 226
10.23.07 at 9:16 pm
I am watching the biggest loser right now, it is pretty good. As always, it is very motivating.

I finished a scarf that I plan to sell at my estore tonight. It came out well. It’s very pink and very fuzzy. It feels good. I want to wrap it around me. Since that one is done, I’ve started on a new scarf. I’m using a fun purple yarn with a little random color in it. I’ll share a photo here when I get my new digicam. I just love this yarn. I might keep this scarf, it’s my favorite color.

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Day 225
10.22.07 at 8:17 pm
I just watched The Shawshank Redemption for the first time. It was pretty damn good. I wish I’d watched it sooner.

Oh, I’ve got great news. I’ve purchased a digicam through amazon. Click here to see the camera I bought. I managed to get it for $59 plus $5.99 s&h. It seems like a good deal and I can’t wait to get it. I could only get standard shipping, but it said that it generally mails out in 2 business days by standard mail. It should be here soon enough. I will finally own a digicam that takes good photos.

Plugs: LostSoul13

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Day 224
10.21.07 at 7:56 pm
Today I took Aubree outside to work on her bike riding. She is doing really well. I am proud of her. She’s picked up on the idea of pedaling. She does have some trouble keeping the bike on the path she wants it to go. Although I think she really enjoys having it go in the grass so she can fall off the bike. I also think she loves going in circles because she’ll turn on purpose before she gets to the end of the driveway. Here soon I’ll be able to roller blade while she rides on her bike.

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