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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

Wednesday. 8.22.07 9:59 am
Weeee! Finally i did one on Galendriel. =DD I think if i add a fire effect on the hand stretching out would be nicer. After i cover my next chapter i will take a break and do it . =D

I came across this very nice picture which is actually very well done using illustrator and then the blending is done by photoshop. The lady in the picture is Kwon BoA! =DD... Someone on Boajjang forums actually went to find out. The theme of the picture is 'FLOW' it is done by NDesign.

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How a MindMap becomes the ultimate tool in study
Tuesday. 8.21.07 3:00 pm
MindMap is the really one of the best methods for studying even for memorising chunks. Even not for studying many people uses them to plan and sort out things. For the first time i used the MindMap Manager Program. Had it for a while but normally i prefer to use handwritten.

Example: Principles of Marketing - Marketing Communications

It's very easy to remember things.

So the ways of communicating in marketing has 5 Concepts. Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relation, Personal Selling, Direct Marketing.

Under Advertising there are 4 Steps
1. Advertising Objectives
2. Advertising Budgets
3. Strategy
4. Evaluating the Advertisement

For Advertising Objectives you have a few to decide the objectives of your advertisement.
For your advert to be which type?
1. Informative
2. Persuassive
3. Comparative
4. Reminder

Yeah basically thats how you dissect a mind map. =DD About half hour? You get the whole chapter done. With a bit more time, You would memorise the whole chapter. By the way, I type this out w/o even refering to the mind map o.O !!

Back to STUDY! Only 1 chapter done!

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Kwon BoA so hawt! SO SO PRETTY!
Monday. 8.20.07 4:38 pm
omgomgogomg look at that !

I had new brushes and then i was thinking hmm who should i do on. Initially i searched for Jojo. The aussie girl. Andrew's fav last time. Not sure bout now. Then i thought no. ITS KWON BOA! she is like hmmm just like a lady.

Created them within 20mins. I think there are sitll flaws but but but but she is just so pretty. She covers every flaw! loLOOLOLOLOLOL. btw she is only 20 and i am 18. hmmHMM!

Also if you guys are wondering about my character in-game cause i frequently talk about it. let me link you. i made a forum sig for it =DD

Here you go! 2 Masterpiece in one thread. Lucky viewers. =D EVEN WILSON SAID! NOT BAD EH! for my forum sig. I feel so happy a Multimedia Degree Student said that to meee =D

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Computer and SEX!
Sunday. 8.19.07 11:55 pm
What ivan commented left me thinking. LOL i wonder does he tells that to his wife and gets slap. LOLOLOL...

Winson broke his graphic card's temperature capacitator. So i was with ivan and wilson at Sim Lim as WIlson finally got his new com after a 5 years wait. His new com is the WOAH! esp the dual 19" Monitor which i like alot =DD...

In the lift, i was like telling ivan, "winson broke his GeForce 7900GT Capacitator." Ivan was like, "WAH! how can he not take care of his com. Its like Sexual Assault man"

Wilson and i was laughing so hard. Then he said " Maybe i should call the police." LOLOLOLOL! Then i said thats why sometimes i am a bit particular when 1000000 people start messing around me computer. 1 or 2 is fine but thats when im around too. My school laptop i dont care, you can rape her, just not my home desktop. Then ivan said " It's like letting other people touch your wife"..

Lol. Can't take it. Thats just purely Ivan.. Always manage to crack up stupid jokes. That makes everyone laughs. How a guy treat his computer is like how a girl treat their SIMS Character or painting of their nails. They will spend so much time on it and then start preening. Just like how we take so long to build our PC and dust it here and there and then start to PREEN! =DD

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Winson was gangraped =DD
Sunday. 8.19.07 7:28 pm

LOLOLOL just in-case you guys don't know whats that. It's VENTRILO! One of the best thing every created. Allows like more than 20 people to converse at one time. Imagine that you have friends living in other countries or when there are 5 friends wanting to talk together and then things just get pricey on the phone. =DD Ventrilo is the one program for 100000x problems. o.O

Thats not the point. Let me intro who is who.

Angelon - Wilson
Evelione - Weiyi
Heinous - Winson (wilson is his older brother)
Ian - Thats me.
Icykelly - Keegan
Sangreal - Jeri
Zeekee - Edmund

The thing is that weiyi just kept shifting winson in and out of the channel and whenever he talks he got cutoff. LOLOLOLOLOL. His brother didnt even help him, he was chit chatting away in other channels. Smarty.
I think its very funny =DD.
Winson then gave up and then put a comment beside his nick. LOLOL

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Finally i got my earpiece. =DDDD !!!!
Thursday. 8.16.07 4:51 am
4:51 AM! having a LAW paper tmr. My confidence is shaky. Sleeping my hours away earlier on. Its alright still.

On Wednesday, I bought my long awaited earpiece. Westone UM1. 3 MONTHS!

Priced at SGD $180. The boss was kind and sold me at a price of SGD $160. =DD

My next target would be a headset which i am going to use at home for just home purpose cause headset is a chore to bring out and because its not in-ear monitors type, it has no noise cancellation. It is the ALESSANDRO MS-2 !!!

To buy this i have to work during my holidays first. LOLOLOL...
SGD $480 >.

Alright. Back to study then play a bit of Winning Eleven the prepare for MacDonald BREAKFAST! woo~~~ by the way, Singapore has 24/7 Delivery Service =DD (just in case the US readers dont get what i mean at times ).


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