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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
This is what nights of no homework does to you.
Friday. 11.16.07 12:24 am

Here we go:

1. Beer: RED_HORSE

2. McDonald’s: evil

3. Relationships: SINGLE

4. Favorite color: sunset-orange

5. Power Rangers: yellow

6. Weed: yum

7. Steroids: yuck

8. Cartoons: badzmaru

9. The President: mole

10. Tupperware: rice

11. Florida: hot

12. Santa Claus: fat

13. Halloween: blood

14. Alice in wonderland: sexland

15. Grammar: wrong

16. Myspace: whore

17. Worst fear: death

18. Marriage: later

19. Paris Hilton: prostitute

20 . Pat: classmate

21. Redheads: weasley

22. Blondes: legal

23. Pass the: salt

24. One night stands: 311

25. Donald Trump: money

26. Neverland: peter

2 7. Pixie Stix: quever

28. Vanilla ice cream: drool

29. Hooters: scary

30. High school musical: ew

31. Pajamas: bananas

32. Woody: wood

33. Wet Socks: rock

34. Driving: ferrari

35 . Love: you


[i got a pretty good stomach && even i kinda got queasy at the vid]
**2 Girls 1 Cup**
Don't let the first scene fool you!

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Tuesday. 11.6.07 10:41 pm
First off, i want to thank all those who answered my previous post aka What is the Good survey! You don't know how much it means to me! :D


**warning: spoilers included!**

"Cherish your life. Live or die."

Call me sick but i just LOVE the message of the SAW movies. :P
Goes to show how people should be aware of what their doing. Nobody's clean at all. Everyone has a dirty little secret. *cough cough*
And we can't do everything we want to do, we can't please everyone we want to, we can't have everything we want... In short, we can't live the perfect life.
But, we can make decisions. :P

Anihoo, stop with my random moment of whatever there.
You know what I hate about the SAW movies? There's always a cliffie. YES, I BELIEVE THERE WILL BE A SAW 5! I mean, when will this end!? :D

Weird scenes/ i-can't-forget-about-them-that-easily:
+ Fat guy scene
+ Morgue scene
+ ...
I'm practically immune to the gore now. So nothing much surprised me. The usual blood, organs shyt.

But what i love about it is how the beginning is actually the end of the movie. And how they integrated Saw 3 in it. :P So meaning, yes, those who didn't watch Saw 3 might not be able to follow.

Plus, the fun part of this whole thing is that, my friends & i bought tickets for The Game Plan since none of us brought any ID for the 18 rating. But instead of going to the Game Plan movie, we sneaked in Saw 4! HAHA! :D~

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let the hypocrites talk
Tuesday. 10.23.07 9:31 pm
I can't believe I came back to Nutang after a long time. :O
Why does it seem like every entry I post here seems to have the same pattern - "omg such a long time since i posted in Nutang!" ?
Anihoo midterms is just along the corner. Deadlines to beat, tests to cheat! LOL! (I was definitely joking right there.)

Anyweiz, I was hoping some kind souls in Nutang would help me answer some stuff for my paper in Social Science. =S
It's just a short thingymajig. So all you there with good hearts, please answer? *tries to make a puppy dog face*

1. Age? (Range would be fine. :D)
2. Sex?
3. Occupation?
4. For you, what is "good"?
5. What is your first reaction when you were asked Question #4?
6. Any comments you'd like to make? (Ex. "This question is stupid.")


[Off to finish more reports -_-]

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The $20 Aftermath
Wednesday. 9.26.07 10:28 pm
Lmao =)
To all the ppl from the prev post, thanx a lot guys! lol
But then someone told me that i'd hafta be 19 to get a paypal account. =(
Lmao. So... i will wait til then! =D

My New Project for Nutang:

i'm learning now... =) Just wait, Nutang. Just a lil more practice & i think i'm gonna be good enuff to tweak you again. =)

Today, we went to Pacific Mall, an Asian mall in Scarborough && i bought some DVDs [1408, Number 23, Simpsons Movie] && also took pictures Neoprint style! =D

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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