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in a sepia tone aww yeah.

Dave Shaffer
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Location: Mansfield, PA
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some poetry

1927 Max Erhmann

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.
another sarah update
Tuesday. 4.26.05 1:44 pm
Gosh, all 3 of my readers must be getting sick of hearing about Sarah. Oh well. :)

This last weekend, I went to go see Sarah. Her awesome friend Ashley picked me up and we went back. NO CAR ACCIDENTS THIS TIME THANK GOD. We got back to Lock Haven without a hitch, and Sarah and I pretty much spent the whole weekend just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. She, Tracy, Kristian, and I made a Burger King run, and then Sarah and I got a bunch of movies and that's the most that can be said about what we did this weekend. It was a great time, no doubt, and Sarah is cool as ever. Finally I wasn't sick! But unfortunately she was. Oh well. This summer is going to rock officially harder than your mom and a half.


There was more I was going to write with this, so I'll update it here instead of making a new post:

I bought car insurance yesterday. Geico, in fact, but yeah. Apparently I am ignorant to the ways of car insurance, but I think I have a ridiculously low rate for insurance and nobody else seems to think so. It's like $408 for 6 months, which is awesome for a 21 year old male who has never been insured EVER. Plus, I can afford it, so I guess that makes the difference too. So screw you everyone else!

Since Ron Colton reneged on selling me that Crown Vic, my mom decided she'd just give me the 82 Jeep Wagoneer we have sitting around here. It's a good car with a strong body, a 258 I-6 and 4 wheel drive, comfortable seating for 5, and no airbags (pretty good because it seems like the kind of car that if I wrecked, I would die in anyway). I have a Chilton's manual for it, and if my mom get them motivated, some guys are coming up to get it inspection-ready this week. I should have the title switched over to my name and the car registered by Friday or so, and then I'll get it inspected when I come home from school. Then, son of a bitch, I will have a car and be legal to drive it anywhere with no fear of legal repercussions no matter what happens, barring vehicular homicide if those fucking old people decide it would be smart to wreck my car finally!

You know, I think they're really going after me. I have been in two accidents with old people in two years, and I used to think it was just bad luck or maybe a karmic imbalance on the girlfriend I was with's behalf. No, those bastards are out to get me. WITH A VENGEANCE.

So, since I'll have this car, I've decided I'm going to make a bunch of road trips this summer to christen the thing. I left this thing open to comments from all people, so leave me your suggestions on where I should go, as I become the weekend warrior I will.

(hint: concerts and friends' houses are the best idea, and remember, seating for 5)

And lastly, here is another plug to Sarah: damn. :-D

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Monday. 4.18.05 11:34 pm
I think I might be falling too. Shh.

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back from a voyage to the Sahara
Monday. 4.18.05 9:02 am
I kid! I am really back from a great weekend with Sarah. It was a rollercoaster, let me tell you. Also, the pun in the subject is brought to you by Chicken.

First off, I am apparently a bad omen to my girlfriends' cars. Sarah and I were driving on 15, about to jump on 220, when we encountered an accident on the right side of the road and traffic was going all slow. We tooled along in the slow lane, and then Sarah decides rightfully that this sucked and we wanted to get back to LHU, so she jumps in the left lane. There are, you know, 2 or 3 cars in this lane to every 10 cars in ours, so it's not like it's congested or anything. We pull out and check behind us, and about 100 feet back there's a truck with a trailer on it. No big deal, right? Sure. About two minutes into our trek into the left lane, we hear this awful screeching noise, kind of like tires squealing, and then we hear another awful bang, kind of like that truck I just mentioned slamming into the back of her car.

So that was a little bit annoying. Long story short, it was an old guy driving. OLD PEOPLE SUCK AT DRIVING. He got scared and hit the gas and brakes at the same time, so his wheels locked up and hit us. It was sweet of him. No injuries to any people, and the guys in the truck were very nice to us, as was the cop. Sarah's car, unfortunately, was totaled in the insurance sense: It was totally driveable and you'd never know there was a problem from the front, but value of the damage > value of the car. Anyway, we did the after-accident stuff and left, got back to LHU with nary a scratch to us.

That night, Sarah was on duty (she's an RA), so we just lounged around her room and kept ourselves comfortable. It was a beautiful night. Her crazy friend Kristian came over like 14 times and we eventually went on a trek to find her some ice cream. While we were on that, she threatened to give me a "don't you hurt Sarah or I'll kill you, boy" speech and I nipped it in the bud like so:

I like Sarah. I still can't get over how we met, because it's just weird that some silly online thing like Myspace would actually lead to a meaningful interaction between people who don't already know each other. She's such a sweet girl and she is so nice to everybody and always has time to listen to her residents complain about every silly thin you could think of. She is intelligent, and also, she is gorgeous. Just plain beautiful. Her eyes sparkle in sunlight like flecks of gold, it's awesome. And she has the most perfect skin ever. I feel like I've hit the jackpot on this one. So I think I'm gonna keep her around for a while. :)

Saturday, we went out to lunch and she bought me a Heineken, and that's all that needs to be said about that, except... yes, Sarah's folks if you're reading this, I drink occasionally. I am responsible about it most of the time!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out and having good conversation, and for dinner we went to this crappy little diner called Texas Lunch. They had $12 filet mignon. I didn't have it, and instead I opted for a steak sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and... mayo. Lemme tell you about this mayo. You know how most mayo looks lik, you know, white, creamy, and smooth? Well, this was too. Except that there was a PLUG of HARDENED MAYONNAISE on top of it. And a black thing that I couldn't even figure out. It was disgusting. But, since lunch was free to me, I scooped the gross part out and ate the rest of it. Whatever, you know? That trip was a riot, too, because we hung out again with Kristian, and Sarah's other friend Ashley I think was her name. Good company, no kidding.

After that, Sarah and I again just hung out in the room and watched a bunch of movies. It was definitely a very lazy weekend, but people need those every once in a while!

Sarah's parents came out Sunday to take me back (since her car was wrecked), and we all went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. I had a great time with them! We talked all about horses and pop music and good foods and stuff like that, and I think we mutually hit it off well. I am really glad for this too; I told Sarah that if her parents and I didn't get along, I'd have to break up with her because the relationship is just over. If a girl doesn't have parental support behind it, you can count on that relationship ending within a year in normal circumstances. But I feel that I'm a good guy, so I wasn't too worried about her folks. It was great. After lunch, they took us back and I got my stuff, and then we left for Mansfield, leaving Sarah at LHU. *sigh*

I miss her already. We had a great time and a lot of very good memories from this trip, and pictures! Once we finish this camera up, I'll have pictures of her to share on here. Anyway, this weekend was A+ and I'm sure there will be many to come.

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Thursday. 4.14.05 12:25 am
Holy crap it is great to be a people.

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a quick note
Monday. 4.11.05 11:08 am
Whoever leaves those Maxims in the bathroom in the basement where I work is a god among men. Maxim is like the best magazine ever made in the history of time.

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dave is excited.
Sunday. 4.10.05 9:42 pm
This is going to be a good week!

The Verdi Requiem concerts yesterday and today were moderate successes. No total rockage of the houses, although if my SU posse was up here there may have been more total appreciation. I feel that I sang as well as I could have, and I have definitely grown as a singer as a result of learning this awesome music. Either way, chorus is done so I finally have free time on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Major fricking relief if you ask me! Tuesday officially becomes like Thursdays, which are always sweet, and I've got me a little time to breathe between Dr. Chua's class and judo on Wednesday.

God, I should probably get back into judo again. NO TIME LATELY! Damn, being busy is a culture shock for me. I have definitely gotten through my entire life pretty much by being lazy - efficient, I like to call it - so when I actually do have to work it's a bit of a fright. Oh well, it's what I'm actually here to do. And working hard at something is a great joy in itself anymore.

In very big news, I got a full-time job working on campus this summer! I'm pumped. I get to work under my supervisor Tom, who is the best boss ever. It's 37.5 hours/week for 12 weeks and that'll take up most of the summer. That will leave me weekends and a couple of weeks at the end of summer to hang out with my posse and enjoy my saved money...

Which brings me to the next thing: I'm finally buying a car. I mean, pending a test drive but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy it: 1989 Crown Vic LX, with the towing package, which means it has the police suspension on it, which means it handles bad ass. We are also sporting a completely rebuilt 302 that gets 20+ mpg, which is awe-inspiring gas mileage for a V8 engine. I'm paying $750 in a couple installments, which is not awe-inspiring but at least pretty damn affordable. And I can get insurance for $450 for 6 months, which is an awe-inspiringly low rate, especially for a 21 year old guy with a slightly blemished credit history and who's never even been on anyone else's insurance policy before! Frickin rock.

Okay, so you know that ubiquitous online personality disorder test thing? Not that these things are really all that accurate, but I took it again just a couple of days ago and scored "Low" on everything. I usually get "Moderate" for the schizotypal, histrionic, and narcissistic disorders (which is kinda true: I think weird ways sometimes, I am loud sometimes, and I like being told I'm awesome sometimes), but apparently not so. It felt kinda nice really!

And last, but not least, I am going to visit that girl over in Lock Haven. The hot one who likes steak and making out, what's her name? Not... oh yeah. Sarah. :) We are doing the hang-out-at-her-school thing this weekend and it's gonna be great. Sarah is great. We've been talking a lot lately and I am really starting to dig this girl. She is such a brat though. Total only child and I think it's kinda funny. But the girl has her head so damn squarely screwed onto her shoulders it's shocking. Here's one for women everywhere because this girl is a prime example. *clinks glasses*

That concludes this evening's update. I'm Dave Shaffer, signing off. *click*

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