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Strong Opponent!
Wednesday. 3.12.08 1:46 am
Sometimes people ask me whether who should be considered as a strong opponent, and am I considered as one? Well honestly I am not strong as in physical, but mentally I am because I have confidence and I have belief in myself.

If you ask me to go for a duel in arm-wrestle I will definitely lose to you, I admit I am not as strong as him but nowadays the society does not require you to be arm-wrestling with people, they only need a confident person and who dares stood up for changes.
Not everyone dares to stand up and make changes, they have to build their own self-belief in years to come before they can form the confidence.

When time comes for you to make decision, you have to think fast and choose the right option.After you had chosen that option, FIGHT FOR IT!!

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Election is Over
Sunday. 3.9.08 1:32 am
During the election, a lot of rumours spreading through the internet including the messengers. Users spreading about deleting emails related to parties, staying home or even requesting to spread untrue rumours about party leaders. I hope people can clam down, and do not make a big fuss about it, all we want is a peaceful country and not hatred. Honestly speaking of election, for I do not care which parties you are from, all I do care is the candidates serving for the citizens.

Now the election is over, my area is still won by Fong Kui Lun from DAP, I hope this time he will do his job more better than last election. Firstly, do repair the playground so it is safe for the children to play. Secondly make sure the flood in my area is avoided, make sure no clogging. That's all for now....

Next issue that I come along today is :
International Certificate in Financial English (Cambridge ICFE), it is is recommended by ACCA, an added advantage for you accountants. Nowadays employers seek to hire english fluent employees, with a recognised certificate will help you a lot during your interview.

This is a special course for financial students. We need to make a difference among the others. So what if you have a degree? A lot of others had it too. We need to upgrade ourself. This is one of it.

Cambridge ICFE is available twice a year, in May and November
Visit www.financialenglish.org for details

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GodMother Going for Another Trip
Saturday. 2.23.08 2:33 am
My Godmother is going to join her friends for a trip to Bali int he next 2 days. Yesterday We sent her to her friend's house where they meet before going back to Penang where they fly to Bali. Don't worry about the trip she told us because her friends and her are going to join the tour, you know where there is people guiding you where to go and where to visit....

I saw the uncle and aunt Chong who I met at Toronto, Canada when I was 8 years old. I can't really remember their faces but they remembered me =D and my mom and godmother introduced them to me haha....

Well didn't get much time to talk to them as they are going to rest, so we went home at 10.20pm. We bid goodbyes to Godmother and we hugged her before we left, I hope we can visit her in Canada at Mid June....Thus we drove home....

We drive home at 10.20pm because my baby brother is going to school tomorrow so no choice =P

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CabalSea Closed Beta
Saturday. 2.23.08 1:31 am
Unbelievable after so long of waiting Asia to come out Cabal, it is finally here and it is allowing Malaysia and Singapore to register. The CabalSea Beta will soon open on 22nd Feb. Cabal is a very successful online game which is very famous with it's combo skills.

You need to know the timing and set the skills that you wish to cast to counter the delay you get, you get what I mean? Example 1st skill 3sec delay after cast, then you need to cast another skill to fill in 3sec or you will die in battle. This is just he basic....haha

Now CabalSea collaborating with MMOSITE, visit CABALSEA CLOSED BETA KEY INVITATION then fulfill the requirements which is pretty easy just need to have 8 posts in the forum and 3 points answer. Then register an account at AsiaSoft, since CabalSea is incorporated with AsiaSoft. Right then you will have to create a CabalSea account with the Activation Code you get from MMOSITE. Last thing to do is to download the client and wait 22nd to login play XD

I'm done registering although I had to gone through a lot of errors and getting Invalid/used Code notice, I still manage to get one account =P

See you in CABAL...FOEs OR FRIENDS? wahaha Sorry I get carry away a bit XD
This is one of the games I am waiting, since Cabal Europe....

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~~Eminent of Pratical Training~~
Friday. 2.22.08 9:09 am
Although I am not part of this Practical training offered by the college. My friends and classmates are involved in it. Some applied through college and get a near-by working area, some did not. Those who did not will go and apply to another companies to accept them as trainees.

Of course there are some who had been accepted, but they do not take the offer. Why? Because they wish to work in certain company. Kinda very choosy but I guess it is worthwhile since you wish to work in that company after you graduated from Advanced Diploma.

Well practically trainees are offered with LOW salary, if I may say so it is an EXPLOITATION!! But I guess they had no choice but to follow and accept the deal. This is a 3 months training. Oh I forgot to tell what is the training about....It is ACCOUNTING.....boring job :-(

I am currently looking for jobs...Whether it is Non-Related to accounting or related, just taking my time, no rushing :P

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~|Happy Valentine's Day|~
Thursday. 2.14.08 6:05 pm
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, no matter you are single or having a normal or abnormal(just kidding) relationship. We are celebrating this very day because we love ourself too ~_~

And don't forget to hope for the best.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you....


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