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Testing NuAmazon
Friday. 12.19.03 9:13 pm

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New Avatars
Wednesday. 12.17.03 6:16 pm
I am just checking out the new potpourri avatars......

Caught 24 last night. It was really good. But dang! the enxt episode is 1/7/03!. I have to wait til '04 for the next frickin episode. If anyone watches the show n wants to chat with me bout it. Please comment on my page, you may comment for other reasons as well.

Dang da Hornets are on a 2 game losing streak. They gots their asses whooped consecutivly by the Clipps and the Nuggets respectively. I hope they get their act together and start winning some more games. They r 17-9 now. Will somebody please buy me a digital camera for my birthday. Dank ya!

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Monday. 12.8.03 9:42 pm
Today was a half-day. I got home and slacked off by playing Madden. Then I felt sleepy and took a nap. After that, I got up all dizzy and shit. I ate some a sandwich and some other ish. I then did some homewhat. After, I took a shower. And now im here, doing NuTang.

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President Bush
Tuesday. 12.2.03 1:28 pm
President Bush was in the Marriot yesterday in Hanover. Route 10 had to be shut down. The only cars on it were the president's car, and security motorcycles and stuff. My English teacher was on the news because she was one of the protesters that are anti-war. I wouldve gone and promtoed this site.

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Monday. 12.1.03 9:00 pm
Sweet, I got the new issue. It came today. It has Amare,Marion, and Marbury on the cover int heir ugly-ass orange uni's. There are two covers avaialble...the Pistons and the Suns. I got the Suns 1. Is that a pro or a con? Heh. Sign up for MOTM ASAP. The Contest starts before you know it. Peace. Its 9 sharp, so Im gonna go to the streets and sell some cocaine.

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Friday. 11.28.03 1:32 pm
Saw the trailor for the Perfect Score It probbaly sucks, I was just interested cuz it starred Darius Miles of the Cavs. I want a digital camera. MOTM contest is up. Sign up in the forums ASAP!

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