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Age. 46
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Nikkei (日系)
Location Yulin, Guangxi, China
School. Univ of Alberta
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Chinese article - Evolution of human beings
Sunday. 5.31.09 8:47 pm

This appeared in the Japanese Chinese newspaper last month take a look at the picture below it shows the evolution of human beings from the monkey to present day working on the computer notice that the monkey's back is crouched and the man sitting in front of the computer is the same note that the man in the middle is the only one standing straight! And he is holding a spear! So that tells us when we were at that stage in evolution that we were at our healthiest peak? The headline does not say much about the crouching back syndrome but I like my theory better...

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Travellers of the Earth - Manifesto
Thursday. 5.28.09 6:52 am
Travel is about freedom and new experiences, about discovering others as well as ourselves. It is also a unique opportunity to promote and develop initiatives to bring people together and make a better world.

Together we face a great challenge, Climate Change, that has the potential to irrevocably change our society and destroy the environment around us. It threatens the lives of hundreds of millions of inhabitants of our planet. Solidarity and cooperation between people across the globe is the only way we can overcome this challenge. Then maybe, not only we will be able to address the current crisis, but we may also lay the foundations of a just, responsible and sustainable society.
We, Travellers of the Earth, are aware both of our freedom to travel and of its impact. We love planet Earth, and therefore believe that through our journeys we must share and raise awareness of the relationship between humans and our planet, in order to help protect it.

* We believe that new energy policies and practices are necessary, utilising renewable, sustainable energy sources and energy efficiency, without resorting to nuclear power.

* We believe new social and economic policies and practices are necessary to address the inequities dividing the global north and the south, the wealthy minority at the expense of the majority.

* We believe that Western consumerism should no longer be the social and economic model for the rest of the world. We need a global society that is in harmony with the natural capacity of our planet.

This is urgent! Therefore we commit ourselves to :

1. A journey that has a meaning, purpose and an identity - it is not just a holiday;

2. A carbon neutral or lightweight journey, by land and sea whenever possible;

3. A journey without unethical financing (no green-washing);

4. A journey shared with local communities: through participation in or promotion of local actions (Eg. Addressing climate change; Strengthening human rights; contributing to social welfare…);

5. A journey shared with all, especially children, our planet’s future; using diverse media, more than solely our own websites, to spread our message.

If you agree with this manifesto and its 5 principle commitments, join our community by posting it on your website and adding links to the other members’ websites.

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Friday. 5.15.09 3:12 am
I finally got around to giving my website a new make over. After looking and experimenting with different content management systems I finally made up my mind to install Joomla. Joomla is one of the few opensource CMSs that have changed a lot since I first looked at it 3 years ago both main program and plugins. http://www.projecth2o.org

Looks like the gallery on Nutang has been fixed up so I uploaded a few pictures from where I work too.

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Economic cut backs or cheap labor
Thursday. 5.14.09 9:34 am
The other day I was thinking how the economy is affecting jobs worldwide and the for the first time I actually felt the same about my job now. This year the number of students has declined due to high tuition among other things so I was told that my help would not be needed this year because they have student part time workers to do the same job in other words use part time labor is the answer. In my opinion Part-time work = Cheap labor. Look at the number of contact and haken shain or temporarily recruited employees who are recruited via a third party recruiting company. If in fact we take away all the employees and leave only full time regular staff the school will have nobody left to work.

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