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    Find Entertainment news on your favorite Actress or Actor at American Profile
    Wednesday. 9.14.11 2:50 pm

    American Profile provides movie reviews on the latest movie releases. They also have entertainment news on your favorite actor and actresses. You can visit this website to read the latest movie review on the movie Colombiana featuring Actress Zoe Saldana. One review said this movie was almost like a parody to Scarface because of some of the similar scenes. If you want to know if a movie is worth seeing then you need to read the movie reviews on American Profile.

    Beside, movie reviews American Profile also has many celebrity Q and A where you can learn more about a celebrity. Actress Martha Plimpton from Raising Hope did a Q and A for American Profile. Martha Plimpton is only 40 years old, but in Raising Hope she plays a grandmother. You can also read a celebrity Q and A from singer-songwriter David Foster. He has produced and written songs for Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. David Foster is still looking to work with Stevie Wonder. David Foster always dreamed about Stevie Wonder coming to London to play 12 of his greatest hits. Did you all know that actor-director Ron Howard's daughter stars in "The Help". Bryce Dallas Howard is Ron Howard's daughter, and I had no clue. She's starred in a lot of other movies, but "The Help" is her biggest role to date. Whether its movies, music or the latest book releases. You can find out the the information you need at American Profile.

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    New Trend:Online Audio Mixing
    Monday. 9.12.11 4:14 am


    The music industry is always changing and new trends start to take over in many studios. More artists are looking for audio mixing to take their music to the next level. Sage Audio allows many artists to work online with them to help make their music better. Online Audio Mixing allows the artist to be in complete control of what sound their looking for. You are also able to download your finish product at home, so you do not have to worry about any CDs. online music mixer is much cheaper than being in an actual studio trying to get your music mixed and mastered. This new trend is talking over because of its cheap price, and you do not have to be face to face with the mixer to have input on your sound.

    Why is it so important to have your music mixed and mastered professionally? This is important to make your music sound better and stand out from all the competition. Mastering is the last process that is completed before a song is released. This process is necessary to make sure there aren't any background sounds in the audio. Mixing and mastering gives the audio a crisp and clear sound that is needed for any song you want played on the radio. Sage Audio online mixing studio makes you feel like you're in a real studio because you have total control over your music. Mixing and mastering can be really expensive so online audio mixing helps bring that cost down. Plus, you still get quality work done. If you're looking for have your music mixed and mastered check out Sage Audio.

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    Black Celebrity Gossip on Bet.com
    Wednesday. 9.7.11 7:07 am

    Bet.com has all the scoop on the latest black celebrity gossip. One story featured included the controversial rapper Soulja Boy. Everybody is pissed at him for dissing the Army Troops. If you follow him then you know he is known for not thinking before he speaks. In addition to, that story everyone is still talking about Beyonce's pregnancy and what she did for her 30th Birthday. Visit Bet.com to see the photos of Beyonce celebrating her 30th Birthday in Venice, Italy. Beyonce recently dropped an album, and it seems like she will be doing a more intimate tour this time around.

    Bet.com has a story about celebrity plastic surgery, and it features Lil Kim, Jennifer Lopez, and Queen Latifah. There has been so many rumors about all the plastic surgery Lil Kim has had done over the years. You can definitely see how different she looks now. T.I. also made headlines last week when he was supposed to be release from Jail, but was sent back. The prison officials claim T.I. was not supposed to head to the half way house on a tour bus. How can they lock him back up for that in the first place.? I hope, T.I. can put this legal stuff behind him, and make a comeback in the rap game. Teyana Taylor is also being talked about lately on bet.com. She supposedly went crazy on the director of the Gang of Roses 2 movie she was filming. Some of the people are saying that the director would not let her leave so she attacked him. The director is trying to seek legal action against Teyana Taylor. Make sure you check out Bet.com for more of these stories on your favorite celebrities.

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    Advantages of using UB-04's software in the Medical and Billing Industry
    Thursday. 9.1.11 8:35 pm

    The ub-04 software is a very important asset to the Medical and Billing industry. This software makes it easier for Doctors to see more patients because they have less paperwork to complete. Many doctors believe that the amount of paperwork they have to complete has became a complete headache. They also believe this is one reason why healthcare costs continue to rise. Doctors are able to outsource their medical and billing to other firms, so that their staff can be more efficient. Ub-04 software also helps many doctor offices open their cash flow, so they can invest in other things for their office.

    Doctors are able to check the newest medical billing forms online as well as print them as needed. When doctors outsource their medical and billing they are able to look online to see if everything is going smoothly with their accounts. Doctors can send the ub04 claim form through the mail or electronically. Sending claims electronically allows medical providers to be reimburse quicker. They can also get any errors corrected sooner if they are communicating through the internet with the insurer. The UB-04 software also patients files to be pulled easily without looking to a bunch of papers. Patients are also able to get a printout of what they owe sooner by using medical and billing software. Medical and billing software is a big part of the medical industry, and more people will need to be trained in this profession in the coming years.

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    Not too early to start thinking about Halloween
    Tuesday. 8.30.11 6:07 am

    Halloween is two months away, and it's definitely time to start planning your halloween parties. You can definitely peep the latest trends by using U.S. Toy as your
    party supply store. You need to think about a theme for your halloween party. Do you want people to dress up in 70s attire, cartoon characters, or famous musicians. What music will you play at your party? It's so many things you have to think about when you are planning a party of any kind. You can visit U.S. Toy for some ideas for your party.

    What will you dress up as this year for Halloween? I've always wanted to dress up as a character from Eyes Wide Shut. I cannot afford all those expensive masks so these masquerade masks on U.S. Toy are really affordable. In addition to, my costume I have to think about food, and if I want to give people a grab bag. I am glad I found U.S. Toy because after Halloween I have a birthday coming up, so I will be looking at their birthday party supplies as well. Tell me will you be celebrating Halloween this year or will it be a regular day for you. This year halloween falls on a Monday, so it might be a regular day for everyone who works.

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    Purchase Scrubs for Men at BlueSkyScrubs.com
    Tuesday. 8.30.11 4:51 am

    Women aren't the only individuals who wear scrubs men also wear them on the job. Many doctors and male nurse rock scrubs daily, and also want to look great in them. Bluesky scrubs has a large collection of scrubs for men that will definitely turn heads. You can check them out here http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men/. With BlueSkyScrubs you can shop for scrub tops, pants, or sets, and get the best. Scrubs for men come in black, blue, grey, and navy blue. Who said scrubs had to be boring because you wear them to work.


    BlueSkyScrubs has many hospital scrubs for sale right now. You will be amazed at the quality of these scrubs, and have everyone asking you where you purchased your scrubs. You can currently purchase a lab coat from Blueskyscrubs for $49 dollars. You can also find scrub sets on sale for $55 dollars to $50 dollars for women. The men scrubs sets are currently priced at $44 dollars which is a reasonable price for scrubs. Definitely, visit blueskyscrubs.com today to purchase your next pair of scrubs.

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