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Kollin Is One Wierd Kid
Sunday. 6.13.04 6:17 pm
ZigJustice2021: ...
Auto response from AntiChangeLoser: I LOVE YOU SUGAR DOODLE!!! <3333333333333333333333333333
ZigJustice2021: wow kollin
ZigJustice2021: for once
ZigJustice2021: i am speachless

Ok, there is nothing wrong with telling your girlfriend you love her. In fact, telling her you love her is a very nice thing to say. You can even be cute about, to an extent. However, I don't recomend sacrificing your dignity to do so. In Kollin's case... Wow...

... Just... Wow...

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Happy Birthday Trevor!!!!
Saturday. 6.12.04 2:01 am
AnAbandonedHeart: it's my b-day
ZigJustice2021: ohhhhh
ZigJustice2021: TREVY I'M SO HAPPY
ZigJustice2021: happy birthday little guy!
AnAbandonedHeart: hahah
AnAbandonedHeart: thanks
ZigJustice2021: i looooove you
AnAbandonedHeart: awww

Yes that's right! You guessed it! It's the day we celebrate anually in memory of the day that Trever flew out of his mom's vagina! It's a glorious day!!!! Trevor is a special guy (with special friends). Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TREVOR, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

----he is now 18, incase you didn't know

Hurray For Trevor!!!!!!

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My John
Friday. 6.11.04 1:26 am
Like a large white monolith in that little white tiled room, it commands respect from all. After all, where do you run to when you need peace and tranquility... It's always there, always ready to help make your day better. When you're leaving to go somewhere, who do you go visit before you even say goodbye to your mom? I think the answere is obvious.

The fact is, he is always there, and always ready to go into action. He can take all that you can give too, so there is never any doubt. His usefullness is endless, he can devour just about anything if need be. I don't think there is anyone that doubts his powers.

Beauty doesn't lie only in his powers either, physicaly, he is a masterpiece. Sculpted of only the smoothest porcelain, the surface is slicker than glass. With curves that bulge out and concave like a beautiful woman's body, his figure is perfect. There is a certain elegance about him that is hard to describe. No house is complete with out him.

Now go tell your toilet how much you love him

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What's The Point?
Thursday. 6.10.04 4:10 am
I think I might just stop using this site... I mean... kinda crappy how I comment on lots of people's blogs and none of them comment on mine. Sure it's nice to write things, but I can do that with MS Word... In fact, I've been doing that long before this site. Anyways... I'm just starting to think there is really no point to it.

My friends comment on my entries... But I know them, and I can just talk to them in person... No one that I met on nutang comments though... kinda crappy if you ask me. I mean, you'd think people would have the courtesy to comment on your stuff too, if you comment on theirs... Guess not.

I mean there are other reasons too... but mostly this whole blog thing feels rather useless to me

I guess I'll keep updating for a while... until I just feel it is completely pointless

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Off Balance
Wednesday. 6.9.04 3:15 am
It seems like only yesterday, everything was perfect. Everyone was just happy and satisfied. I don't know what happened to that either. It seems like about a month before prom something happened.... I'm sure the Jedi most have felt it... Because I think the universe is off balance. I'm not sure how to describe it either... It's just wrong.

People are leaving and doing things... People are getting together and breaking up... It's just wierd... so much change... too much change... WTF is going on here... I thought it would stop after a little while... but this wierdness has been going on for months now. Over all, it seems that this is having a negative effect on people. I guess that's to be expected... Oh well... Maybe someday things will straighten out....

I miss the way everything used to be

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Auto Sex Porn
Sunday. 6.6.04 1:59 pm
AnAbandonedHeart: you should write some more auto sex porn
ZigJustice2021: hungry for more eh?
AnAbandonedHeart: oh yes

Due to popular request I have thought up another "auto sex porn" for my devoted fans. I hope you all enjoy this one. It takes a different road from the original. Where the first one was wet and full of pleasure, this one is hot and aggonizing... Both are somewhat errotic... or as errotic as a car ride can be.

The summer sun gleamed in the sky high above, casting rays of light to the super heated pavement below. The tires on the car were getting hot, hot, hot. The rubber softened from slick heated cement. Just like before, the tires screatched as the engine violently pleasured the rear axle. This time the screatch was the aggonizing cry of the tires against the slick burning road. There is pleasure in pain, and the car soon learned that is it's hard tires turned softer and softer from the immoral torture. Each stop sign was hell and the tires longed for the time when they would spin their hot rubber bodies against the even hotter pavement.

Well yeah... just a little taste for you kids out there... Hope you enjoyed.

Auto Sex Porn!

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