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Jury Duty...DunDunDun.
Wednesday. 3.2.11 12:43 am
So. My very first ever jury duty.

I had gotten the juror validation questionnaire a few weeks ago but I was assured by my mother that it didn't mean I'd get one.

Lo and behold, I got one.

I'm a student so I called up and apparently, we don't get exceptions. We just postpone it.

Guess what??!!!

I now have jury duty two days after my 21st birthday. There goes my birthday trip!

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I'm doing it again.
Tuesday. 2.22.11 11:54 am
Avoiding the people I don't like who like me. I turn into a bitch after I'm sure I don't like/want them. My 'stop-liking-me' tactic.

It just makes me uncomfortable. They do.
Ugh. It's like this queasiness in my stomach...which may or may not be because I'm still hungry right now. =P
But I've had bouts of irritation, annoyance (same or not?), don't give a damn either way or aforementioned queasiness in such situations before. So it's not all in my imagination.


I wrote a poem yesterday. =D Because I was reading Ender's Shadow. Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow are two of my absolute favorite books. (Yay, I have favorites!) I would post it up except I'm waiting for class to start on campus and the poem is on my laptop back home. No editing or anything and I think it's quite alright raw as it is. Hurrah. ;)

I am sad you didn't comment on my previous entry. =( You were one of the few kind voices I could count on to give a little damn about my sorry a$$. Alas, we must all grow apart. NO, I"M NOT BLAMING YOU. I'M JUST MAKING CONVERSATION WITH MYSELF SINCE YOU WON'T COMMENT ON THIS EITHER. PROBABLY. SO HEY SELF WASSUP? NADA. OK, GOODBYE.

@Nuttz: I <3 you muchies.


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Spring Break or 21st B-day?
Tuesday. 2.8.11 9:53 am
I wanna do something but I lack funds.

For the first time, I have no money for the next semester's tuition. In fact, I barely had enough to pay for this semester.

Okay, I do have some $$$ put away. I rarely ever spend money which is how I was able to pay for four semesters in the first place. My past salaries are now dried up but I still have the accumulated allowance from my dad and it actually should be able to last me 'til/for next semester. Good thing is I still have this semester/the summer to add funds.

My 21st birthday is coming up!

So...I was thinking of splurging on a new experience. Like booking a trip on www.contiki.com for up to a week. I can't afford anything more. Maybe I'll go during Spring Break? I'd love to go to Europe for a few hundred bucks. Then again, I could go on a road/bus/plane trip to another state and just chill/explore/meet people for a few days.

Any suggestions?

I may or may not go on a wild streak during aforementioned possible trip (I will never really be "wild" but it'll be wild for me) so please keep alcohol (my first) and/or partying (also a first) available. (I am a )

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Saturday. 2.5.11 12:43 am
had something I'd planned to write here. Then I forgot. =/ Anyone surprised? Least of all me.

So. I have a class about how autobiographies are lies. And I have to write the first page of my autobiography, here is what I came up with:

"I am one of the most boring people you will ever meet. Yet I can also be one of the most interesting. Meeting people is always tricky, you never know how they will react or if they're people you should befriend. Of course that depends on your preference for friends.

If you turn a corner and find me there, you would see an Asian girl seemingly fifteen years old. Youthful yet her eyes do not reveal her mind or any emotion at all—unless she wants you to. Even then you cannot be sure.

Well, that is unsettling, you say. Strange, frightening even.

You should be scared.

Because I don't know how to act human. But I'm learning every day. "

Hehe, I wanted to push the concept that to tell the truth is to lie because it's impossible tell the whole truth. Instead of fabricating or telling white lies like most people do to make themselves look better, I wrote the above. You might call it brutal honesty, you might call it something else. Hehe.

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My version of 100 facts.
Sunday. 12.12.10 4:53 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Monday. 12.6.10 7:01 pm
It is one of the most important things to me.

I think it was because
once upon a time
I experienced starvation.

Not having food to eat
counting nickels, dimes, and pennies
figuring out if I have enough
trying to stretch out food to last.

And I think this is what they mean
once you experience something like this
you just don't want to experience it again.

I think you guys remember this time.

I wasn't particularly obvious about it
but it was there
my entries
allude to my lack of food.

what brought this on?
Why do I write of this?
Because I'm hungry.


Though I'm mostly craving
a yummy cake
and a nice holiday hot drink
right now.
Then dinner after.

Hehe. ^^

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Lots of things happened.
Wednesday. 11.24.10 1:02 am
Update on Posterous: Remember how I made two. Well the second one ended up linked to my first so I just changed it from public to private. The password is my NuTang name. It's just a new story I'm writing. Note me for the link. =)

Secondly, my mom got me a netbook because I really wanted one. There was a silent auction and she bid too much. I bet we could have gotten a deal at Black Friday. Anyway, I was doing an assignment when I dropped my book on it and...two keys broke. Well more like one of the tiny little hooks attaching the key lette to th plastic thingy underneath broke. So I need to find replacements for the plastic thingy connecting the key letter to the rubber thing. They can still be halfway attached which is why I can still type right now, but the keys come off easily. I JUST started using it last week. Siiiiiigh. It broke TODAY.

I still want a boyfriend.

My phone got updated to Android 2.2 Froyo OS. Yay. Still just as slow, possibly faster than before. Not so yay. The home screen is stuck with the stock bowser app on the front when I never use that one but the xScope browser for Android. I can't change it, boo hoo. It's still mega slow which no longer annoys me as much = testament to my forcing myself calm and it's actually working. I don't think I'll be throwing it against the wall anytime soon.

I want a new phone.

For those of you interested in Asian stuff, I watched ISWAK. Yes, I know it's an old series. But I finally watched it. I like it. I still don't think Ariel Lin is particularly beautiful but that does fit Xiang Qing. Watching TKA now. =P

Other Asian News AND not so Asian news: I MEAN IT, EVERYONE CHECK THIS OUT: M.I.C. is a male band that just debuted in China. They are awesome. Great singing and dancing talent. None of the wannabe stuff. They are real. Company auditioned close to 30,000 ppl, narrowed it down to 2,000, then again to 20 ppl for secret training, then finally to the five we have now. Okay, their original songs (digital versions) aren't that great but only due to the producers, etc. no fault of their own. They are awesome LIVE. They are great doing beatboxing/scatting, of course regular old singing IN ENGLISH, dancing (Jian Ci is jaw-dropping amazing & sexy doing Jazz Funk), etc. Their choreographer is Jesse from USA who has worked with Beyonce, Britney Spears, Pink, Madonna, etc. Must check out their performances for Apologize, Sweet Dreams, American Pie, I can't remember the others. If you can stand sitting through a TV show in Chinese, watch M.I.C. on Happy Camp (the show) by going to MyChnTube channel on Youtube. Watch M.I.C. vids on MadeforMIC channel on Youtube!

Oh, I just realized today: when you get enough sleep, it's easier to concentrate and do stuff. Time doesn't pass so fast. Or rather, I'm just not so slow-mo anymore. My brain worked better with eight hours of sleep during the correct time frame (night). Better than it has in a while. XD

Hey, I haven't been a normal human being in a long while. Ain't my fault I never learned this. You can't just be told, you must learn and understand. Words mean nothing.

If y'all see any "ererfere"s or misspelling during this entry, my keys fell out and I was trying to put it back in its place. =P

Yo, invisible, why'd you make the entries scroll? I'm not in the mood to go back and poem it all up. Wait, huh? Suddenly, I don't have to scroll anymore. Does that mean I've been poeming for no reason?

Tired. Maybe I'll just take a nap and get back to work.

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Guys...y'all don't need the pw anymore =P
Friday. 11.12.10 2:42 pm

Because I no longer
the way I did
that time.

Time does wonders.

I knew that
and it didn't disappoint me.


Now only you and I know my little secret...
*maniacal laughter*

I'm a bit relieved...

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