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Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Everything that ends in ish, Native American
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i write these words on notecards
cause i have nothing better
but it's all the same feeling
as i read through your letters
"you're my rushmore"
well you're my waste of time
and you think you're such a nice boy
well boy you think too much
breaking hearts is out of style
but your comprehension lacks in grace
and he's got those tired eyes
"only a mother could love"
well i'm not your mother
but i loved them none the less

so where do i go from here?
i only ever wanted to be the lightning in your veins
so i could brighten your day
but things got cloudy and you ran away
Take My Hand Take My Life
Friday, August 27, 2004

i just watched the butterfly effect. I honestly don't think i've ever seen a movie that's made me think so much. i mean i almost feel like crying right now. it's the weirdest feeling. that movie is so crazy i mean it's weird to think if you changed one thing that everything could be different. that everything could change. it really just freaked me out. and to finally realize you have to give up the thing you love the most just so everybody will be ok is so scary. wow i really would be crying right now if my mom wasn't around. i don't know why that movie effected me so much but it really did. i gosh i don't even know what to say.

on a less serious note, the kid who played ashton kutcher's 13 year old self was pretty hot.

nutang is finally back up and running. i hope it stays that way.

jeeze, i need to go in my room and think. it's odd to think that a movie could effect me so much.

i'll write later.

over and out

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It's Not Confidential, I've Got Potential
Wednesday, August 11, 2004
hehe heard the killers on the end today. yahoo. i'm starting to like them. i heard another band this morning called secret machines. i really like them too. the drummer guy is awesome! anyways howdy.

i stepped on a tack, and the needle part or whatever its called went all the way into the bottom of my heal. and when i pulled it out i guess the tip of the needle was bent so it hurt like the dickens. also this morning i was laying on my bed and i must have miscalculated space because all of a sudden i roll over and i'm on the ground. another start to another great day...

woo hoo! i cleaned my room folks. for me to clean my room is a miracle and i got rid of a lot of stuff too. it feels good to let go! i just can't wait to paint my room and get everything done with it. i'm getting digital cable in my room today. it's kind of cool cause i'll get to watch degrassi but i don't really need it. i'm hardly in my room and i don't watch a lot of t.v. it's weird. i don't watch a lot of t.v. i'm not on the computer all the time (although nutang sometimes says i'm on when i'm not...) and only occasionally i'll sit down and read so i don't know where my time is spent during the day. all of a sudden it's time to go to bed and i just don't get it.

i talked to megan yesterday! yay! i miss her but shes lucky to go to cali so yippee for her.

i'm gonna go for now until i figure out something else to say. but oh yeah taking back sunday is coming october 7 & 8 and Yellowcard and The Starting Line are coming october 20 i think. october looks like a fun month. i'm not sure who's playing with taking back sunday it might be story of the year which would be awesome. ok i said i was gonna go so i am. ta ta.

Wait a tic, i'm sorry if my page takes a little bit to load cause of the damn music changer and that that windows media thing usually pops up. i'm gonna try and find the code that will make it so a song doesn't start automatically but i just have to remember where i found the code i have in the first place...

over and out.

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Maybe I'll Give You The Password Maybe I Won't.
Monday, August 9, 2004
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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To Hell With You And All Your Friends, It's On
Thursday, July 29, 2004
haven't written in a few days. nothing new to say really

yellowcard and the starting line are coming october 20 WE'RE GONNA GO MEGAN I'LL FIND THE TICKETS SOMEHOW SOMEWAY.

couldn't sleep again last night so i started cleaning my room and watching pleasantville. i didn't understand it. i don't know if that's cuz i didn't see the very beginning or what but it was really weird.

so after that movie was over i watched family guy. always hilarious. and then conan came on. and he was talking to the benjamin bratt guy from catwoman and he brought up a point that i've been thinking for a long time. HOW IS IT THAT THESE PEOPLE TALK TO THE SUPERHEROES ALL THE TIME IN YET THE HERO PERSON PUTS ON A LITTLE MASK OR SOMETHING AND THEY CAN'T TELL WHO IT IS? HONESTLY COME ON PEOPLE! i mean even in spiderman 2 whatshisface is talking to his aunt and she doesn't recognize his voice? it's so sad. and then like superman hes like the most obvious. he doesn't even wear a mask! he just takes off his glasses and switches the part in his hair or something. it's just sad.

haha anyways on conan theres this lever he pulls and it shows walker, texas ranger clips and he pulls the lever and its starts showing this clip right and its this little kid like on a ladder or something and theres some guy down below saying, "it's ok jump, i'll catch you." and the kid's all scared and doesn't want to so the guy down below is still like, "it's alright i'll catch you you'll be fine" so the kid finally jumps and the guy down below backs up AND DOESN'T CATCH THE KID AND YOU SEE THE KID HIT THE GROUND IT WAS SO FUNNY AND HORRIBLE AT THE SAME TIME. but the camera goes back to conan and he's just like laughing and disturbed and shocked at the same time! it was so funny cuz he got up out of his seat walks around his couch and just lays on it hahahaha it was the greatest. i love conan. what a hero of mine he is. seriously he's awesome and you all have to see that cuz it's hilarious and horrible at the same time.

ha oh jeeze im gonna go now. i'll write more later if i have something interesting to say.

oh yeah! everybody go to purevolume.com and check out stripped down hollywood. they're a really cool band. and there's a lot of cool bands at that site so check em out.

over and out

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turtleing (spelling)
Friday. 4.2.04 8:33 pm

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