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Favorite Song

May change often.
Thursday. 1.27.05 4:09 pm
I finally got my page just the way I wan't it, I have my modules, and my entries, the only things it lacks is the .wav or .mp3 version of celestial sodapop (can't find it) , the ability to change the password protected page, (I can't find where to put the code) and a crosshair cursor. (I've tried to put a good one in lot's of times, but I guess it conflicts with the code on my page.) Well, What do you think of the layout? Is there anything I could add to it? You tell me. Anyway's I've also figured out why my counter hasn't gone up in forever. I forgot after one of the many times I've reset my template to recopy the code into the page. Well, now that's solved. And I've updated the colors to be more go alongish with the main style of the page. I finished building my CO2 car on the cad/cam computer at tech systems second period. I actually finished a long time ago, but I just now got done adding the last coat of paint (I had a total of 5.5, 3 primers, 2 black and .5 red. I sanded that baby down, and now I'm going to wax the roughage out of it and it's going to shine like it has a technicolor dream coat . Well, I'll talk to everyone later, assuming anybody reads this besides me.

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01/25/2005 9:18:58 PM
Hi, This is my fist entry in a while, I shouldn't even be putting it in right now though, I have a bunch of Homework to do. I went to the dentist today, and they're getting ready to put a crown on my tooth, so they had to grind it down with the drill, so for two hours I sat patiently in a dentists chair felling nothing at all but wishing I had some N20 [laughing gas] to pass the time. The only thing that I could feel was the vibration of the drill against my teeth, which made a really bad smell because my teeth and the drill bit were both dry, and my teeth burned because of friction. I got a morsel of very bad news at the dentists office to, I'll have the enjoyment of getting 4 simultaneous root canals on my front teeth. What fun! No, that really sucks, don't think me some kinda weirdo who likes pain and suffering and a bunch of dentist hovering around my mouth. I'm not. But anyway, Nothing is really happening here, I'm just writing an entry listening to a couple people complain because people like to play video games more than they like to watch tv. Oh well. They'll get over it. I figured out how to solve the elusive problem of having the right side of your blog entry cut off by the screen, simply make your entries have scroll bars if they exceed 150 pixels in length. Well, I have to go.

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Sunday. 1.9.05 9:05 pm
I know it's been a long time since i've posted here, but once you have an addiction, you cannot quench it no matter what. I've been writing a story lately, about the future, it's for a school project. It's set in the year 2026. I'll post it once I get it finished. I just got back from my christmas homevisit, I had a lot of fun, I didn't get anything, but I got to spend some time with my family, and that's what I think is the best thing about christmas. I got my braces off the other day, I'm glad for that, I thought. Now I have to wear retainers and if I don't wear those all the time, my teeth move and it hurts like you wouldn't believe to put them back in. Well, I've got to go now, and get to work on this story, but I'll do an entry tomorrow. C-ya later

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Thursday. 7.22.04 9:13 pm
pic out of order

Wow, I wonder what this is, I've never even heard of Cowboy Bebop before:) I tried to register with xanga today when nutang was down, It was weird, they don't even allow html in their blog entries, what kinda crap is that? I said I'm only going to use it when nutang was down, so I could blog, I have an addiction now. I got some smaller contacts that don't fall out as often today, so that's better. I'm going to my moms house in amarillo tommorow and won't be back untill August 1st. Well, I have to go now, C-ya later

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Friday. 7.16.04 11:24 pm
Man, I really hate contacts, they always fall out no matter what you're doing. Today and yesterday at work, my new contacts fell out like 6 times in a row. Yeah, I'm pretty mad at them, so I decided to wear my glasses. I'm working pretty hard at finding a forum to post about nutang in, but every time I find one they delete my posts. Well, I decided that I wasn't going to deal with that, so I just gave up. So much for PPS though. I ended up redesigning my site just a little bit. I like harrington font so I decided I'd put a little of it in here. I had a lot, but it got to hard to read. Well, I'll talk to you all later.

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Thursday. 7.15.04 9:45 pm
Yeah!!! I finally got my midi menu script to work the way I wanted it to work. for the longest while it could only play midi songs, but I finally got it to where it could play .wma file extensions as well. Well not really I just asked for the script off of my other friends page. These are my all time favorite top four songs (that the internet could find anyways ) Dang, I just realized something, I only have like four weeks untill school starts. that sucks yep. Well, I have to go but i'll update this in a couple of days or so.

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Friday. 7.9.04 11:06 pm
Yeah I started on my scuba diving pool work today, it was pretty weird. We mainly just snorkeled, but we practiced putting the gear together, and taking it apart. One of my instructors is an underwater photographer, and took most of the pictures on www.utila.com it was pretty cool to see all of them. I'm so cold right now though, because the air conditioner is on and I can't switch it. well, I better get going, I'm about to have to go to bed, I'm pretty worn out from diving for 4 hours. C-ya later.

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umm yeah
Friday. 7.9.04 8:47 am
umm yeah, today is kinda BlaH, so was yesterday and the day before and the day before that to. I'm excited about the whole nutang IM thing, I just got my MSN messenger taken away, because it was against school policy... I'm about to go to work for about an hour, cause I have a doctors appointment at around 9:00 so I have to got ready for that, then I have another appointment at 2:00. So many doctors to go to, it's weird yep. This morning, I was putting in my contacts, and I accidentaly picked up one of my old containers, and it was the one that my roomate put cologne in so for about five minutes, I had a contact soaked with cologne stuck in my eye, because i wasn't able to get it out. If I wasn't still half asleep by the time he left, I would have punched the living h*ll out of the kid. Well it's getting time to go, did anyone vote on that forum about what all stuff should be on that instant messenger? I just made up a funny name for it that's weird. we should call it the instang. that was a typo when i typed it the first time, but I liked the name. C-ya later

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