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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
Day 3 - Date Day
Sunday. 2.3.13 8:05 pm
Last night the movie we were going to see was sold out. So, we ended up hangin at a friends house and playing video games (after dinner that is). Sleeping in was amazing. I woke up around the time I usually do with the kids and was bummed. 7am is too early when you have the chance to sleep in. But, I stayed in bed and drifted off to sleep until 10am. It was so awesome :)

Today, Tyler and I decided to go to Disney. We have holiday coupons we wanted to use before they expire in less than a couple of weeks. We ate a lot of food and went on a few rides. It's nice that I get a discount on most things. We went to Japan in EPCOT and go some candy and a couple pairs of chop sticks. Over all it was a great day...


The kids just got home. Tyler and I are going to possibly try and see a movie tonight. But, who knows. We are just going with the flow for now. Thats about it. Until tomorrow!

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Day 2 - Childless
Saturday. 2.2.13 4:06 pm
My mother-in-Law is going to be coming by in a couple hours to take the kids for the rest of the weekend. So, Tyler and I are going to have a date night. Dinner and a movie.. It sounds original but, it's something we do not do often as a couple. I want to see Warm Bodies. I think it looks like a fun movie. I know Tyler isn't interested at all. The only other movie that looks interesting so far is Hansel and Gretal.

Date night sounds fun and all but, there is one thought that stays consistant in my mind. I GET TO SLEEP IN TOMORROW MORNING. If you are a parent (or if you have to wake up for school/work early every morning) I'm sure you can appreciate why this excites me. It is the rarest of occasions and I take full advatage when I have the chance. Although it is depressing to not see my cute little ones rubbing they're eyes and ready to see what the day has in store. I miss them and feel a little bit of seperation anxiety when they arent with me. However, I know they are safe and that allows me to enjoy some mommy time. :)

Tyler should be home from work and minute now. As Spongebob would say... "I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!"

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Day 1 - Rant
Friday. 2.1.13 11:05 am
The more I go to work, the more I dislike working for Disney World.. The business is so corrupt. There is a college program where students from anywhere in the world can work for DW for 6 months (or more) to get credits towards their schooling. They are not suppose to get promotions of any kind, and should be at the bottom (Disney goes by seniority, not qualification). However, they get all of the hours AND all of the promotions. They get EVERYTHING. I was garunteed 3 days a week at part time when I was hired. Now, I'm scheduled one day a week.. I'm sure your wondering "Hey, that's not fair! Why would Disney do that?" You wanna know why?? because they get paid less. Disney makes more profit on them working then they do the part time and full time employees.

Yeah.. It's pretty fucked up.

Anyway.. I had to get a new phone... not that exciting. Hopefully tomorrows entry will be better.

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Hello Paycheck
Monday. 1.21.13 3:19 pm
To start, I HAVE A JOB! It's.. an ok job. It's not necessarily the place and the job that kills it.. it's my fellow employers. I can't stand most of them. They tend to be lazy and obnoxious, and some are very confrontational. However, It is a large company that I can transfer around to different locations. I cannot wait until My probation period is over and I have that option.

In other news. Tyler and I had to move out of his parents house. I'm back home with my own parents. Tyler is living with a friend. We are looking up houses in the local area and trying to make things work... yeah..

Anyway. My children are growing up fast (like everyones child) My little girl is well behaved for the most part. She's the kind of toddler you can take anywhere and, shes a blast to hang out with. All of my friends love her. Not that no one loves my son. But, hes a little more complicated. He's not the easiest to take out and can be a brat. But he is only 18 months. I'm sure with time and dicipline he will ne alright. My kids over all are awesome :)

Well.. I just felt like randomly updating..

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Flipping Obama
Saturday. 9.8.12 6:14 pm
So.. The north eastern chunk of the USA has graced us with fancy gas stations by the name of Wawa. I didn't care to much for them.. until I tried a fresh baked Wawa chocolate chip cookie. Holy snap, they are amazing.

I decided to take a trip to my mom's house with the kids this afternoon. I thought getting a yummy gooey chocolate chip cookie from Wawa would be a nice treat for the kids and I to enjoy. However, when I tried to exit the nieghborhood the main road was blocked off. I tried different ways to get out but the whole friggen road was blocked! Suddenly, several police cars and security cars started racing by. I was completely unaware of what the heck was going on. then a saw the big black bus (no pun intended, im not racist!) drive by and I knew it was Obama.

AND, because all of the roads were blocked to let him through I couldn't get to Wawa.. Now, I sit here cookie-less... and hating Obama just a little more.

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Singing Sweetly
Wednesday. 5.23.12 5:49 pm
I've found myself dusting of old memories lately. I'm losing myself and my mind again. I'm desperately digging through the written images and paintings to try and find myself. My identity is fading into the life I'm settling into. I am the shadow of my husband and unltimate care taker of our children. There's no time to be me. Even when it comes to music I rarely hear what I like. It's always Tylers music.

My mind is shutting down and I have become brain dead to the world. I feel more like a robot than anything. My blessed curse has been on overdrive for some reason. I hear things that no one else notices. I'm not sure if someone is trying to reach out to me or what but, it's making me feel a little crazy.

Making an effort to listen to my kind of music is difficult. However, It is not impossible. When I can find the time it sparks a piece of me to come out. Although I'm not the greatest singer, singing is the best therapy for me. In the morning, I enjoy sitting on the back patio and singing along to a few songs in which I can relate too. Doing so gets me ready for the day ahead.

Anyway... The kids are getting so big. :) They are amazing. Things with Tyler are OK. We're getting some things straightened out. We are even attending marraige counseling. It has helped in someways... which is good.

I need to go back to being a robot. However, the search for myself will not rest.
For now, my songof the moment...

"Run where you'll be safe through the garden gates. To the shelter of... Magnolias."

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Happy. Sad.
Friday. 3.9.12 5:26 pm
Sooo.. Tyler and his "boyfriend" are going on a 5 day adventure back to Eglin AFB. I am totally bummed because I will miss him.

BUT! Totally siked because NOOOO HUSBAND!!!!

Less dishes, laundry, cleaning in general! Tylers not a total slob but, he definately ain't the cleanest person in the world.

However, it sucks because im still going to miss him :( I have terrible seperation anxiety to people I am very attatched to.

Anyway... taxes are taking FOREVER. I have a $500 spending limit for myself. Im so excited. Im getting new clothes and a make over. I need it. My hair is so long and frizzy. Its driving me nuts.

My child is crying. Later

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Happy Birthday to me
Tuesday. 2.21.12 5:02 pm

Tyler has to work all day and night :(


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