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Age. 30
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Ethnicity. Chinese
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[Yay For Days/Nights Out ;)]
12/08/09 17:06
I am...

feeling: Stressed
listening to: Mighty To Save - Hillsongs Live

Oookkiiiesss! So it's been a while! But yeah, not half a long a while as it usually is! Okie so on Monday I went to London to meet up with Ani, who I hadn't seen in aaages and our last meeting before that was really... awkward =/

But this time went really well ^^ Was so good to see her again and hang out like old times. I guess I didn't realise how much I missed her till I saw her again <3

We basically went for a 'free' makeover and photoshoot, but the photos were an absolute rip off. Seriously ¬_¬;; so we didn't buy any in the end. The day was definitely fun and the makeover and photo taking and viewing were all good, but seriously, the place is definitely rather... rude.

Basically, at the end, they ensured that we gave in a list of 30 people who we recommend to go for the day as well before we went to view our photos and make possible purchases.

But what they didn't tell us was that we were not allowed to use these vouchers on to purchase one photo (which was £70 a photo or £1,400ish for the entire set). Granted, that was basically came up to quite a cheap price in the end but... still... I didn't really have time to decide because I was rushing for my train, but the sheer attitude that we got from the people there were reaaaally out of order. Geez ¬_¬;;

Still, seeing Ani for the day and hanging out with her again made it all worthwhile anyway ^^ Either way, it was defo a good day! Then I went out in the evening with loaads of friends ^^ Here are a few photos of the night (with my free-makeup-and-hair makeover, bwaha!):

Sexface. Definitely. Oh yes.



I hung out with these two bros, their 2 friends and my two work colleagues for most the evening. These two defo know how to dance, their friends were absolute laughs and my colleagues seemed to have had fun so twas all good! :D

Actually I went originally for my friend's 19th but I lost her for most the night so ><;; Their group was too big so I just stayed with the group of my friends that I all knew instead ^^

P.S. A photo I really like that is now my FB profile photo:

The rest are on Facebook :)

That being said, it means I didn't get any studying done on Monday. I woke up on Tuesday with a headache (not a hangover) most likely from not blow drying my hair before bed and felt ill for most of the day so didn't get any studying done then.

And today, I have wasted yet another day :( Tho I thoroughly blame pplive for all its films that I've been watching the past few days ><;; So I'm now totally stressed about my exams. And I'm still not studying. ARGH. Someone stop me, seriously...

Gna try get some work done now. Wish me luck!

...and when you finally find it, you just clasp on so tightly, terrified of one day losing your grip and letting it slip from your fingers...



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[Oh FFS STFU and LMA.]
12:34:56 07/08/09 ;)
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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[So He's Just NOT That Into Me... So?]
06/08/09 23:10
I am...

feeling: Confused
watching: NOTHING since PPLive obviously hates me!

Okies basically I bought the new Glamour mag (there was a studentbeans offer on mags and I got tempted but decided not to subscribe in the end and chose to just fork out the £2 for a mag I just felt like getting since I barely read them anyways).

Guess what was the free gift! Haha... A book edition of "he's just not that into you" with the cast on the front cover. Well, I thought it'd be a boring read since I'd seen the movie and figured it'd just basically be pretty much a book about the movie storyline, right?


Actually, it's hilarious. I often find myself laughing out loud to it, totally agreeing with what's written and feeling bummed out, but hey, in a good way. And it definitely makes me come to my senses sometimes!!

But, according to this book, this guy--we'll call him 'n', shall we? So, according to this book, n is completely uninterested, while this other guy, 'x' (yeah I'm pulling out the algebra now!) is.

Problem: I'm fairly not too into x (not that I just completely didn't give him a chance but seriously, we're faaar too different people) but am sitting on the fence about n. N by the book is supposedly not into me but by his actions, I'm not too sure?

Why would someone not into you be willing to come all the way up to visit you, from two different train journeys that would cost up to £40, just to see you for a day because he has nowhere to stay over?

Granted, he would have been half way at the time already and claimed "it would have been easy to pop up", but tbh, it wouldn't have been that easy. The train tickets, if not booked in advance, are like £16-£25 return and I doubt he's loaded.

But yeah since I was erm... having an off day at one point when he texted me, I told him rudely not to bother coming (which I apologised profusely for after, but he's not coming anymore anyways cos I just bare don't have the time anyway), but we are now meeting in London instead for a day...

Ok so... I suggested meeting up that time, with what we'd planned originally, but he then added after, why not go watch a west-end musical after? And after I told him I'd be hella poor, he offered to pay for me.

...........................I'M CONFUSED?!?!?!

West end tickets aren't exactly cheap??? Dno. Maybe I should just be under the impression he's loaded then. No idea... he doesn't seem that rich to me?? But I've always been awful at judging who is and who isnt o_o;;

Anyways, I'm still on the fence. Will see after the meeting in London :) Don't particularly like him atm tho. Thing is, I would have thought him coming up to see me wouldn't have been a big deal either had my friends not been like 'er... yeah it is?!' so... o_o;; dno... I've had plenty of guy friends come visit me so I'm pretty used to it, plus I'm very used to hanging out with guys alone as friends cos I have so many of them.

Confuuuuuuuuuusioooooooooon! But yus, either way, I need to sleep now, gnight all! ^^

Btw, it is my personal mission to make a blog post at 12:34:56 07/08/09 -- aka, tmr x]

"...i don't even know how to cheer you up anymore...
will you teach me?
tell me,
what makes you smile these days...?

what makes you cry, what gets you down,
then what makes you happy again...

do you still like what you used to?
things have changed a lot, haven't they?
help me get things back to the way it was...


it's a relationship worth saving.
you never forget the one who has touched you the most in your life.
for me it was


don't let me be pouring my heart out to you in vain..."

and as i sit here staring into space and typing out a letter i will never send and you will never read, i think to myself... how different things might have been...

...if i'd only stayed...



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[Movies Movies MOVIES!!!]
04/08/09 20:42
I am...

feeling: Excited
watching: Trailers

Oh my word, I've never been toooo into movies before, but am currently DYING to see a bunch omw!!

I've just been watching a bunch of trailers online and I'd have to say, these are my top 3 that I want to watch:

The Ugly Truth

The Time Traveller's Wife

I Love You Beth Cooper

And The Hangover, but now that I've seen the trailers of the other films I'm so-so on The Hangover. Man I want to watch The Ugly Truth and The Time Traveller's Wife so bad...

The Time Traveller's Wife brings tears to my eyes when I see only the trailer cos it's so touching, and The Ugly Truth just makes me fall off my chair with laughter!! Darn so many good films, too poor to watch :(

Note: HP is not on there and I don't intend to watch it. Seriously it's so darn overrated and the films are shyt compared to the books anyway, plus I'm no longer into the books so there's no point in me forking out my hard-earned cash to sit through 2 hours of garbage.

Anywayyys, will be going to London on Monday hopefully with Ani!! ^^ Hmmm... last time we met up didn't quite go as I thought it would, but hopefully it'll be better this time... And less emotional haha...

I guess being apart from each other does take a lot out of you in terms of friendship... Hopefully everything will work out fine ^^

and i asked myself, is it really worth it...
all the time and money wasted on unanswered calls and messages
trying to get back what we once had?
and my heart replied, yes; every moment, every penny

...because you mean that much to me...



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[Apologies -- Eek!!]
02/08/09 12:33
I am...

feeling: Painful
listening to: Nada

Ehhem well some of you may have noticed that yday wasn't particularly the best day for me... *cough* ^^;;

Oh the bane of my existance. Why can't I be male? Life would be so much easier jeeeeez. And now I'm beginning to get immense pain and I have a 9 hour work shift coming up.

But yes, due to my awful temper yday, I owe quite a few people an apology... So erm... Best get started... Sigh.

i wish i were a man...

You guys don't know how lucky you are!!! I hate getting moodswings arg!! ;_;

Oh yeah, and a friend of mine emailed me today about the website I'm supposed to take over from him for one of our university societies that I'm exec of. Lucky he didn't send that yday or he'd have had his head bitten off =_=;;

I have 14 days to find a new host and re-code the site... Wish me luck!



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[That Time Huh?]
01/08/09 21:57
I am...

feeling: Resigned
listening to: Let's Go Party - 2NE1

I've been in the worst mood today.

Must be getting near that time. New month, after all... jeez... I hate this =_=;;

Went to work today to cover someone's shift. Got there to find that the shift had been cancelled. So I walked home. From Uni. Because I had no money for a bus anyway. Took 1h 10mins. At least I got some exercise.

My parents gave me a lift there then went to someone else's house. I called them and they offered to pick me up and take me there too but I declined cos I wanted to get back home and do some more studying.

The weather was crap today anyway.

At least I got lots of revision done... :)

**** says (21:37):
//Blah Blah//
**** says (21:52):
i havent seen ****for 229 days..
—×Kuri×— says (21:54):
thinking about her again...
ive been thinking about **** again too...
but these people




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