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Hie, i'm Liyun
DeviantART: http://liyun.deviantart.com
Art films, Indie music, Photography, Cinematography, Bookstores, Movie Posters, Wong Kar Wai, Cam Archer,
Short Films, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana
Lovely, not.
Tuesday. 4.12.11 7:36 am

Lovely song by Darwin Deez to make your day. lol

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Love these remixes
Monday. 4.11.11 1:19 pm

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Monday. 4.11.11 11:46 am

Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

Never once watched a documentary that left me so unsettling
and upset. It was pretty hard to accept the fact that those teens
now man are still going through this shit. Feels like a joke that
south park would made in one of their episodes, so ridiculous
how there were wrongfully charged with murder.

New DNA were found in the recent years on those murdered victims
matches one of the murdered victims stepdad. Kudos technology.

After reading wikipedia and some realiable sources on news website
A new trial for these three man will be held around october this year.



The Trailer

Part 1/11 of the documentary

Interesting sources.




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Sunday. 4.10.11 6:59 am

Finally, i'm done with my short film, thanks to all the help
and support from my friends and family, especially my parents.
Its was such a tough month, seeing the result its all worth :)

It was such an hectic month but all is over.
Got some time to do my own things, watch my movies,
listen to my music, sit and stare in space during sunday. AWESOME!

Watched a Aussie movie yesterday.
Chopper is bloody awesome. What an epic man.

Yes and thats Eric Bana. The guy from the movie Hulk.


These are some of my favourite quotes from da movie.


Why would I shoot a bloke BANG, then drive him to the bloody car and wizz him
off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? It defeats the purpose of having
shot him in the first place. Whats more thats bloody insulting!


Look. The bloke's been me best mate since 1975. We've had our fallouts from
time to time, it's no big deal. Y'know, it's like... if ya mum stabs ya, whaddya do? Y-
ya don't get upset. Ya don't get angry, ya go, "Shit, mum's stabbed me, I better
get off to the hospital."

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This just made my day
Tuesday. 4.5.11 3:04 pm

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Friday. 4.1.11 2:58 pm


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Tunes for the soul
Tuesday. 3.29.11 5:20 am

Awesome tunes for the soul.

The Shanghai Restoration Project

DJ Okawari


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Sunday. 3.27.11 1:42 pm

How fucking awesome Eskmo, why so awesome.


Dreamscape for 3mins 23secs.

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