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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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*I bought a fishing pole*
Tuesday, May 29, 2007
I went fishing with Edward this weekend. I think I got a few nibbles. Actually, it was probably my lure getting stuck on the ground, but oh well, it felt like nibbles. I also managed to cast into a tree three times. I was much better at fishing when I was little. Casting is definitely a skill that you can lose.

It was my birthday on Saturday. I had lots of fun. Edward got me a beauuuuutiful necklace and a CD I'd been asking for and a nightie. It's too hot to sleep in pajama bottoms. He also took me out for good pizza and beer. It was tons 'o fun. Man! I'm going to miss him bunches and bunches when he leaves. Less than a week. Uggggghhhhhhhh.

Hopefully I'll have some birthday pictures up soon. I went to Rooster's on Saturday night for a little while, and then went back for ever and ever on Sunday, because they threw my sister and I (we're twins, so obviously we share our birthday) a big fun birthday party! They had one dollar Pabst and one dollar chili dogs. The chili dogs were lethal. So was the Pabst. It was a really really good time. My friend Stephanie bought us a slip 'n slide so that should liven up the summer. I also got some homemade earrings and lots of free beer. And my friend Daniel and his boyfriend made us a robot cake, awwwwwwww!!! It was delicious. We went back to Edward's after Roosters and I bought everyone (including myself) Taco Bell. What a great night.

And today, it being Memorial Day and all, Edward had a cookout. He made some jerk chicken and it was the best damn chicken EVER! What the hell am I going to do about dinner when he leaves? I'm going to starve, he always makes me dinner. That's right, my boyfriend does the dinner thing. I win.

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*so sorry*
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Okay, I know my entries have been really shitty and uninteresting lately and I'm sorry.

My life has been pretty uninteresting. Not shitty though, so that's good. Right now I'm supposed to be studying for my Survey Research Methods exam but holy SHIT is it boring. Summer classes are the. worst. ever. Especially with mini-mesters. I started this class on Thursday and I have my first exam, that's right, tomorrow.

By the hammer of Thor that's fast! I'm cruisin' through this summer at lightning speed. Holla.

Saturday is my birthday. The big two three, here it comes, no more health insurance through my parents. No more dentist, no more eye doctor no more... special lady doctor. Well, I guess I can do that last one through the university. Don't really want to though. Meh.

Edward. Oh Edward. He'll be leaving for Paris on the 6th. He gets me through my days dammit. I have dinner and talking and company to look forward to. What the hell am I going to do with myself for the next month, eh? It's going to be so weird. And depressing, I'm depressed.

Argh, I'm off to study.

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*bird murder*
Sunday, May 13, 2007
Kroger's is now selling bags you can buy in order to bag your own groceries. Yay, no more plastic bags all over the house! So I picked one up and continued shopping. I bought some sorbet and nacho ingredients (we all know how much I looove making nachos). I assumed the bagger would bag all of my food items in my new, special bagging bag, which is used for... bagging. She did not bag my stuff. She instead bagged my food in a plastic bag and then put my special bagging bag in another plastic bag. Which completely defeated the purpose of the bag. I walked outside with my sister and said, "Hey, she bagged my bagging bag, that's not how it's supposed to work!" And an old hippie turned around and cackled at us.

I still hate hippies.

-Okay, new story.-

I went swimming with two friends yesterday. When we first got to the pool we saw a raccoon, awwwwwww. Not even an hour after that we saw an all white cat, oooooooooooh. After we ate free pizza and drank warm beer, we saw this bird swoop down and drop something. I said, "Hey, that bird just dropped something, I'm going to see what it is! Maybe it's a stick!" Birds dropping sticks is intriguing? I don't know why I cared. So I scampered to the other side of the pool and saw... a dead baby bird, ewwwwwwwwww. It was pinky sized, and I don't know why the hell another bird MURDERED it, but it sort of ruined pool day.

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*a real entry!*
Monday, May 7, 2007
So I'm finally done with this semester. And in 10 days I get to start all over again! 5 summer classes, holla!

Luckily they'll be split up into 2 mini-mesters. It's going to be such a long summer.

So my gallery is working again, yay! I'm going to upload a whole bunch of pictures and link them here! I have pictures of my new haircut, Cinco de Mayo (another excuse for college students and old alcoholics to get drunk off of tequila and beer) and... some other stuff.

I have no rants except I hate Marketing so I switched to Management. Stupid PR and it's business class requirements. If everything goes as planned, I should be able to graduate in one year. One year! Just in time for my birthday! Which is May 26th.

I recently saw Spider-Man 3 and Hot Fuzz. Both were good but I'd only watch Hot Fuzz again in the theater. Emo Spider-Man just didn't work for me.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. When I have an actual update, I'll be sure to post it. Hopefully it'll be soon.

Click on cute waving kitten to enjoy fun pictures.

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*list time*
Friday, April 27, 2007
Finals are coming up and I've been super busy. Sorry. I really don't have time to do a whole update. However, I re-discovered my sisters book "Mountain Man Dance Moves The McSweeney's Book of Lists" (Some of you may recall the adorable koala list, found here). So I'm going to share some hilarious lists with you all. Enjoy.

by: Austin Allen

1. The tiny, flailing arms.
2. The helpless "RARRRRRR!"
3. The angry, wild-eyed expression.
4. That dinosaur with the sail on his back floats by and he's just cruisin'
5. The landing.
6. The Wizard of Oz music playing in the background. What an anachronism!
7. Tyrannosaurs inhabited the western United States, an area of the county known for its heavy tornado activity. Statistically speaking, it is probably that the scenario in question actually happened at least once. In th is, as in all enduring comedy, there is a grain of indubitable truth inside the humor.
8. "RARRRRRR!" Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! "RAAAARRRRRRRRRR!"

Oh how I love that list. 2 more and then I'm done.

by: Dan Guterman


by: Mike Sacks

"When the buzzard came down and ate that dead rat's eye."

"The month we couldn't move because we were so weak with hunger."

"The insects."

"The sun that time."

"When that kid peeked over the lip of the hole and then ran off and never came back, he almost slipped and fell in also. The look in his eyes, oh man!"

"Hallucinating for the entirety of 1999 that we were characters in a classic Beach Boys song."

"Let's get serious now. The past ten years have been a hell of a ride, bro. Good times."

So, for more fun times, you guys should probably check out www.mcsweeneys.net

It's funny.

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*Kurt Vonnegut*
Thursday. 4.12.07 5:29 pm
I was extremely sad to hear about his death, as was Edward. When I checked my email this morning I had an email from my mother. I think everyone should follow her advice.

"I was so sad to hear about the loss of Kurt Vonnegut, his books loomed large in my youth, the funniest tragic stories I ever read. Hopefully his message will live on, he made the world a brighter place. Keep reading."

Love you mom.

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