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Thursday. 7.18.13 8:27 pm
Hello. Everythings cool here. Just bought a kindle.

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Saturday. 5.11.13 6:40 pm
So, I found this new thing called "Turking" (Disclaimer: New to me, not to everyone) Been doing it for 5 days including today and made 70.65$ The longer I do it the better hits I can do. I just met a person who says he can make 1k a month. He's been doing it for about 3 years now though.

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Full Workout List!!
Monday. 5.6.13 9:02 pm
Just wanted ot share my work outs with ya'll

Right now calorie intake daily is 1800. If extremely hungry will eat the running calories but I"m 90% sure its over estimating so trying not to eat into them!

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Todays Run
Sunday. 5.5.13 12:36 pm
Today's run was nice. Well all of the workout that I did today was nice.
It started with 30 squats, 40 high knees, 30 calf raises, 20 reverse flyes, 20 bicep curls, 5 pounds (low weight but its what I have so better than nothing) 40 Cross body hammer dumbbell cursl, for each side.
Then we get to the on the floor ones,
30 glute kickback, 50 crunches, 5 normal pushups and 15 kneeling push ups, 20 tricep extensions, 20 flat knee raises, and ended with a 30 second plank.
Then I went for my run, was 28 minutes long, ran 2.07 miles (had a warm up and cool down as well, walking for 10 minutes total distance of .54 miles)

During my run, a doctor who song came on (11s theme song) and it bumped me up to 4.7 mph which was awesome.

I posted this all to Fitocracy, that place is cool! http://ftcy.me/degafF if I get 9 more people to sign up using that link I get a free month of Hero (which is like a paid version of the site) its nifty.

Also for those of you who read yesterdays entry thanks :D

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