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Heheh, whoops
Wednesday. 1.7.09 11:22 pm
Made some subtle changes to the image below, so now there are one or two appropriate pauses and a bit smoother movements. Whee!

My health teacher is going to hate me. We're doing research projects about drugs and such, and I chose marijuana. Thing is, my paper is about whether the stuff is bad or not. I should probably do more research on the subject later, but for the sake of this paper I'll be fine. It's interesting, though, to see some of theses tests that show most of our perceptions about the drug and its users are exaggeration. Funny, except not really.


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New Moon
Tuesday. 1.6.09 11:41 pm
I made a new animated GIF today. It's for the screensaver on my phone, so I can't make it into an icon without lots and lots of undue trouble. Bah.

The timing is extremely poor, and the animation is pretty rough. You can tell where I used a morphing program because it moves smoothly. Heheh. Surprisingly, little things like consistency matter more for wall-papers than for tiny icons.

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It bothers me
Sunday. 1.4.09 5:06 pm
to leave up an angry post after I've calmed down. But I had nothing else to post about! So, it stayed. Thanks for the concern, ladies and gents.

Today I have to finish a book and I'd like to get into some of that math...meh. School tomorrow!

Lots of Christmas candy left-over. Yay!

Food time, I think.

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OK, so,
Thursday. 1.1.09 6:39 pm
I really, really, REALLY hate being left out of the loop. I don't like to hear about parties and such after the fact. I mean, it's one thing if the host doesn't know me or there are other reasons to not invite me. Then it's just, "Oh, he/she didn't invite me. Alright."

It's a different beast when you hear about a bunch of your friends getting together, friends who you'd assume would invite you or at least warn you of an upcoming event. Seriously, is it so easy to forget me? I kind of doubt it. Half the people there have my phone number; it takes about 17 seconds to send me a text.


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