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Friday. 5.21.10 8:05 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Sunday. 5.16.10 1:29 pm

Today, I learned how to make Southern sweet tea. REAL Southern sweet tea. There was this recipe online that looked sweet enough and employed the hot tea + sugar trick rather than putting the sugar in after the mixture has cooled. If it's hot, it makes the drink almost syrupy before adding cold water, which is why Southern sweet tea tastes so radically different from Northern iced tea (other than the fact that we add like five times the amount of sugar the North does).

Cooking really is a chemistry thing. And I love chemistry, so naturally I love cooking. It's almost enough to convince me to change from political science/economics double major to chemistry.


Not completely.


Like middaymoon, I have a magazine coming out. Well. Ours is coming out after his school's, but it should arrive in about three to four days. A few of us are so excited--mostly the literary magazine veterans from last year. That's understandable. I mean, once you've invested two years, it's imperative that the magazine improves and flourishes. The people who are just coming in still have another few years to start really investing, for the most part. I hope they'll take advantage of what they've learned and return to help out next year's magazine. It's like I have this special place in my heart for this relatively new entity trying to take precedence in a school devoted mostly to sports. It's hard even to get students to believe that this could be cool.


I bought a bike.

It's a Schwinn Delmar Cruiser, if you're interested. The cutesy little pink one.

I don't know how I'm able to go out and ride this thing around in the daytime and still come home to beat the crap out of my punching bag. It's like I'm split in half.

So that's today. I think I might clean y room then make a shopping list full of vegan supplies, so maybe this time my veganism can survive for good.

It doesn't take away from cooking. It adds to it. Having limited usable resources and high expectations for good taste makes cooking more enjoyable, not less. It's when creativity actually comes out.

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I feel all scatter-brained.
Monday. 5.10.10 10:18 pm

Been trying to figure out what to say but there really isn't much.

This is week two of IB exams. I'm still not tired of it. Today we had a three and a half hour lunch break. I ate nachos (tsk on me), bought some tiny herb planters for my dorm, and generally had a good time with my friends even though it was cold and I had to wear Seth's giant hoodie just to keep me warm (he lent it to me because I forgot my jacket; it is sitting on the other side of the room staring at me as I type).

It's been abnormally cold out. Like in the sixties and seventies.

Where did South Carolina go? It is supposed to be sweltering out by now.

Otherwise, I feel like it's time for a new phone service,. Hopefully my mother doesn't get a new phone before then. We have a family plan and that will sign us into another 2-year contract.

Worst move EVER. We have had the same plan since I was in eighth grade. Now I'm about to graduate high school and I'm still tied to it!

Other than that...I don't know. Tomorrow might be good, it might be horrible and stressful.

Fifty-fifty chance. Not so bad.

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More rambling.
Tuesday. 5.4.10 11:20 pm

So, I was all cuddled up in bed when I realized that I have all these things I should be doing instead.

Sucky truths suck more when they just happen to rhyme.
Was laying in bed when, with a jerk, I realized I had more work.

What frustrates me is that there are all these essay questions, when applying for college, taking the SAT, applying for scholarships, etc., that ask about a personal belief or an opinion on a topic of our choice. I never know what to write, and I'm starting to think that that works the same way with blogging.

Thing is, in person, I bring up stuff like that whenever I think about it. I have formed opinions on a lot of huge topics, and yet, when it comes to writing them down, I can't think of one.

--Except for abortion, homosexual rights, stuff like that. But there is a time to take a risk, and college scholarships do not fall within that time. I'm not edgy enough to give away free money.

Can you blame me?

No, you can't.


I just took English A1 HL Paper 1. Not bad. I wrote about four pages--front and back--then couldn't think of anything more. Literally.

Poem went like this:

Some fish in a goldfish bowl.

He's all, Hey I like her. She's all, Hmmm, yes I like him too. He's like, IMMA TAKE HER TO THE OCEAN WHERE WE CAN DO GREAT STUFF. Her love for him dies. He drinks and mopes. Narrator reveals that she left because he couldn't give her a life "beyond the bowl."

So essentially they didn't have a limitless love. They were limited by that great barrier.

Hey, doesn't THAT make me reevaluate my relationships.


Anyway sleep now.

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