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buggieness i think
Friday. 3.30.07 8:03 pm
either my compy sux or nutang is buggy today. trying to make a module for this

I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

but its not working so well. won't let me view old ones or create new ones and my avvie reverted to MJ and it sux, tried to change it and its still that way.
Im just gonna go to sleep and hope it fixes it self. yep bye

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yay a raise!!!
Friday. 3.30.07 10:30 am
yay! i got a raise! i make 8.25 an hour now! yay!!! Starting monday i think Axl makes 7.75 an hour! YAY! unless training is a base rate now, It wasn't when i was in training but ya never know! See at my work if you work at least past 8 (like 12-8 1-9 2-10 something along those lines as long as shift ends after 8pm) then you get $0.25 more than morning shift. AWESOME!!
Any way on monday i start working 11.30 to 10.00, That way i only have to work 4 days a week. The first week i have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off which is great. I hate Sat and Sun at work. cause i would have to be there at like 830 in the morning which means i would have to wake up at 6 in the morning and that is not fun! no siree bob. any way....in other news....it occured to me last night that willow is going to be Aunt Willow, (cause Jessi mae is preggers) Thought that was weird sounding. Aunt Willow.
I was talking to Jessi's future baby (of course just makin stuff up because don't know if its a boy or girl or anything like that but yeah) And was telling it
"You know your mom used to spank Aunt Willow for pickin her nose"
Then i realized little willi is gonna be an aunt. Its just weird she's to little for that.
Holy Crap it needs to warm up outside cause its cold in here! *shivers*
I think Willow is awake. Yep. She is. Now she is crying cause Axl blocked off the door. Man is she whiney some times! But i still love her so its ok. crap i have to go lay down with her

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88th day of 2007
ok was trying to fin all the episodes of Charmed to watch online but can't find anything. I love that show but its over. Want to buy the DVD's but dont' have the money yet. I know you can watch some shows online like Family Guy and other shows but i can't find Charmed anywhere. Does anyone know any good sites for that? any way not much going on.....ramen noodles are nasty.

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ok last time and will go to bed
88th day of 2007
I've always wondered, not just about weblogs but in real journals/diaries, are you supposed to write real stuff in your blogs/diaries w/e?? like i write real happenings but nothing that really has any meaning, nothing that im mad about or dislike or anyting like that. Just happy light stuff. I think i do it cause i know someone in my family might read it and we may or may not have some hypersensitive people in the McC... family.
Yeah but can't get into that or they may freak.
Any way presented with a real dilemma, i have something(s) that i may or may not want to type. do i do it here? do it then delete it? create a fake acct and do it there? who knows....
Just running off at the mouth i guess
Ambs :D

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