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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
ring ring~
Sunday, April 22, 2012
On 28 November 2011 ...

We arrived Port Klang early in the morning. I was excited to be home for the first time in more than one month.

I open my cabin curtain and saw the street lamps were lighted. The sea was calm too.

I have been informed there will be press conference for NL, YL and AYL today. I'm extremely nervous. I don't know what to expect; don't even wanna think about it.

I was told I have to meet up with NL at the verandah at 11 am. I was in my coat and ... sweating. One of the reasons for it is I could not get hold of YL. I kept calling his room number via the ship phone. And asked around my team members if they have seen him around.

I glanced at my handphone and I'm still early, and suddenly it rings.

"Where are you guys now?" asked NL.

"I'm looking for YL, before going to the press conference room."


Then ... I found myself so stupid ... because there is already phone line!!

So I dialed YL's number and advised him to come and meet me up before heading together...

Tidbits: renaye has totally adapted to the lifestyle on the ship that she has forgotten her mobile can receive signal.

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Shock-u 2
Wednesday, April 18, 2012
My student died from a massive heart attack. I don't think any of us expected that will be her cause of death.

She is just 22. How can such young person suffer such illness? I think her classmates were traumatised. I heard they were in the middle of playing badminton when she had tight chest pain. She was sent to the hospital immediately.

But I think it was too late. Though she had EKG done, the doctor who also happens to be my colleague could not save her in time.

My students could not handle the news well. Some broke down into tears in front of their classrooms. My colleague, a counsellor, attended to some of them. She baked some cakes in case they need some comfort food.

In Buddhism teaching, her mission in life has already ended. But not without leaving a lesson to her loved ones and to the people in her environment. This is a mission she chose before reborning.

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Saturday. 4.14.12 10:31 am
Today is a real shocking day. I lost my coolness in public.

I was having late lunch when I was playing around with my tab. I suddenly received an unexpected news that one of my students had passed away yesterday. Today and tomorrow is her funeral.

I just gasped loudly. I last saw her two weeks when she graced into my communal office picking up a pair of badminton racquets that do not belong to her. Everyone in the office were just stunt how nonchalantly she entered the office and swept the racquets without saying a word to us.

What a sudden news. I have informed her supervisor and she attended the funeral along with the deceased team members.

This scene reminds me so much of the funeral my college had back in 2005. My junior died from drowning. I last saw him merrily with his high school sweetheart on the car park in college. It brought me to think how the tree planted in memory of him doing in my college garden.

I really have to tell myself to live life to the fullest. May She rest in peace.

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Monday, April 9, 2012
One of the things smartphone owners need to do is to check out the application market.

I often hear friends telling each other that they can find anything from the market. But I was still then clueless because I didn't own a smartphone yet.

And now I finally understood what they mean by anything. I went online shopping this evening and typed simply CATS in the market and there were a lot of results!!!

AHH!!! So happy I were to find a lot of cats related apps.

I will try to install one of those meowing piano...

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Ice cream sandwich
Thursday. 4.5.12 10:30 am
What... What?

I never get it why technology gadgets have the same name as food. For the past few days, my friends who are into IT stuff were sharing with me some IT information that got me confuse.

First thing first is the version name for android phones. I now own a Samsung Galaxy tab 7 plus so my friends were excited for me for I have finally joined the group. Yea. I am now finally updated. So they were telling me to upgrade my tab to better version. Being clueless as usual, I got no idea what the hell they are ntalking about for as far as I know my tab is the latest version in the market. So what is there to upgrade
Until a friend was telling me to get an ice cream sandwich.

My reply was you want me to eat? His reply was "You can try." I certainly don't find it funny. I thought technology should use more scientific name like the ones in star wars or star trek but not from the kitchen.

No wonder my mum gets frustrated when people try to update her with the latest gadget in the market. I get annoyed too.

Is creativity dead? So should I upgrade my tab or phone to ramen version in the future? No thanks. I prefer Naruto or Bleach.

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ageing ah?
Sunday. 4.1.12 10:26 am
Aiyo. This is the worse backache I have ever experienced since it is accompanied by headache, neckache and maybe twitching muscles. The mere pressure on my lumbar is enough to waken the pain in that area. Worse thing is I feel like puking. Ugh. Must be the neckache fault.

How unfortunate that I had to attend an event despite of my condition. I had called up the organiser to cancel my attendance but I got a wailing reply instead because she has reserved seating for me. So I changed my mind because I have also given her my word that I will be there. But that was in January.

And so I went. And I got rather pissed instead due to the organisation of the event. You may ask me in private for the real reason as I am not going to reveal it here.

Argh! If only I could just stay at home and do something productive than attending the event.


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