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Age. 33
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Location Denver, CO
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Say Nothing of the Dane
Friday. 9.21.07 12:31 pm
I was thinking about N today. I've seen him a couple of times since the floor meeting, but strangely never on my floor. I saw him over at Navs night, coming in and out of Washakie, one time he was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk on his bike. He was looking a me, a half smile on his face, my face bristling with the same look as a lonely track on my mind kept on thinking, "Why is he not moving out of the middle of the sidewalk!?!?" I stepped off of the sidewalk and went on my way.

So I was sitting in my room and I concocted a very extensive daydream. I will tell you what it was because it was very ordinary. I was thinking about what I would do if I actually asked him out. He would be walking up the way between the cafeteria and the dorm, I lift my eyes to meet his and say, "Hi, you're N, right?" He would be a little surprised that I remembered, "Yes, that's my name." I would smile and say, "[jinyu], I live on your floor. I remember you from the floor meeting." He would laugh and his skeleton would relax a little. I would say, "Hey, I was going to go get a smoothie at King Street. Would you like to come?" He would say something like, "Oh, I have a class to go to" or "Ah, I already ate," or even "Sure!" and I would blush because that last was the answer I was looking for. We would walk down the cement walk, hands in our pockets, trying not to bump into each other, while our hands tried desperately to free themselves from their clothy prison to make an offer to the other. We would actually get smoothies and sit down in the ice cream chairs near the window. I would ask him about how he liked Wyoming so far and what he was majoring in, he'd ask me the same thing and I would grasp for answers. I'd figure out that I liked him even better now that I had gotten to know him better and we would part ways, regretfully, due to some previous appointment. It would be the first of many meetings.

It seems so normal, so real, but somehow, I don't know how I'd ever have the courage!

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Issues of exhaustion
Wednesday. 9.19.07 11:32 pm
in otherwords... I'm a wimp. Goodnight.

This is a more freeform freewrite. These are finger stretching freewrites and are not necessarily supposed to make sense, but since here is where I wrote it, here it where it will stay. If you are trying to create on of these, just sit down and write whatever comes to mind, whatever words come to the fore as soon as they come to you and then you will come up with something like I got tonight:

The world was still, breathless filled in an instant and then left it more silent then ever before. On the barren landscape she stood, looking longing into the expanse, like nothing every happened like nothing will ever happen, which it won't. You see the fact it that the truth it boring. No, they really are trying to do the right thing and yes you might be wrong and no there is no one coming after you. You are alone, nobody cares and that is the end of it. What then should you say to those loathingly selfish masses that sit amoung themselves muttering contempt, whispering supposed plots and schemes, what then is there hope to tell them? Nothing? Well then, that is rather boring, but then again, that is the fact: the truth is boring. What then will you do, will you try and help them, break you back on the winds of fortune, praying to some invisible god to sift through those things that you don't want to address, you don't want to see. Talk in grim vaguaries to your fellows and say things like "Walk" and "Faith" and "Word" all with capitals and a piculear annunciation so that people know what it is that your talking about, and something that is so normal turns into a piece of jargon. "Walk" does not mean "walk", "Faith" does not mean "faith" and "Art" does not mean "art". It is this subtle elevation which makes "like" different than "like, like" and the like. I wish that I could have someone to hold and to comfort. I wish I could take care of them and they could move in small circles around me in astonded admiration. I wish then that I could put them on the shelf and forget about them. I need a tomagatchi, lol. I am going to bed.

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Cicero talks - freewrite continuation
Wednesday. 9.19.07 12:30 am
Some more about the story. The original has some language, but I've edited it out for the web.

Cicero came back with Aunt Cecilia and his cousin a little after sunset. Despite his feeble protests, Aunt Cecilia had insisted that, in return for her supplies, Cicero owed her. They drove past the border and headed on through the expanse of nothingness for hours. Cicero watched the fence line roll along the side of the road, whipping back and forth relative the cars movement, just escaping lashing them by a trick of perspective. He watched a hill disappear behind them and sighed.

Cecilia pulled off onto an exit. A suburb tucked off of the road slowly came into view and Cecilia drove the car into a gas station. She got up silently and got out, locking the door as she left. Cicero waited until she was safely in the convenience store.

“Traitor,” he hissed.

“What was that?” his cousin asked mildly.

“You,” he leaned over the seat to look at him, “You could have said something.”

His cousin looked pale in the moonlight. He peeled his flesh off of the glass and looked Cicero in the eye, “You know that’s not true.”

“Yes you could have. You could have SAID something! You could have ****** nodded once or twice,” Cicero hissed, his hands balled into fists as though he was ready to hit him.

His cousin’s eyes grew cold, “You’re very funny Cicero. You know that’s my blood running through her veins right, now.”

“How was I supposed to know that she’d use you,” Cicero grunted, “You, Zion… you knew that what she wanted from me.”

“You knew, too. Frankly, I think it’ll be good for you,” Zion’s reply was even, emotionless.

“Oh? Really,” Cicero did strike him this time, but he grabbed Zion around the throat, his large hand crushing in on his cousin fragile trachea. Zion grabbed his hand feebly, fighting desperately to breath, “My life is hell. I see myself in a mirror, I can’t go outside, I can’t even have a ******* relationship. On top of that, Aunt Cecilia and Henry are trying to run my life from Wyoming and you are telling me that I should just give up? That I should just move back with them and FORGET all of that?”

He threw Zion back against the seat, the force splitting the threads and leaving a slight human shaped dent in the cushion. Zion breathed in heavily, his ribs vibrating in pain. Cecilia got back into the car.

“Really Cicero, be nice to you cousin,” she scolded.

Cicero said nothing.

She tossed a magazine in the back and fired up the car, “Don’t act like I didn’t see that. Really, Cicero, I’d think you’d be more mature.”

They pulled out of the gas station and drove home.

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Dow Withers is in Antarctica
Tuesday. 9.18.07 11:26 pm
Another freewrite, same story, this time with Dow Withers.

"Hello, this is Illiad, can I speak to Dow Withers?" Illiad asked the strange woman.

"How many times do I have to tell you people," she snarled. There was a sticky pause as she popped her gum over the phone, "Dow Withers in Antarctica."

"What?! What the hell is he doing in Antarctica."

The runners hissed along the ice as the lone sled pulled futher and further away from the edge.

"YAHOO!!!!" Dow cried, sliding over a bump and landing with a crack against the ice, "Hey guys! What are we looking for down here anyway."

There was no response. As far as any onlooker could tell there was no one to talk to. Just Dow Withers and a team of six sled dogs. The dogs were fast, faster than any dog should possibly be. The distance they had covered in the last hour was something that would merit a couple of days in travel what with the distance and trying to deice the runners in the freezing weather. As it was, the runners left melted ice deep tracks as they went.

I'm going to bed.

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Blah, anime and more freewrites
Tuesday. 9.18.07 12:22 am
Soes, I watches de anime tonight. I saw Samurai Champloo: which was cool. It's about these guys during the Edo period running around trying to find the shogun who smells like sunflowers. No, I don't know what sunflowers smell like either. They were almost killing of this character just as I was starting to like him, so I made everyone watch the next one to see if it was okay... Then we saw Claymore "Oh? A Claymore? I never suspected that one would show up in this show!" This is an anime about this chick who is half demon half human and everyone wants to kill her but she really just wants to kick demon ass... I think something like that was going on in Dragon Knights... never quite sure. Good anime though, the kid was pretty cute! Theeeen.. Lucky Star. This was like eavesdropping on a bunch of Japanese school girls, except of course, they were always very funny. They were talking about getting back from a break and how you let all this time go by and then you're like "Shoot! I have a test when I get back." Then there was Red Garden. That was a weeeeird friggen anime. They... got bitten... but this dead guy, kinda. And then there was this woman who said they were dead and they had to... wait for her to call them to see if they were going to fight or not. I was like... "But wait, what if they don't fight?" We were all very confused. Strangely, if it had been a nightmare of mine, I would have thought it was weird at all. Well that was all I saw, of course I came halfway through. OH! And we saw an anime music video, mantra, thing. We were all like... "So, where's the show?" And they were like "Hey, if you get the play Sushi Oji, I get to play my anime mantra, thing." And was like lol... jk... not really.. ^_^


Where was I? Oh yes, so Michelle just got back from Cicero's house, neh? Lol, rofl.

Nick was walking down the middle of Prexy's Pasture with Elias when they saw her. She was sitting on a bench, waiting. Her hair was straight, just past shoulder length, a rather ordinary shade of blonde. Her eyes were a soft brown that darted with mild impatience over the grass and she was the most beautiful thing Nick Wolf had ever seen.

"Oh, are you looking at her?" Elias asked.

Nicked turned his head to look at Elias, "What?"

"Her, she's.. She's Kendra, one of Diana's friends."


"Yeah, she just starting going to our church, remember?" he asked.

"No," Nick affirmed, "No, I would have remembered."

"Do you want me to introduce you?" Elias asked.

Just then Nick's phone began to ring. He reached in his back pocket and frantically flipped it open, trying to silence the absurd ring tone.

"Uh, hello?"

She looked up. A guy, tall, brunette, walked up to her. She got up smiled. She punched him lightly in the arm. He laughed.

"Hello? Nick?"

"What? who is this?" Nick asked, his heart sinking.

There was an exasperated sigh, "This is Michelle! I totally just said that."

"Sorry, I just. What's up?" Nick asked.

"Nothing much, I just wanted to follow up on that call I made earlier. Do you want to have lunch some time? I haven't seen you in forever!" she squealed.

The two of them walked away together, bumping into one another as they went

"What? Oh, right. Yeah, yeah, sure. Where do you want to meet?" he asked.

"Who is it?" Elias mouthed.

Nick waved him away. Elias rolled his eyes.

"I don't know, some place on campus I guess. Oh look! A spot!" Michelle cheered.

"Uh... well how 'bout the usual place," he asked.

"That's not on campus," she replied, "But yeah, sure. See you in an hour?"



"Okay, yeah, I don't have anything today. I'll see you then," he replied.

"Who was that?" Elias asked again.

"Michelle," Nick said putting away his phone.

"Michelle? Nick! You aren't going to start it up with her again, are you?" he asked critically.

"Shut up. How many times have you and Diana broken up and gotten back together?" Nick asked.

"That's different. You and Michelle, that's like incest," Elias replied.

Nick gave him the eye, "No. I'm just going to lunch with her. I have barely seen her since school started, okay?"

"Okay, okay. Fine. But if you end up with her again, don't come crying to me," Elias replied, splitting off into Ross Hall, "Talk to you later?"

"Sure, whatever." Nick replied. His gaze limped longingly back to the bench. She wasn't there. He picked up his feet and jogged on to class.

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The day of rest and GQ!
Sunday. 9.16.07 8:37 pm
Well, I got drunk dialed by some guy at 5:00, bleh.

So, I finally got back to bed around 6:00 and managed to sleep through church. BLARG!! This is particularily bad since I missed the college youth group deal yesterday to rest and I wouldn't have minded having the lunch they were providing, but alas, these things do happen.

I got dressed and I went to breakfast, which was good except they didn't have granola, again. I sat along the singletons bar at the edge of the cafeteria. A guy whom I've sat next to before, put his tray next to mine while I was gone. He seemed surprised to see me when I came back. I'm not sure if he remembers me.

The remainder of the day was spent in sundry pursuits, a word that Jordan and I looked up today while playing Mario Kart. I finished a good deal more of my Art History flashcards (I'm still searching for a better way of doing them), then I played Mario Kart and then I went to the store: which brings me to the highlight of my day.

You see, Jordanian and myself decided that we ought to set about drawing. I said that it was most fun to draw hot guys. She agreed that they were, definitely, a worthy subject and so I was tasked with finding a suitable magazine from which to draw them. First, I stopped by El Wal-Mart and got myself some necessities: stuff for my project, batteries for my calculator, blank CDs, tape, bic pens... all sorts of exciting things. (The sunglasses I got were cool. Five bucks and they will nicely replace my rose colored glasses that I broke) However thrilling, it was not the highlight of my day. The highlight was at Hastings were I bought myself a big fat GQ. It's amazing! It was only four bucks and I have picture fodder for months and months to come! Not only that, but the GQ articles are really kind of funny. They had a whole Helio add about texting and what different emoticons mean. I'll have to share some of it with you all one of these days. Needless to say, I've been having a glorious time with it thus far.

I also met two new people: Jessica and Ruth. I have always been fond of the name Ruth, mostly because of the story. Ruth is really a pretty cool woman in that there Bible.

Well, that's it for me.

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