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Gimme a call
Monday. 8.28.06 10:29 am
A few limericks and a tongue twister...

* *There was a young lady from Niger who smiled as she rode on a tiger; they returned from the ride with the lady inside and the smile on the face of the tiger.

* * * *There was an old maid from Peru, who thrity-one languages knew; with one pair of lungs she worked thirty-one tongues, I don't wonder she's single, do you?

* * * * *There was a young lady from Lynn, whowas so uncommonly thin that when she esayed (?) to drink lemonade, she slipped through the straw and fell in.

* * * * * *There was an old lady of Steen, whose musical sense was not keen; she said, "Well, it's odd, but I cannot tell 'God Save the Weasel' from 'Pop! Goes the Queen'."

* * * * *There was a young woman from Bright, whose speed was much faster than light; she set out one day in a relative way and returned the previous night.

* * * *There was an old man from Peru, who dreamt he was eating his shoe; he awoke one night in a terrible fright, and he found it was perfectly true!

* *A tutor who tooted the flute tried to tutor two tooters to toot.
Said the two to the tutor, "Is it harder to toot or to tutor two tooters to toot?"

Hahaha! They're funny. I found them in an old book buried in our closet. Voices of America by Wolfe, Krone, Fullerto

Oh, and I may be putting up a few poems. Not mine, but check them out anyway. I'll probably keep the short ones up for a week or so...

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Crosswalk Buttons...
Monday. 8.28.06 9:17 am
I checked out dave's site http://www.ouroddworld.com. Here's what I found interesting:

Crosswalk buttons for pedestrians are fake!
Found this on OurOddWorld.com

For years, at thousands of New York City intersections, well-worn push buttons have offered harried walkers a rare promise of control over their pedestrian lives. The signs mounted above explained their purpose:

To Cross Street
Push Button
Wait for Walk Signal
Dept. of Transportation

These buttons are fake! At least, over 75% of them in NYC are fake.

The city deactivated most of the pedestrian buttons long ago with the emergence of computer-controlled traffic signals, even as an unwitting public continued to push on, according to city Department of Transportation officials. More than 2,500 of the 3,250 walk buttons that still exist function essentially as mechanical placebos, city figures show. Any benefit from them is only imagined.

I've seen a couple of these on the streets. I even pressed those useless buttons once or twice! I always wondered why they didn't work...it never made 'Walk' come on any faster. I can't believe they haven't told anyone they're fakes! People are out there pushing buttons when it's just a waste of their energy. I wonder what else they haven't told us...

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Early Bird...
Sunday. 8.27.06 2:01 pm
This morning I woke to the sound of shuffling footsteps and jingling of keys. I looked up to find my mom heading out the door. At 7 AM. Where in the world does she think she's going so early in the freakin' morning?! I sat there for I don't know how long in my bewildered not-yet-awake state. After I got over the weirdness of the whole thing, I decided to take advantage of the situation. My jailor was out and unable to threaten me with a softball bat. I could go online and nuTang, email, fanfiction, etc...! And I did, well, I started to. My mom opened the door just as I was starting to type this. What you're reading now is a continuation.

SO...my friend made me watch NANA after reading all the previous issues of Shojobeat. So I'd know what was going on. The timing was perfect because the last issue I read ended where the movie did. (Timing--Shojobeat comes out every month.) And now I love Mika Nakashima (Nana Oosaki). She's a great singer, not an actress, but she was good in the movie. Though I still can't believe they included the bathtub scenes from the manga...maybe it's just me. I haven't watched any Japanese movies/TV series in a while. Actually, I only watched the one my mother was interested in years ago. I believe it was called Beautiful Days.

Anyway, I bought NANA for myself afterwards...for two dollars! Nice. I found this place downtown. Basically they copy the originals and sell them really cheap. I won't say the store name (I can't remember anyway) because I'm pretty sure that's illegal...is it?

I'm only able to post this now because my mother was in a very deep phone conversation a minute ago. I don't think she knows I'm still typing away, but better safe than sorry.

I'm out!

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Thank you!
Saturday. 8.26.06 9:42 am
Aw, you've all made me so happy! I feel so welcome here! Thank you!

I wrote up a little piece after finding nuTang. It has nothing to do with nuTang, alright? Just some philosophical rambling that I had to get down. You see, I start thinking in my head when I have nothing to do. In this case, I was in front of my laptop which was pretty lucky. Ususally I draw some sort of conclusion in my head, make a note to remember it, and then forget it the moment I open my mouth. -.-' Anyway, I had gone through a few blogs and saw that you can post things like that up here. I was happy and that got me wanting to join (well, it pushed the rising tide to 'yes!'). So I wrote it up while I waited for to someone to give me an invite code (Thanks, dave!). So go ahead to my Reading and read!

*Note: (Quote from my comment to The-Muffin-Man) It is all speculation. Different ways to think/look at it. (End of Quote)
I just keep thinking and writing while things churn in my head. I start in one direction and end up in another that way. So I could contradict myself. I never know.

Oh, yes, one more thing. Kuri reminded me of something about me. I didn't put this in my profile, but I like comics, too. Manga and some anime (depends). If I'm in a bookstore, I'll go check them out. Or whenever I have time on my hands and I want to read. I would go to Fiction, but sometimes my eyes get tired and I just want picture books...I read enough.

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Hey, new here!
Friday. 8.25.06 11:00 am
Well, well, well. Guess what?
I'm officially a member of NuTang! Yay!

What I said in the forum (invite code) was true. I found this place on flooble! Let me tell you how that came to be:

One day a very lonely little girl went to her xanga site. She had neglected it for a while. By the time she came back, everyone had left for myspace.
So started running through the web looking for things to brighten up her lonely little corner. She came across flooble and started to browse. Up came NuTang and a choir sang "Hallelujah!"

Gone were my boring days. I fill them with NuTang and problem solved!

Okay, enough of that.
To update you on all you missed in the previous years of my life: I was born alone, I started my mini-career , and I'm now trying to figure out what my real career should be.

Log for the week (since it's friday):
I'm part of the Downtown Dance Festival. Maybe I'll upload the pictures in my gallery.

Next time.

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