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New Music
Thursday. 9.14.06 7:51 am
This one is A Lack of Color by Death Cab for Cutie. Very awesome. Listen and enjoy.

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Why Voting is Stupid
Friday. 9.8.06 7:56 am
I swear to God, the next time someone tells me “if you don’t vote, then you don’t have the right to complain about anything”... I swear I’m going to punch them in the face. And here’s why.

1... I pay taxes. 2.. This is a free fucking country. 3... voting, at least the current incarnation of it in this country, is stupid and pointless.

Now let me explain why. The only time your vote really matters is if you live in a swing state, or a state with a high-electoral score. End of story. If you live in a red state or a blue state then you might as well vote for Barney the purple dinosaur. Because no matter who you vote for, those states are going to go to a democrat or a republican. I live in California, which means that even if I think a republican would do a better job, my state is going to swing for whichever tree-hugging Bush-bashing Political-correctness-obsessed sycophant that the democratic party regurgitates that year.

And that isn’t to say that I think Bush is doing a good job. The man is a retard. Frankly, neither party has elected a decent candidate in the last 20 years. I can only pray that when the elections come around again, America is smart enough to elect the right person for the job, regardless of the party, and not just elect a democrat because a republican screwed up.

And yes, if the democrats or the republicans field a candidate I’d feel comfortable voting for, then I would vote, useless as my vote may be. But until that happens, Diddy and all those other spotlight-drunk celebrities who do those voting campaigns for publicity, can kiss my ass.

And no, this isn’t one of those rants where I complain about something and don’t offer a solution. Granted I know nothing about the political process, but it seems to be that the whole thing would make a lot more sense if the whole election were based solely on votes. Nothing else. That way, it wouldn’t matter which state you’re in or which party your state swings for. The guy who gets elected would have the most votes. America would have made it’s choice.

Unfortunately nobody from either party is willing to see the flaws in any of the systems. Because both parties think they’re right all the time about everything. And sadly, there are very few people in the right places who are willing to see that... perhaps neither party is fit to run this country.

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