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John Stossel and School
Friday. 9.1.06 10:04 pm
I was just watching 20/20 on channel 7 (abc7). This segment was called...something Stupid America or stupid schools...something.
I sat there watching John Stossel tell me why I should be skeptical every time I'm told something.

I was the customer at his resturant and he was putting the dishes on my table one after another. There was no time for me to taste it or remark upon the beautiful ways they were arranged.

Don't get me wrong, I believed every word he said. It was channel 7, they would never state anything that wasn't a fact they had researched. I was in a french resturant, I knew the food would be superb. And I trusted them enough to know there wouldn't be turds in my filet mignon. They had definite data to back them up.

Okay, I'm being threatened again. I'll continue my rant later. See ya!
--And I'm back! Sorry, Kuri, if I don't make sense...

You know how there is a demand for more money for schools? Money for education! It's for a good cause: our children! The unions and teachers are telling the politicians and the public how money can help kids get better grades.

Example #1: Billions of dollars were given to a particular school that hadn't been doing so well. Now they have an olypic-sized pool, a huge cafeteria, indoor track in a gigantic gymnasium. But the grades? Gotten worse. Down, down, down.

Example #2: School with no donations, but has a great principal. He visits every class and gives out money for perfect attendance! The kids love it!

Example #3: There are teachers rewarded for good teaching. They know they'll lose their jobs if they don't teach well. So they make learning fun. The kids are excited to do phonics, etc...

Schools in South Carolina aren't getting better. On the list of States' SAT scores: South Carolina is dead last with 993...or was it 933?...either way, that's not good. And yet those in charge argue that it is getting better and that it's perfectly fine as it is.

You know what's even worse? If you go up a couple of places on that list, you'll find New York! I live in New York! Why is it so bad?

Remember the No Child Left Behind Act? Teachers are teaching little kids to cheat to pass into the next grade. They're giving them the answers to get them out of there.

Also, kids have to go their zone schools. Their parents can't choose the schools for them. Even if the school is really bad. Here's another bad thing: if they're rich, they can move and buy a house in the right neighborhood with a good school. A governor's kid can choose not to go to his zone school because...well, he's the governor's kid.

You can choose what kind of cell phone you want, the ringtones and wallpapers, but not your school. There's a school so good, parents would die to get their kids in. So they have to hold a lottery. Whoever wins gets in! Yay! Because otherwise, they'd never have had a chance.

I believe it all. I really do. But I had barely enough time to digest it. It went by pretty fast though I understood it all. They just have a lot of facts we need to know with a limited time slot in which to tell us. *shrugs* Oh, I remember now. It's called Stupid in America.

I hope I made sense...I just started typing and this is what came out. Mind you I watched this last night. My memory's pretty impressing, eh? *lifts eyebrows*

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Friday. 9.1.06 3:54 pm
Okay, I'm about to fall out of the top ten so I have to write something interesting...

Hmm, let's see...oh, first. The lyrics I put up are Glamorous Sky and Isolation by Mika Nakashima. Glamorous Sky was a theme song for NANA in which Mika played Nana Oosaki. I really liked it so I downloaded it and found lyrics. I've found that her songs are rock-ish, but are classified as JPop. *shrugs*

On to something else: I'm a big reader. I LOVE books and am a total bookworm. I read for pleasure.
And to get away from reality.
Into the land of make believe.
Where Romeo fights for love.
And all dancers are welcomed, good or bad. Or just dumb.

Bananas and all.

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Thursday. 8.31.06 8:33 pm

I'M FREAKING OUT! AHHHH! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! OH, MY...AAAHHHH! I can't believe this...I'm...ahhhhhh!

I've only been here for, what, SIX DAYS! AND I'M ON THE TOP TEN! AHHHHH!

I took a screen shot to commemorate, but I have no time to go over Kuri's instructions on how to put it up. I have to get this down and this entry out!

You're all absolutely the best!

I feel like a princess! A ge ge!
Love, love love!

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My Pics...
Thursday. 8.31.06 9:43 am
I'm going to talk about my gallery today!

The pictures I've put up were taken on the 4th Annual Chinatown Beautification Day. It was held on August 13th, 2006 by CYI or Chinatown Youth Initiative.
Basically, we work all day to clean the streets of Chinatown. It was limited to 250 volunteers this year. We're split up into different groups and our own set of streets to clean.
There is an open hydrant in the pictures as a start for the event. The public is not allowed to open hydrants so there is a representative sent from the NYPD. The water flows down the gutters and pushes the litter to easy access.

These pictures were taken by the Chinese press. There are two out of the three where you can see me. But! The one they published wasn't any of them. They chose pic A where I'm hidden!

As you can see, most of the volunteers are Chinese. It's not on purpose, but we pretty much grew up there and it's Chinatown!

And, I'm putting up a few song lyrics by Mika Nakashima.

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Going Public...
Wednesday. 8.30.06 1:13 pm
Ok, I'm making the "Crazy People with Crazy Ideas" entry public now. But in case I forget or it doesn't work...the password is: cr4zy (lower case c, r 4 z y) So...tell me what you think about it.

--Please don't forget to read the other entry for today
---An update on my progress: I've passed invisible and Chloefoxx! Watch out dave, you're next!

Please don't judge me for making such a big deal of it. I'm not gonna be green anytime soon so let me have my fun. *nod for me* Okay!


Ok, that's out of my system. Good night!

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Wednesday. 8.30.06 9:26 am
I'm the on NuTang's Most Active! Have I really surfed...wait, let me check...1996 pages already? Wow! And I passed Kuri.

Seriously, I've only been here FIVE DAYS? I feel like I've been here forever!

It's such a luxury to go online all day, everyday. When we turn around the corner into September's arms, well, all the opulance of time disappears. School starts;
there are projects to be done, essays to be written, the annoyance of homework, clubs and practices to go to. We'll all be so busy...except for those of you who've already graduated. Lucky you.

Yeah, yeah. I hear you. I should enjoy the time I have left in school. School is so interesting, you get to have fun, and see your friends everyday. Once you start working, it's not going to be like that. Stay in school for as long as you can. Alright, alright.

Anyway, my first private entry! Well, it won't stay private for much longer. So check it out later!

Oh, and I uploaded some pics. Check them out, too.

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Tuesday. 8.29.06 1:28 pm
Anybody want the password to "Crazy People with Crazy Ideas"? I put it as private because I don't know if I have permission to reveal the information. However, the event is going on today and is probably over by now... So, there should be no problem, but I'll wait until I'm sure and make it a public entry tomorrow. Send me a note, email, or whatever.

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Crazy People with Crazy Ideas
Tuesday. 8.29.06 1:22 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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