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Oh, no! Not again!
Thursday. 2.12.09 9:27 pm
I think I lost my Skullcandies. I can't find the little buggers anywhere...and the ones that came with the Zune make my ears ache. Noooo!

Today was an experience. Ironically, I slept through most of it. Today, I had my first get-some-sleep-in-all-four-classes day. On one hand, I kind of feel proud of myself. And lucky that we had some sleep-time (time in which nothing too mind-numbingly important is being taught) in all classes. But on the other hand, I had a really short temper all day. It only really flared in second block because the Spanish teacher is outrageous, --

I just sent the 1000th message in a facebook thread. Huzzah! We finally reached our landmark!--

She's pretty outrageous. I think I'll leave it at that. But I was making these priceless little comments from the back of the class, and everyone was cracking up, and it made me feel better. So when we did our skit, I wore the basket on my head like she asked and made the best of it. And the best was pretty awesome.

But my gosh! I've never felt so completely exhausted. Most of the symptoms from this week are gone, except the cough. But NOW I'm starting to get a sore throat, which I never had in the first place. So. I dunno. My basketball team is gonna hate me.

Haha, thinking about that 1000th message, I'm glad I didn't make a typo. That would be embarrassing.

Now, on to English and Spanish!

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Ew, sickness.
Saturday. 2.7.09 10:02 pm
I'm really sick, and I don't even want to talk about it. Too tired to even play Legend of Zelda.

Randomjunk, I'll microwave your marshmallow later.

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How far we've come
Wednesday. 2.4.09 10:52 pm
There are countless ways that technology has taken the humanity out of humans, but one that has always interested me personally was the fact that sometimes, I talk to one person through messages or e-mail, while I'm talking to that person on an instant messenger or the phone. Usually I try to converge my conversations, but right now I'm using AIM and a group thread at the same time, so it's not really an option. But still.

On another note, I used a microwave to make the perfect s'more today. The Hershey's Chocolate was soft to the touch, and the marshmallow was warm, extremely fluffy, and almost inviting...but not burned a bit. Even the Graham crackers seemed less crumbly. Weird, huh?

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Tuesday. 2.3.09 7:44 pm
Stuff is resolved! I'm fickle, I know. Let me be.

Now I'm just stressed at the amount of work I have coming up this week. Not fair that I have 5 classes in a 4 class schedule. Ugh. And they're all hard, no easy ones this semester!

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