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basically a NOVEL.
Wednesday. 8.18.10 12:11 am

Dilated is a pretty spectacular guy. Let me tell you all the reasons why.

Just kidding.

That's not the way challenges work.

:3 Hehe.

I WILL, HOWEVER, tell you about the great time I had, yesterday.

It started with me asking Meagan what time she wanted to see Scott Pilgrim. Instead of giving me a time, she asked if I wanted to go to a party.

So I went to that.

Well, first, I chopped up one of my old elementary school shirts so it would actually fit my body size/shape. I cut slits all up the sides and tied them like what's popular, right now. It looked pretty hot. After adding a few hair ties to my wrist (because of the paint), I was out the door and in my friend Meagan's car.

When we got there...I was greeted by Sarah's brother's flapping package.

I wish I was kidding.

He'd stripped down to his boxers (with a piece of duct tape to close the slit) and was jumping enthusiastically.

Let me back up for a second:

*I've known him since I was nine or ten. I've seen him half-naked more times than I've probably seen my biological brother half-naked.

I'm used to it.*

People were already *sort of* painted by the time I showed, but we started in more enthusiastically after some time went by. The paint was gone within an hour, I'm sure. It was splattered all over the floor of the garage, all over EVERYONE, and we kept smashing into each other while raving, so there were huge smears of color corresponding to others all over us.

We also went to BiLo.

All of us.

Even the shirtless, shoeless guys (I borrowed Ethan's shoes even though his arch support is like ZERO and his shoe size far surpasses my own) came with. They, of course, decided to run. I didn't want to, so I had to run to catch up when they kept going. Sarah and I walked the final third of the trek, refusing to run.

Ethan did a lap or two around the whole store in just his boxers. No one stopped him. Craig actually came to the checkout with us (shirtless but not so pantsless). People mostly laughed at us, the paint-splattered and half-naked youths. For some reason, adults find it entirely precocious.

We received a few yells from cars (I think you call them cat calls), there and back, running along the sidewalks. We were safe, but not cautious. Those streets are like the backs of our hands. I ran across them even as a kid to get home from Sarah's. It's hard to explain how cool it looked.

When we got back, things kind of settled down. Which is hard to imagine. Events trickled into the front yard, where we watched the guys play on the top of Meagan's car and Ethan climb the light pole (WHICH MAKES ME NERVOUS, PS). Meagan and I changed clothes without anyone seeing (except each other), and there was an inflatable whale kiddie pool out front.

I ended up laying in the middle of the road with Ethan. Because he asked me to. He told me, "If a car comes, I'll save your life," so I trusted him, because I guess that's what I should do with people I've known for eight years of my life. He yanked me up off the ground twice. In between...we just kinda talked. I don't even know how some stuff came up. But it was really cool. I'd forgotten how nice it was to lay around and talk to him. We sort of used to, back when I was younger.

But not so much these days.

I miss talking to people and having it feel easy.

Anyway. Afterward, Meagan and I spent the night with Sarah (and technically Ethan, but only because he's her brother). We ate cookie things (which made my stomach churn (I'm used to fruits and granola; my stomach isn't geared towards mushy giant cookie things)), sat around and talked, watched a show or two, then parted ways for bed. Sarah went to her own bed, I took the floor, and Meagan took the couch right by my patch of floor.

Meagan and I ended up talking until a little after six in the morning. Then I totally passed out, only to wake up again just as Ethan's foot stepped beside my face, headed out.

I didn't let it keep me up.

In fact, I slept (and Meagan did, too) until around noon. We sat for a while, got dressed, whatever. They ate another cookie each...I didn't. I shudder to think of that rich taste.

Then I realized that, in all this, I had never told my mom that I wasn't home.

...It's probably best.

But still, I had to head home to give my dog her glaucoma drops. So, just as it started to rain, Sarah drove me home. My friend Ian called me, later, and asked how far to my campus and told me he and John were headed my way. I laughed and wished him luck, since my college doesn't move in for another couple days.

And now I'm going to the beach, tomorrow. :]

Technically today.

Either way. BEACH TRIP! :D

Then I guess my parents get a day, on Thursday, before I leave. For the most part. They don't need me ALL night.

Then I move in! I'm just sort of excited to start off a new chapter. Two weeks ago, I was absolutely devastated about some things. Now it's a welcome deal. I've come to peace.

And I'm having a LOT of fun.

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100 Facts about a Unicorn-Dinosaur Hybrid
Sunday. 8.15.10 1:15 am

As promised.

1. I'm so excited for the future even though I'm also scared that it won't be as wonderful as the past.

2. I hate this number.

3. People say I'm Summer from 500 Days of Summer.

4. I agree. She and I are a lot alike.

5. I've always wanted a bowler hat since reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being because Sabina felt so close to my own heart.

6. I stand in respect for the Pledge of Allegiance, but I don't participate.

7. I make semi-authentic Native American dreamcatchers in my spare time.

8. It makes me feel closer to that aspect of my ethnicity, which I really love, for some reason.

9. My eyes do, too. They're prominently Native American.

10. Otherwise, I'm mostly Irish.

11. I want to either live in Arizona, California, or New Mexico when I'm an adult. YES, I do like the heat.

12. With that said...I do NOT like snow. UNLESS! I'm seeing someone seriously. Then...it's kind of nice to brew up some cocoa and stroll around in the snow.

13. I only drink the cocoa I brew from scratch. I KNOW what I put in my own cocoa, and that's a rare power, these days.

14. I love similies for explaining things, and metaphors when I want to say something romantically.

15. I'm not a writer.

16. I'M REALLY NOT A WRITER. When people say I should write for the rest of my life I want to vomit on them.

17. I want to ride an elephant pretty much more than anything ever.

18. With hiking, it was love at first sight.

19. I hope I can hike even when I'm older, but I have hypermobility and am already starting to show signs of arthritis.

20. I have two dogs. They're awesome spectacular.

21. I had only one when I was born. His name was Teddy, and I'd been around him my entire life, up until around age 10 when we had to have him put down.

22. I don't have any living biological grandparents.

23. My neighbors, who have been around since I was around six years old, are like my third set of grandparents. When they go, I'm really out.

24. I don't cry easily. At ALL. And no one sees me cry because I'm excellent at hiding it when I do.

25. Mostly because I don't feel like many people can handle crying people. If I let someone around me when I'm crying, it's because I have faith that that person can handle it.

26. I love cooking, especially when I'm going through extreme moods.

27. Except when I'm angry. Then I like to use my punching bag till it bleeds.

28. My feet are REALLY ticklish.

29. When I say don't tickle them...I mean it. I sincerely hate being tickled on my feet.

30. I'm only writing this list because I can't ignore a challenge (aside from obviously extreme challenges).

31. When I'm an adult...I'm going to do everything I wanted to when I lived at home but couldn't (read: buy a cat and a bunny, go on regular trips, and have men over when no one else is home).

32. I still don't want to have sex before marriage, though. Not my thing.

33. I love the number 27 because it's 3^3.

34. I've dyed my hair so many times that I'd lost count by the time I hit tenth grade. I think it was because I felt restless in myself.

35. I say I don't have regrets, but that doesn't mean I don't sometimes wish things could have gone differently. I think we all wish we could accomplish the perfect situation, sometimes. Regardless of how well things turned out, anyway.

36. We've had a cockatiel in the household since I was around seven. ...I hate birds.

37. I like poetry slamming. Derrick Brown is my favorite slammer, so far.

38. I have a huge crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. AND James Franco. IíM SORRY.

39. If I ever have the chance to go skydiving, I probably will. Even though Iím scared the parachute wonít deploy.

40. I wish Iíd kept at horseback riding. Horses are such odd but noble animals.

41. When I was nine, I first had my foot stepped onówith the full weight. By a horse. I was pretty chill about it, even though my eyes were watering.

42. I like water over any juice, soda, or otherwise. It just tastes better, I think.

43. I have this Kurt Halsey art piece on my wall. It used to remind me of my boyfriend at the time, but now it reminds me of something else entirely.

44. Iím not often open with people entirely. So when I am, itís entirely obvious.

45. I have freckles all across my nose and cheekbones when exposed to enough sun. You can barely see them.

46. When something bad with someone else happensÖI need at least a week away from that person. No contact or anything. It helps me hit acceptance more quickly.

47. I used to have nightmares every single night I was asleep long enough to dream. This was for about two years. Now, I keep having good dreams, other than the occasional nightmare.

48. Most of the nightmares now involve zombies.

49. I didnít have Microsoft Office on my computer until tonight (August 14th in the EARLY morning).

50. I once tried to tackle middaymoon and instead tackled the ground. Needless to say, he hasnít let me live it down.

51. The last thing word I would EVER use to a describe myself is ďgirly.Ē

52. I had two boyfriends in high school (not at the same time).

53. With all the flirtation and dating, it feels like more. LikeÖa LOT more.

54. I like making holidays extravagant for people.

55. Case in point: For Valentineís Day in tenth grade, I packed all my boyfriendís favorite foods into a paper bag and had someone give it to him in first block. All his friends told him I was a cool girlfriend.

56. I love the sound a bamboo wind chime makes. It reminds me of the rainforest.

57. If I could live anywhere in perfect circumstances, I would live in a giant tree house in the rainforest. The tree house would actually be several small ones (one for each room) connected by wooden bridges.

58. I would also walk around naked all the time, if I could. Except when itís cold out. That would suck.

59. I go through phases where I feel closer to one parent than another.

60. For a while, I wanted a job that forced me to travel. Now I realize I always want a home base and a choice in the matter.

61. I use lip gloss like other people breathe.

62. If I had to get a tattoo, it would have to do with a phoenix and a dragon. Clichť, but it actually means something, with me, the way I would do it.

63. Iím excited to go to college because thereís an indoor pool on campus.

64. I LOVE the food in China, especially hot pot. If you ask me whether I would eat in Italy for a week or eat in China for a weekÖI would say China.

65. If you see a bathing suit top peeking out from under my shirt, it means one of two things: 1) Iím going swimming, or 2) I couldnít find a bra to wear under the shirt.

66. I donít care about bras. Iím an A cup, so Iím perpetually perky.

67. The only thing Iím bringing to put in my mini fridge at college is a water pitcher with a filter.

68. I was pretty much raised on video games.

69. I went back and erased this fact because it mentioned my brother, and for some reason I canít mention family on number sixty-nine. >.<

70. I have a dirty mind. People are shocked by this because Iím generally very small and female-y.

71. Sometimes a curl my lip when I grin. I have no idea why and just started noticing it recently.

72. I go to the mall photobooths with people I want to remember.

73. If I donít get married to the right person in time, Iíll probably become a cougar.

74. I donít like scarves. Thereís no reason for me to wear them.

75. I have this thing for little dinky gemstones and gluing them to things that arenít pretty on their own.

76. I love having a lighter handy. I donít why.

77. Iíve never cutting my hair short again. Ever. Wavycurlystraight hair like mine is not meant to be that short.

78. I donít care how fast your car goes. I care how quickly it gets to sixty. Super fast cars arenít any good without the right tires, and barely anyone ever buys the tires to let the car reach its potential.

79. I check my phone by habit and really HATE that I do so.

80. When my mom mentioned that my room in the new house wouldnít have a door, I didnít mind. Maybe I will when we actually live there, but it just doesnít seem so consequential.

81. I love being busy.

82. With that said, I almost always prefer going out on dates to staying in. But, with the right person, curling up and watching late night TV is pretty much the best thing ever.

83. I get Asain women as results on any given celebrity look-alike site.

84. Febreze is an obsession of mine. If my room doesnít smell like an autumn harvest, I donít even want to be there.

85. I love when my hair dresser knows how to talk AND knows how to cut hair. Having an awkward time in the chair is never good.

86. If I think I see how something could work, I go ahead and try it instead of making definite plans. ESPECIALLY when it comes to crafts, design, and such.

87. Songs make me cry before death does. I see death as a temporary goodbye.

88. Itís funny, though, because I always see temporary goodbyes as forever goodbyes, in any other situation. Saying goodbye for a few months REALLY freaks me out.

89. I have many stupid nicknames given by friends, and I accept them all. Except Boyman. That one just sucks.

90. I like to flip my hair around like a pretty little pony when I feel purty.

91. Makeup and I are good friends, but I donít consistently wear it. If I feel like putting it on, I do. If I donít, I donít. People donít seem to notice the difference too much.

92. I twirl my hair when I see someone attractive, but I also twirl it when Iím thinking about certain people who twirl theirs.

93. I listen to Pandora CONSTANTLY. Iíve reached the monthly limit many times.

94. I bake when upset, but I also bake when Iím having company.

95. I go into gung-ho housewife mode when Iím having people over. I vacuum, mop, pick up things, fluff cushions, the whole nine yards. And I have NO idea why.

96. I knit when Iím at peace with the world.

97. Iíve been working with hot glue guns regularly since I was probably twelve. If there is ever a need for that random experience, I AM QUALIFIED!

98. Iíd forgotten why I took photos until just recently. I miss it, all will start up again.

99. I brush my teeth obsessively and care more about having nice dental hygiene than having hairless legs. Two different mouthwashes, minty floss, whitening chewing gum, daytime and overnight whitener, and a carefully-picked toothbrush and tooth paste duo. I use them all regularly.

100. But there was one time when I actually didnít consider that when I usually would have.

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Sunday. 8.8.10 12:30 am

Not the list...sorry, guys. Something really bad happened and I need a couple weeks. The first post after this (if it isn't password protected) will be the list.

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Honey Bunny with a hole in her leg.
Wednesday. 7.28.10 7:42 pm

So I was doing my usual crafty stuff with a hot glue gun and some felt. It was a little yellow felt circle. So cute.




See, I have two hot glue guns. There is the white one, which is about three years old and leaks, and the blue one, which is almost as old as me and gets way, way hotter. So it's either have the glue leak (which is okay, if it's just on my P.o.S. desk or something), or have the glue be hotter.

I thought, hey, what the hell. Let's use the blue gun since I'm working near carpeting.

So I did.

And now I have two second-degree burns. One is a fingernail-sized, puckering, infected burn, and the other is a blistering squiggle burn.

I am the epitome of attractive, right now, sitting here eating my Pocky, leg oozing, whining because it hurts when it brushes up against something.

As it should. All my nerves are exposed.

The whole reason I have this burn is because I made a birthday hat for Araam on his birthday. And threw him a surprise party. Well, sort of surprising. It was like a scene out of Pulp Fiction.

See, Seth was helping. He came over early and parked his car in the garage so Araam wouldn't see. Seth and I proceeded to locate an acceptable hiding spot and find a pillowcase with which to blind Araam. The plan was that I would lead Araam to the hiding spot, Seth would cover his (Araam's) head, I would tie his hands up, and Seth would carry him to the car.

Sounds easy, until Araam collapsed on the floor so we couldn't 1) tie his hands together, 2) pick him up, or much less 3) get him to the car.

So we just blindfolded him and got him to the car.

But his hands weren't tied together, so he kept taking the blindfold off.

...I essentially screamed at him like a kidnapper would, while Seth told him that I was "serious."

And that is how he and I turned into Pumpkin and Honey Bunny.


...It's oddly fitting. I've also been told that Seth and I are like Bonnie and Clyde.

Except, Bonnie and Clyde honestly weren't that impressive. I hate to say it, because I'm interested in the legend, but they just didn't have a spectacular run.


Oh, and I dyed my hair back to brown. Some dryness and breakage came with it.


BUT, it is way nicer-looking, and it's the last thing I'm doing to my hair (somewhat out of fear, but also just out of a lack of need for change).

Hmm...so that's that.

I went to the dentist, today, and the woman who does everything but look at my teeth at the end told me that the first time she met me, I liked Barbies, I liked soccer, and my favorite people were Kendal and Natalie.

How weird. Very few people have known me since I was seven. It's like they have a huge gap in their knowledge that I don't have...and likewise for me and their memories.

Just something I think about.

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