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Friday. 2.20.09 9:12 pm
A purely systematic thought (all thoughts of destiny aside):

Every person on earth is a miracle of chance, if you take into account the chances of their parents meeting and the person living their childhood a certain way and turning into a certain person, and compound those chances for every generation of ancestors. Then multiply THAT by the planet's population.

Every (generally healthy) person is made of trillions of cells, which for the most part act as a well oiled biological machine and make up one of the most astonishing and inspiring feats of engineering on the planet, at the very least. And every second, each person is host to a barely controlled furnace in each of these cells that powers its life, reproduction, and eventual death.

Relative to the center of, say, our galaxy, I actually have no idea how fast we move. But it's really fast. And even faster relative to the universe, etc. But we have no idea, for the most part. That's pretty cool, right?

So yeah, I was thinking about all that, and my contacts lined up perfectly on my eyes so the trees and skyline was in perfect focus, and I almost floated all the way home.

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Wednesday. 2.18.09 7:18 pm
I may begin doing the morning announcements at my school.

Every morning, my bud David (HEY DAVID!) comes in and does the morning announcements, which air on the school TV network. It's usually stuff that nobody pays attention to, but David seems like he has a blast, and he personally invited me to be his apprentice. For the rest of the year, I will be learning under him, co-starring (if you can call it that) on the show (again...). And he's graduating early next year, like the little PLATT that he is, so I'll be on my own.

I'm excited by this.

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Too much
Monday. 2.16.09 6:51 pm

The Mind Unlocked by ~middaymoon on deviantART

I think it's pretty final that the teacher's not going to use my art for the cover. Shame, I don't think it's half bad.

Today in school I had some sort of happy high. I was a little sleepy for Math, which is nothing new. All my classes seemed to go by so SLOWLY! But the entire time I was in a good mood, good to the point that my classmates were commenting on it.

And for all you awesome people who were worried, here is a story. APPARENTLY I brought my Skullcandies to school in my sweater pocket, which is stupid. But they fell out first block, and I didn't notice, and I made that post the same night, and found them the next morning because my teacher is awesome. YeaY!

Coincidentally, my Zune stopped working right around then. It just wouldn't turn on. I plugged it in, unlocked it, reset it, did everything...and two days later it magically turned on again. Can't figure it out. Ah, well.

Thanks, guys!

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Oh, no! Not again!
Thursday. 2.12.09 9:27 pm
I think I lost my Skullcandies. I can't find the little buggers anywhere...and the ones that came with the Zune make my ears ache. Noooo!

Today was an experience. Ironically, I slept through most of it. Today, I had my first get-some-sleep-in-all-four-classes day. On one hand, I kind of feel proud of myself. And lucky that we had some sleep-time (time in which nothing too mind-numbingly important is being taught) in all classes. But on the other hand, I had a really short temper all day. It only really flared in second block because the Spanish teacher is outrageous, --

I just sent the 1000th message in a facebook thread. Huzzah! We finally reached our landmark!--

She's pretty outrageous. I think I'll leave it at that. But I was making these priceless little comments from the back of the class, and everyone was cracking up, and it made me feel better. So when we did our skit, I wore the basket on my head like she asked and made the best of it. And the best was pretty awesome.

But my gosh! I've never felt so completely exhausted. Most of the symptoms from this week are gone, except the cough. But NOW I'm starting to get a sore throat, which I never had in the first place. So. I dunno. My basketball team is gonna hate me.

Haha, thinking about that 1000th message, I'm glad I didn't make a typo. That would be embarrassing.

Now, on to English and Spanish!

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