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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Location Denver, CO
School. Other
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Came home (Aug 2, 2014)
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What I did this morning
Monday. 10.29.07 11:50 am
Normally I wake up at 10:00, I crawl out of bed and then I say a series of expletives before racing off to class. Today I went to kicking boxing, showered, blow dryed my hair, got a flu shot AND ate breakfast and wrote a blog entry. That would be this one, right here, all before 10:00.

By the way, kick boxing was apparently step areobics today and I practically died XD. Well, now I'm going to go off and find something to do until 10:30... now, I think I realize how I did it all in highschool...

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Sucess! Halloween Swing Dance, attempt #3
Saturday. 10.27.07 11:47 pm
attempt #3 of project: "Get out there" was met with considerable sucess! I danced a little better, met a couple of people and in the end, had a couple of dances with a cute guy! Not only that, but I got to people watch, a task made even more fun by the fact that everyone was in costume! I got there, early and on time, and then I stayed all the way through the door prizes. /cheer!

So I had a great night and I am even more excited about getting to my activities for next week: kickboxing, autho talks and maybe even safe treat... okay, not safe treat, but it's for a good cause. Lol.

Do you want to join me on my "get out there" project?

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Project is initally... a failure
Saturday. 10.27.07 12:06 am
Project "Get out there and meet people so you can fall in love one day" is currently... completely unsucessful. Project "Be bright and cheerie" and "Parking Karma" were, actually, a big sucess! "Bright and Cheerie" is giving me the motivation to get my homework done, go to the gym and make friends with my classmates! Parking Karma (in which I move my character every once in a while with the expectation that I will get better and better spots) has yielded me a spot right in front of Hill hall three times already and great spots besides that. I guess that's a little why I feel uncertain about the "Get out there project". The uncertainty may also have to do with the fact that the speaker tonight scared the living daylights out of me and I keep on thinking about burying Ouji boards and how I don't see how that's a way to get rid of them since they'll still be in the ground! Bleeeggghhhh.

Well, "get out there" mission 1# was going to college republicans. I thought to myself, "Self, you'll meet some standup guys there. Besides, you can start getting involved in politics." So I geared myself up for it. I waited impatiently in my dorm room, go over there and! They weren't there. CR meets from 5:30-7:00... I just thought it said 7. Well... I thought, persistence and preserverance, I'll just hang out with these cats in the gardens. They seem to be having fun, and the guy is playing some neat music, so long as you don't get too close to the speakers. So, I sit there and this guy comes up and is like "Do you have your ID". I pause. I was getting a negative vibe from him, like "you're in the wrong place, lady." But I thought, well, I couldn't really be doing anything wrong right? So I said, "sure I do!" and I pulled out my campus ID and showed it to him. I thought, well, he probably just needs to know I'm a student. No. He didn't. He rolls his eyes at me and he says, "No, like a driver's liscense?" and I was like, "Oh... so this is an over 21 kind of thing." and he said "Yeah" I think he could see the utter deflation in my face. I JUST wanted to sit there after all, so he gives me a hopeful look and says, "Hey, you could sit out there." Well, I felt pretty shot down, but I go over there and sit anyway. And then... well the song ended and my feeling shot down just drove me out of the door.

"Get out there" mission #2 was the one tonight. Friday night fever was holding a thing for this ghost hunter lady and I thought, "Hey, I'm writing a horror novel! Maybe I can take notes and run into people there." The thing was, though is that the thing is at 9:00. Luckily, I had anime club before then, so I decided to go to that first. So I dress myself all pretty like with my hair in a headband and my new black sweatshirt I bought for my costume for tommorow's swing dance and my lids done in the way I read in the magazine and I was really psyched for this whole ghost lady fiasco. So I walk into anime club and I get a lot of waves and 'hi's' and excess nods and a 'did you put on your contacts today?' and I was like "Cool!". So that was fun. We watched anime and we watched Lain... which is scary. She's this messiah of the computer world and her room is being turned into this living machine thing and she keeps on having people talk to her... it's a nightmare. So anyway, I was like, "Well, this'll be okay, because then I'll get to go to my thing." So I go straight from Anime club to the paranormal lady, unwittingly towing an anime club member with me. So they introduce her and then they play this freaky video and then she starts talking about how many people think they might have seen ghosts (a lot) and how many people have current hauntings (a... lot more than I expected!!) and then how Ouji boards are doorways to evil things and blah, blah, blah. And you know what, about this time I'm started to get sick. I'm starting to think about the Ouji board my mom told me that we shouldn't buy for my sleepover like.. 6 years ago that we bought anyway that is still sitting in the cupboard with the creepy roundhouse boxing guys who scream randomly if you leave them off their stands. And I'm like, "OH NO! I've opened up a doorway in the abyss" and she's all chatting along about how her husband died a little time ago and it was sooo beautiful and he's always with her and I can kind of feel my stomach to flip-flops like the time my family was talking about 'what it would be like' after you died at Fazolvi's and I went into the bathroom and threw up my entire lunch. So I was like, F this. And I got up, walked out of the room and stood outside for a moment. Right about then, I REALLY wanted my anime buddy to come out with me, but he probably thought I just went to the bathroom. It wasn't like I stormed out or anything after all: I wanted to be polite. So I go downstairs and I get on the computer because I don't want to walk home alone in the dark and I watch my fish tank and wonder why the hell I was ever interested in the werewolves application anyway and why I ever went to see that lady. WHY DID I GO AND SEE THAT LADY!

I was just thinking, "Hey, you know what, this is a topic that interests me and you know all that worrying stuff, that's just my social anxiety talking. I've got to ignore it if I'm ever going to talk about it." Well no, it's the whole SPECTROphobia that's got me down on this one. You'd think that after all these years that I'd stop being afraid of ghosts, that I'd stop believing in ghosts!

Well, my friend finally came down later. Apparently he was scared, too. So I waited for him and we walked home together and talked about how we were going to be so scared that night in as joking a manner as we could. The first thing I wanted to do was call my parents, ironically enough. Luckily my attempts were thwarted by the fact that I can't find my phone right now (it's not lost, it's just gone to hide somewhere. Who knows, maybe the ghosts are hiding it, blegh) So yeah. I guess there was stuff I wanted to ask her about and stuff. I mean she does have a lot of 'experience' with ghosts, I don't know how much of that stuff you all believe, but I just couldn't handle it. I'm such a wimp.

So, attempt #2 was thwarted. Luckily though, I have an attempt #3 already planned. Swing club is having a swing dance tommorow night. I bought those ears that I talked about and I figured out how to do my hair tonight, so I've got a whole outfit free lessons before and no partners required! I don't know how many guys would show up to something like that, but it's worth a shot, right? If nothing else, I might meet some new girlfriends or get myself back into swing club. Then I can also stand and clap for the costume contest winners and it won't be scary at all! I won't have some lady who starts out her speech, "I love all you people and this place is haunted." The UNION is NOT haunted, DANGIT! It feels pretty empty at night, but then again, it's not a place that's meant to be empty. So... I'll probably stay up waaay to late tonight to avoid the inevitable nightmares. There will be ghosts, no doubt, that tell ask me to do something for them and then I'll wake up in a panic looking around my room saying to myself "It's the ghost lady, the BLASTED #@$#@ing GHOST LADY!" So, presistence and patience. Wish me better luck for the dance tommorow :(

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Good news
Thursday. 10.25.07 4:55 pm

My wings were very well received. I think that it was sort of hard to not tell how friggen excited I was about them. Particularily since they move. They are the most awesome puppets ever! All the better because they're a. mine, b. I made them myself and c. everyone seemed to think they were pretty cool, too.

Actually, overall this has been a fantastic week! I have been losing a lot of sleep and taking a lot of tests, but the truth is that the only reason why I couldn't sleep was because I've been so excited and happy about what I'm doing.

I love graphic design. I did a new project where we were supposed to combine various elements in a grid alignment. Well, not only did practically all of my compositions get picked as one of the class favorites, but also, my last one, my 12 one, was picked by most of the class! Not only was it picked by most of the class, but one of the other kids in my class said, "Hey? Who did that? You?! Yeah, come on, you should be proud of that! That is awesome!" When the teacher asked who had voted for that one, most of the class raised there hand and the same guy shouted, "The better question is who DIDN'T pick that one." Needless to say, that really made my day. Very exciting.

Also, Nanowrimo starts next week! My fingers are tingling! I've been storing up so much creative mojo I'm just about to burst! In the meantime, I'm going to College Republicans for the first time tonight and then going to go out, buy some cat ears or something, and head off to the halloween swing dance on Satuday! What could be better? Well I'll tell youwhat's better. Since I took all my tests this week, I have nothing really to do over the weekend except concentrate on looking hot and meeting people. ^_^

Wish me luck!

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Then I read the whole book
Sunday. 10.21.07 3:13 am
From start to finish. I got it at... 5? Then I just sat down and read the entire thing.

The book is called Derek's Bane by Mary Janice Davidson. I decided that I might get myself a horror book for the season, so I got this one! W007! It... really really streches plausiability... in soooo many ways, but then again, I do read Terry Prachett, after reading him, plausibility seems to be.. well optional! Actually, I really, really liked it. I have such low standards: if it has quick witty dialogue, I really don't care how it's written... well unless somebody dies. If you're going to kill off main characters you've got to meet the standards! No one upsets me for no reason!

The story is actually a supernatural/romance which I was actually searching for vainly on the internet before waltzing into Hastings and seeing an entire end aisle of them! Ah, I like it when salesmen know how I think, it makes what you want so much easier to find! It's basically about a werewolf... who is supposed to 'take care of' this girl to save the world *cough* *cough*. So he goes off to kill her right? Right?! Right? No? Oh, you guys saw it, too? Prophecies scmophrecies, all they're there is the possibility of loopholes. So yeah, they go on a road trip and they fall in love and I recommend it. It's no Moby Dick, but then again (I haven't read the cliffnotes, but) I feel like someone is going to die in that one... which means standards! STANDARDS!

Anyway, they say that writing tired is like driving tired: it's just not safe! So, I'm going to bed before I start rambling.

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passworded due to boring content
Saturday. 10.20.07 12:43 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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