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Save me, I'm not a mermaid!
Friday, September 22, 2006
I'm drowning. In the sea of psychological torment.

My, I love to be blunt, don't I? Hmm, I should break the habit...back to the story:

The Fates decided to dump my behind with a big bang into the real world. I don't know what I was dreaming about, but I woke and stomped outta bed in a grumpy mood. So it must've been good--happy. Or maybe it's just that it's 3:30 in the morning right now.

My mind is so slow...it's like I'm swimming against the tide back to innocence...where ignorance is bliss...
Where did I hear that before? Don't roll your eyes at me, someone had this in their entry...ah, yes. The Muffin Man Grr...how do you slip in my subconcious like that? Or maybe it's just cuz we think alike. Hooray for geniuses!

Am I making any sense? *sigh* I suppose I'm not HERE yet...part of me still wavers between the worlds. No, not the dead and the living. The Dream and the Real. Though the dead have a way to communicate through dreams, right? So they say...
So I'm still asleep enough to have profound thoughts reflecting upon my psyche.

Ok, now THAT was a loaded yet empty sentence. It was loaded with b.s. Meaningless because it doesn't say anything important. Nothing I didn't already say...

*grabs head with heads* Enough! Enough...ahhh, someone put me out of my intellectual misery. My thoughts are too far ahead of my poor swimming skills. In fact, I can't swim at all so we're back to the beginning. I'm drowning. In the sea of psychological torment.

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Change of plans...
Monday, September 18, 2006
It seems my stay at my gran's was very short-lived. Apparently, there will be people coming over sometime this week...er, month. I'm not sure because I don't have a lot, if any, details. Which occurs pretty often with my mother...>.>...

I am going straight home everyday this week to tidy up a bit. Then, I'll be stealing away in the dead of the night to accompany my gran on her journey to the land of Shut-Eye. Perhaps I will catch some zzzzz's with her...though I doubt it. Reason: the rehearsal on Sun. ended with me sleeping at home because it was too late to leave. >.<

Nice going, mother! Right on schedule, just like all your other ideas! =D NOT!

This also means less NuTang because:
1.) My mother goes straight to our computer the minute she gets home and never gets off. Seriously. She may doze for a bit in her chair, but she'll wake up after a
spell and continue typing or mousing away. She gets about 2 hours of sleep, 4 if she's lucky. I know, it will catch up to her in a *snaps*! Tell that to her.

2.) I'm not allowed on the internet this week. Not that she usually lets me on anyway...she just complains...=P Though I do manage to fit it in...^-^ heh.

3.) My laptop is at my gran's. I had lugged it there the night I was told to stay over. I am NOT going to bring it back just to find that I DO have time to go to Shut-Eye. Because if that happens, my mom won't let me bring it with me. Meaning no internet. And no NuTang. =[

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Saturday, September 16, 2006
Saturday...I have dance class at 12pm. And it ends at about 7 pm. All day.
Usually I'd be uptown at the apartment and I'd take the A train down to my layout.
^-^ get it? Heh.

So...an uncle of mine tried to call from California the day-before-yesterday and couldn't get through because I was online. =P This is why I hate modems...why, oh, why can't I get a wireless signal here?
That's why I always wait until night falls and the sky is black before using her phoneline, I thought darkly. Well, except for today. =D She's out taking a walk so I can do little blog now!

I have a problem. Several actually. ^-^;; I posted this on the forums, but I shall repeat here:

1.) Other people still have trouble with my layout...I believe it was ikimashokie that said my layout hates her. Majorly.
I have no trouble, but perhaps it's because my windows are never maximized?

2.) My gallery is off. So much that the first picture is gone and when you click to enlarge one of them, only half shows. XP Hmm...now I wonder about all my other pages...yikes.

THANK YOU, dave! For helping me fix the positioning of the modules. I really am clueless...

The-Muffin-Man: Yes, I agree. Teenagers are not to be trusted with an unguarded laptop. ^-^ But how are they going to get away with it anyway? 0.o It's huge and rarely anyone brings a bag big enough for it. The teachers would catch him in a flash! =P

lazypuppy: heh. See above. ^-^

randomjunk: *sgh* Lucky yours is so light...

crochetmama: Mine's getting slower and slower. Hmm, I'm thinking of getting an external hard drive. Should I?

laziewong: You're very welcome! I wish all schools were like yours. =D But how and what do they grade you on? 0.o

LostSoul13: Wow, every student? That's great! Except it's not us...=[

Kuri: Heh. You're baack! I love priveledges...
About the chinese--it's hard to sound it out by the english alphabet. Some spell it one way while others do it another. It all depends on the person, eh? I thought you meant 'you' with the sound as in 'me and YOU'.
I hope that made sense...^-^;;

Alright, I may or may not be able to go online tonight...or even tomorrow. I'm still staying over at my grandmother's so I have to wait and see if my uncle calls again.


--3.) Also, I've found that the time on all my entries are wrong...about an hour early...geez.

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Knowledge vs. Technology
Friday, September 15, 2006
What do educators have against technology?

I'm sooo tempted to bring my laptop everyday. But it's not small like ipods, cells or whatever. Hard to hide...and so d*mn heavy! Mine is about 6 lbs. To lug that around all day...not a happy prospective to look forward to. Except I really want to bring it to school! >.< Argh!

Wouldn't it be nice to have around? Notes and classwork could be typed up during class...though it may get noisy from the clacking keyboards. ^-^;; And you wouldn't need to line up to use the outdated SLOW computers in the library...

But! My genius of a brain also understand why. *sigh* We could be doing other things during class. Such as playing games, doing homework or surfing (NuTang!).

Schools officially prohibit cellphones now. What's the difference? Still the same old, same old.

"Here's a secret between you and me." The teacher whispers with a playful smile. "You can have your cellphones with you in here. Just keep it out of sight or I'll have to take it. The principal told me--well, all the teachers--so. But just between you and me, you can keep it on you." He straightens and nods like he did a real favor. The students nod back with their eyebrows nonexistant against their hairline. And of course, they exchange looks with one another.

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Illegal Candy
Thursday. 9.14.06 10:02 pm
I remember a store behind my old school. It was called Banana...something. So much candy in such a small shop. There were cubicles for different brands/kinds of candy. Mentos, starbursts, snickers,etc. They were all individual ones, the kind with "Not for individual sale".

Meaning illegal.

Do I have some sort of gravitational force to Illegal Distribution, Inc.? Or a special talent?

Good or Bad?

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Thursday. 9.14.06 5:38 pm
Apparently, I'm staying over at my grandmother's indefinitely. So I'm bored out of my mind. There is nothing--NOTHING to do here. No television. No books. No english radio because it annoys my toishanese-speaking grandmother. No Nothing. Yes, I know that's a double negative.

Where's the big bad wolf? He couldn't be worse. And he'd give me some entertainment. But since he's currently missing the three piggies chased him into their stew remember? I have no choice, but to entertain myself in my mind. PARTY!

I'm afraid I'm going mad...

Ah, there is one more thing...perhaps it's evidence that my mind is leaving me or just The-Muffin-Man's influence.

I had a dream. About Nutang. We were all gathered in a classroom I don't know why, but that's the place my subconcious chose. Some lounging on the tables, others sprawled on the floor or napping across two chairs. An announcer called the names aloud as each person entered. No doubt, it was weird.

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New Layout!
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
How's my new layout?

It's a pic of the Canal St. station! And I found out that the person who made it doesn't even live in NYC...so where did the picture come from? I picked it for two reasons: the dark background (I mentioned that I wanted to experiment with one, didn't I?) and I know the station. It's the one I go to for dance classes every week.

Hmm...I want to put my modules on the right so you can see the actual station(instead of the artwork--half drawn, half photo). I did what Dave said to do (add those lines into the header), but...they didn't work! Someone help?

I've decided to stop doing pluggies. Sorry, but I keep forgetting. So I'll respond to your comments here in my entries or I'll note you.

Also, I added a new module! And I got rid of a few old ones. It's the one under my music. Go check it out!

Ok, Replies:
frostbitten: lol. =D

The-Muffin-Man: Heh. ^-^ Mine, too.

thaitanic: The full version has been cancelled. For more information, refer to new module "Note me News".

Dilated: I'm trying to find music that's less...distracting. For now, just click the box and stop it. ^-^;; Sorry.

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Melting Pot...
Monday. 9.11.06 3:17 pm
Grrr! I just wrote a whole entry and clicked "Publish this...". And POOF! it disappears. *sigh* It was about my grandmother. How about I rewrite it sometime later? I'm gonna make this short cuz she's leaving the hospital right now.

So here's my funny story:

A woman waits on the platform for a train to arrive. She boards the first one that comes. A look around and gasp. She's surrounded! By Chinese people! Her hand grabs the pole for dear life. To her left: Chinese. To her right: Chinese. Behind: Chinese! Her foot steps on the foot of a Chinese man.

"That's okay." The man reassures her (in english). She breaks out in a small smile.

"They're all foreigners!" She whispers urgently. The man stifles a laugh and respnds.

"I'm one, too."

Shocked, she stumbles back and into a corner. She turns to apologize to the woman she bumped into and gasps. She's Spanish!

She runs to the other side, gasp! Russians!

Another corner. Irish!

SURPRISE! She's on a train in NYC!

What kind of crazy...*shakes head* people who can't adopt to change. Even old ones. Heh. I'd love to drive her nuts with it...so much fun! XP

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