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Sunday. 8.8.10 12:30 am

Not the list...sorry, guys. Something really bad happened and I need a couple weeks. The first post after this (if it isn't password protected) will be the list.

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Honey Bunny with a hole in her leg.
Wednesday. 7.28.10 7:42 pm

So I was doing my usual crafty stuff with a hot glue gun and some felt. It was a little yellow felt circle. So cute.




See, I have two hot glue guns. There is the white one, which is about three years old and leaks, and the blue one, which is almost as old as me and gets way, way hotter. So it's either have the glue leak (which is okay, if it's just on my P.o.S. desk or something), or have the glue be hotter.

I thought, hey, what the hell. Let's use the blue gun since I'm working near carpeting.

So I did.

And now I have two second-degree burns. One is a fingernail-sized, puckering, infected burn, and the other is a blistering squiggle burn.

I am the epitome of attractive, right now, sitting here eating my Pocky, leg oozing, whining because it hurts when it brushes up against something.

As it should. All my nerves are exposed.

The whole reason I have this burn is because I made a birthday hat for Araam on his birthday. And threw him a surprise party. Well, sort of surprising. It was like a scene out of Pulp Fiction.

See, Seth was helping. He came over early and parked his car in the garage so Araam wouldn't see. Seth and I proceeded to locate an acceptable hiding spot and find a pillowcase with which to blind Araam. The plan was that I would lead Araam to the hiding spot, Seth would cover his (Araam's) head, I would tie his hands up, and Seth would carry him to the car.

Sounds easy, until Araam collapsed on the floor so we couldn't 1) tie his hands together, 2) pick him up, or much less 3) get him to the car.

So we just blindfolded him and got him to the car.

But his hands weren't tied together, so he kept taking the blindfold off.

...I essentially screamed at him like a kidnapper would, while Seth told him that I was "serious."

And that is how he and I turned into Pumpkin and Honey Bunny.


...It's oddly fitting. I've also been told that Seth and I are like Bonnie and Clyde.

Except, Bonnie and Clyde honestly weren't that impressive. I hate to say it, because I'm interested in the legend, but they just didn't have a spectacular run.


Oh, and I dyed my hair back to brown. Some dryness and breakage came with it.


BUT, it is way nicer-looking, and it's the last thing I'm doing to my hair (somewhat out of fear, but also just out of a lack of need for change).

Hmm...so that's that.

I went to the dentist, today, and the woman who does everything but look at my teeth at the end told me that the first time she met me, I liked Barbies, I liked soccer, and my favorite people were Kendal and Natalie.

How weird. Very few people have known me since I was seven. It's like they have a huge gap in their knowledge that I don't have...and likewise for me and their memories.

Just something I think about.

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I cuss more when I'm tired.
Wednesday. 7.21.10 12:35 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Details, details.
Saturday. 7.10.10 11:56 pm

Manal and I kind of gave up on badminton after a while and sat out in my trunk. It's weird how much you get to talking about when judgement is cast aside and people honestly try to understand and accept. I guess it's easier when you're on the same page.

See, Manal is Muslim. And you'd think that religion talks would be like her speaking Spanish and I French, with such a big difference, but I've found that religion talks don't really concern the specifics (at least, not the types I get most involved in).

It's more like...talking about how close or far away we feel from faith or religion. Talking about what we want to understand, and what we don't, and what we do. What we want to do about ourselves. Things like that.

I don't know. I don't bother to question all that's going on. I figure I can only live for so long. We'll see, is what I say. So we talk about what we can do with the time we do have.

That's where I'm most comfortable. Talking about the future, and how I'm going to spend my life.

I'm going to take my career and get jobs wherever I want, because that's the nice part about a job that can move with you. I'm going to learn languages like Cleopatra (she learned nine or ten), and I'm going to be physically fit. Everything else...that's up in the air.

Although I do know that I want a tiny wedding. Like, make my own cake, sew my own dress, groom wears a button down shirt and jeans type of tiny. Those wedding shows are only fun to watch because it solidifies what I don't want.

I'd rather concentrate on the actual marriage.

What I'm saying is that I think people concentrate on the details a lot when there's a great deal to learn from the whole picture.

My mom says I should go for the biochemistry/mathematics double major.

I'd always intended to, anyway.

Oh, and I picked up the glasses. :3

It's too late to take a photo, though.

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